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  1. Sandro


    Hi Guys, I was wonder if there is something like it on the market but a bit more affordable. I want a wet/dry set up and the Suhr Iso Line Out would be perfect, but is just to expensive. Do you know if there is an equivalent to it? Thanks, Sandro
  2. Sandro

    Boss DD7 vs. TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    Hi guys, I have the Boss DD7 and I am just intrigue by the Flashback Delay with the tonePrint capabilities. In the videos it sound great, and I am sure somebody did a comparison of the two and if you did can you share your findings. Thank You, Sandro
  3. Sandro

    Effects Loop Question

    Hi, Other than the Delay and Reverb what other modulation effect do you put in the effects loop? Thank you, Sandro
  4. Sandro

    Need to buy new tubes

    Hi Guys, I need to buy e new set of tubes for my HRD where do you purchase your tubes? Thanks, Sandro
  5. Sandro

    How do you house half rack effects?

    Hi, the only option on the market looks like is the Gator*G-TOUR-4UHR*4U Half Rack 8" Depth ATA Flight case, just wondering if I have any other solution before I dish out $179.00. Thanks, Sandro
  6. Sandro

    Allan Holdsworth - European Tour November 2014 canceled

    Hope Allan is okay, "Allan Holdsworth - European Tour November 2014 Update (from Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records & Management, Allan Holdsworth booking manager). - Dear friends and fans of Allan in the UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France. We regret to say that we have to cancel...
  7. Sandro

    Half Rack Mount

    Hi guys, I have two half rack effect a Boss SE-70 and a Lexicon LXP-1, I would like to rack mount them, not side-by-side but one on top of the other, but I could not find a vertical half rack system only side-by-side. Any suggestion is deeply appreciated. Thanks, Sandro
  8. Sandro

    Boss LS-2 Question

    Hi guys, Quick question on the LS-2, did anybody try it in the amp. effect loop? If yes how did work for you? Thanks, Sandro
  9. Sandro

    Robben Ford - Interview

    Not sure this has been posted but here it is: D_QDVum3q48 Enjoy Sandro
  10. Sandro

    Lexicon LXP-1 Question

    Can you use Reverb + Delay? Or you can use only one effect at a time? Thanks Sandro
  11. Sandro

    Church gig question

    Hi, I have been ask to enjoy a new band to play in a church, this is going to be my first time in this kind of situation, how much should I charge, any idea? Thanks Sandro
  12. Sandro

    Out for Delivery

    I know how you are feeling right now, like a little poppy looking out the window for the big track to deliver your........release some of the stress and tell us what is it. Sandro
  13. Sandro

    I am thinking of purchasing a Fishman Loudbox Artist....

    And I was wonder if any of you can tell me the good and the bad of this amp. so far I read only good things about it, so before I pull the trigger I want to have some feedback from you guys. I will use this amp with a Godin ACS slim Thanks, Sandro
  14. Sandro

    I was going to buy a Snark NS 2 Tuner but than....

    I thought to myself ..... is out there anything better? This is a typical TGP behavior, constantly doubting your self dam!!!! Any how please let me know your thoughts Thanks Sandro
  15. Sandro

    Performing live just me and my computer

    Hi guys, If you do perform alone with a computer playing backing tracks, what gear you use/need? I play guitar only I don't sing, mainly I play jazz, latin and bossa nova standards, my intent is to supply back ground music to restaurant and such. Thanks, Sandro
  16. Sandro

    Boss GR 55

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anybody around here as any experience with the Boss GR 55, I sow many video, sound and looks good but before I pull the trigger I would love to have some feedback from you guys. Thanks, Sandro
  17. Sandro

    Justin Bieber - Baby....enjoy

    KjVGJ3YFDc8 Nice!!!
  18. Sandro

    How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?

    I think is interesting a little answer to an old question. http://www.bulletproofmusician.com/how-many-hours-a-day-should-you-practice/ What do you think? Sandro
  19. Sandro

    Good Advises from Jeff Berlin

    Enjoy zxtlqLIszzo&feature=related Sandro
  20. Sandro

    Frank Zappa Business Lesson

    Enjoy http://www.dweezilzappaworld.com/videos/1084 Sandro
  21. Sandro

    SubDecay Prometheus DLX – Deluxe Resonant Filter

    Check this out: kGqYc3yL9GY&feature=player_embedded :drool
  22. Sandro

    Tuner for acoustic guitar

    I am on the market for a acoustic guitar tuner any recommendation? The clip-on-turner look interesting. Thanks Sandro
  23. Sandro

    Sco with a Strat

  24. Sandro

    Computer for home studio recording

    What are the minimum requirement for a home studio computer? I will use it to record my guitar with BIAB or other play-a-long software witch one you recommend? Thanks Sandro
  25. Sandro

    Tech 21 TRI-A.C. vs Character Series

    Did anyone done a comparison? Thanks. Sandro
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