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  1. johnhenry

    FS Epiphone Tuners

    Complete set from reissue Riviera. Barely used and work perfectly, however I decided to go with tulip style. $60 all in. PM with questions or for pix. thx
  2. johnhenry

    FS Epiphone Riviera Minihumbuckers

    I have a set with original harness from a brand new reissue Riviera. Comes with pickup rings. Honestly, I was surprised by how good these sounded, but I had another set ready to go so I swapped them out. $120 all in. PM with questions or for pix. thx
  3. johnhenry

    Sold TC Hall Of Fame Reverb 2

    $95 shipped an PP'd to your door. Functions perfectly. Just no longer need it. I can follow up with pix but it's this one: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/25742-tc-electronic-releases-the-hall-of-fame-2-reverb No trades needed. Thanx for looking.
  4. johnhenry

    Sold Adapter Ring, 15 to 12" Baffle

    From Mojotone, I believe. 24 bucks to your door. thnx
  5. johnhenry

    Sold Weber 15A150 -- $115 S+PPd >>>>PRICE DROP

    all in (these are $215 new, plus shipping). 16ohm. perfect condition and nicely broken in. IMG_1857 by johnhenry posted Apr 1, 2017 at 2:43 PMImage1 by johnhenry posted Apr 1, 2017 at 2:43 PM
  6. johnhenry

    Sold Mr. Black Deluxe Plus, Reverb+Trem PRICE DROP $120 S+PP

    Reverb and tremolo together in a small pedal. Great reviews can be found online. Nearly new in original box. SOLD Will email or text pix upon request. Thnx
  7. johnhenry

    Need help identifying my P-90 pickup

    I can't find any info anywhere. SP10F-BLK-IP G1090 Neck 0410 Thanks.
  8. johnhenry

    new Burny 335 guitars

    anyone have any info on these? specifically the RSA65 but in general. i believe they're Chinese-built now but i'm not sure how they compare with other 335 clones (Dots, etc). i know the older MIJ models are quite good. thanks.
  9. johnhenry

    anyone care to fall in love?

  10. johnhenry

    bolt-on neck?

    can someone please explain the bolt-on neck in this picture? i know what one from the older department store guitars looks like (Harmony, Silvertone, etc), but these almost appear more like a set neck with a reinforcement bolt-on. are these a better design? i see these a lot on Japanese lawsuit...
  11. johnhenry

    weak Supro pickup

    i bought an old Supro Dual Tone and the bridge pickup was incredibly weak. i sent it to a reputable rewinder who used almost exact match wire and did a complete rewind. when he was done it read over 11 (the neck is almost 8) but when it was installed, though somewhat better, it still only sounds...
  12. johnhenry

    an open letter

    found this and thought some might relate. plus, it's kinda funny. i'm just glad i'm not this jaded (yet): http://baltimore.craigslist.org/muc/2705258546.html
  13. johnhenry

    6G15 Reverb tank issues

    this arrived the other day shipped from the west coast. apparently it had been recently gone through and was in perfect working order, and I have no reason not to trust the seller. there was no damage found, however when I play through it I have at least a 50% or more drop in power, and there is...
  14. johnhenry

    Jeff Beck on World Café

    -- as we speak (Baltimore time).
  15. johnhenry

    Tube substitute for 6SQ7?

    Is there such a thing? Possibly a 6SL7? I believe they're similar to a 12AX7(?). Thanks.
  16. johnhenry

    aged or "yellowed" look for Strat neck

    I have a Strat neck that I'd like to look vintage, or aged. I'm looking for a simple process, and only want to give a yellowed look, not necessarily relic'd (no scratches or imperfections). Can I simply sand it lightly and spray with nitro finish? Is it more complicated than that?
  17. johnhenry

    rectifier in Brown Deluxe

    My amp sounds harsh, or "cold" to me even though I just had it serviced and set to spec. I tried switching out a bunch of tubes with little success, then substituted a 5Y3 for my GZ34/AR4 and it really tightened things up. I know this is incorrect, but where do I go? Do I have another crack at...
  18. johnhenry

    My Best CHEAP Upgrade

    Like most everyone, I got so caught up in "tone" that I was stunned that the best single improvement I've made recently was with my strings. I put 11 gauge DR's on my Strat and the difference was incredible-- and 7 bucks to boot. I'd generally used your basic Fender 10's and never thought much...
  19. johnhenry

    8 Ohms in a '67 Vibro Champ

    Possibly my favorite sound on the planet. When I bought this it had an Altec speaker (403A) installed, but it's rated at 8 ohms. As I said, the amp sounds great, but could I be causing any long-term problems?
  20. johnhenry


    Admittedly, I have vintage sensibilities. To me, there's nothing like the sound of T-Bone's fingers dancing across the fret board-- his technique was joyous. While I'm aware of the great guitars he played, does anyone know what amps he played through in the studio? My guess is Gibson, but it's...
  21. johnhenry

    Tele Snap Crackle Pop

    I have a '68 Tele that sounds great overall, but has a crack/pop sound in the neck and middle pickup positions (not the bridge). It's not really like a scratchy pot sound, but rather more a sharp intermittent "tick". Could it be a wiring thing, or maybe dust? Any suggestions?
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