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    I turned my DSL40C into an H

    Nice,I'm thinking of doing mine like that. How is the weight now ?
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    Sunn model T50C

    First of all thanks for your replies, the only reason I thought about making into a head version is that its so heavy .You guys bring up a good point about preserving the combo the way it is. I actually got to play the amp and it has a good clean channel and a very usable overdrive channel...
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    Sunn model T50C

    I have a chance to purchase a Sunn T50C combo amp with matching extension cabinet from a small shop near were live. The crazy thing is its brand new, was never sold and is mint in every respect. I had thought of making the combo into a head since the deal comes with the matching 1-12 cabinet...
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    Eastman Guitars - Are they really that good?

    I bought a new T486 RD and it is an absolute beautiful looking and playing guitar. The fit and finish is exceptional, plus love the ebony fretboard and the fretwork is very nice, nicely polished, crowned and no sharp edges. The binding work is over the top, comes with Seymore Duncan 59 in the...
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    NGD! Eastman SB59/v

    I also have an Eastman T486 in red. Fantastic instrument!
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    Eastman T486 vs T59/v UPDATE: The Winner!

    I recently bought an Eastman T 486 RD,I played it along side a Gibson ES335 figured in cherry finish. Money had no bearing in my decision to purchase, the Eastman played better, sounded better, and was built better. Bought the Eastman. Now I am looking at the SB59 's , they look incredible and...
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    What's your favorite light combo for rock?

    My Mesa Fillmore 50 combo fits the bill.
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    Silveface Bandmaster Reverb

    A few years back I had one that my amp tech made into a SuperReverb for me. I had a reissue SuperReverb so he used the transformer out of the reissue and put the hand wired chassie in the reissue cab. If I remember I think he "Blackfaced" it and put new Sprag Atom caps in it. It sounded glorious...
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    Thoughts on new Fender Player Series Guitars

    Just ordered a Player Model Strat in HSS from Musician's Friend,they have 0% financing for 48 months on them.I got the candy red color with black guard and black pickups and knobs, Looks pretty cool, hope it will be a good one.
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    Thoughts on new Fender Player Series Guitars

    Was contemplating buying on of these to fool around on and just something to look forward to ,alleviating some of the boredom being confined at home. They seem pretty nice and are reasonable in price. Has anyone played any of these guitars or own one that can shed some light,Thanks.
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    NGD! Ibanez Prestige AZ Limited Edition Flame Neck/Body Content

    I bought one about 3 weeks ago, the AZ 224f Premium in the violin color flame top. Its the HSS, I happened to be in a local shop and came across this one which was used, it still had the plastic film on the pickups and pick guard, brand new in every respect.It comes with a cool vynl case that is...
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    Old Geezers Lugging heavy equipment to gigs.

    Downsized to a Mesa Fillmore 50 combo for most gigs, some times I'll take the extra boogie 1-12 cab with me if I need a fuller sound. The combo usually handles everything I do with ease.
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    Les Paul or Tele

    I own a Les Paul Standard 2013 and a American Pro Tele and must say that these new tele's just play and sound fantastic. I also have an American Standard Tele and the Am Pro is so much better in too many ways to get into. Do yourself justice and go play some of the new Fender American Tele"s and...
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    Mesa Fillmore instead of Fender?

    I don't understand all the comments of the Fillmore not having enough "headroom". I play with 2 different bands regularly and one band is a 2 guitar, bass ,and drums.The other band I play with has 2 guitars, bass,keys,and drummer. Not at any time do I lack volume to be heard in either band,I am...
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    NAD: Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 combo with clips! and more clips!

    Congrats on the Fillmore,love mine too!
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    Mesa Fillmore instead of Fender?

    I absolutely love my Fillmore 50 combo, it has plenty of volume for what I want in an amp. I don't need to play pristine clean so having loads of clean headroom is not an issue. I bought the Fillmore 23" cabinet and set the combo on top of it. This has taken the amp to a whole different level...
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    Ibanez AZ Premium Series Guitars

    I live near Pittsburgh,Pa. ,wish there was a Prestige model to see and play to compare them. Anyway,thanks to all that responded to my post.
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    Ibanez AZ Premium Series Guitars

    Anyone own or have experience with the Ibanez AZ Premium 220AF ? I think I have the model correct, it is the HSS model made in Indonesia. I had a chance to play one at a local shop and was quite impressed. It had a lot of sounds in it and played really nice, felt solid, and seemed like a lot for...
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    Mesaboogie fillmore 25 vs 50 (at 25 watts) volume questions

    N Stuff Music in Pittsburgh,Pa. has both the Fillmore 25 and 50 combos and 50 head. I played both with numerous guitars, bought the Fillmore 50 combo and glad I did. I've giged the amp miked and at unmiked venues. Love the amp so far and no problem with volume to keep up with a band. I like the...
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    Played a Mesa Fillmore today and.....

    I have the Fillmore 50 combo and just love it. It does everything I want and does it very well.The cleans are fantastic as well as the drive tones, and plenty of volume clean and dirty. Every guitar I have sounds good thru this amp, single coil and humbucker alike. I don't get that people say it...
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    NAD - Mesa Boogie

    Congratulations on your Fillmore 25,I have the 50 combo, they are fantastic amps. Ive owned many Mesa's in the the past including a Mark V,Rectoverb,Royal Atlantic,and some earlier models and the Fillmore is best yet IMO.
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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    If anyone would like to know my Tele is an American Pro with stock Tim Shaw pickups without any mods. The Strat with EMG DG20 pickups will drive the amp harder so less gain is needed. Most of the night I played the Tele and it just seemed to mesh with the Filmore like they were made for each...
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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    The way I run the Drive and High modes is to keep the mids at about 9:00 o' clock and the presence at about 9-10 o' clock. then run treble at around 11:00 o'clock and bass to taste. Even with a Tele I have plenty of bass with those settings.If I use my Strat that has EMG DG20's in it I will...
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    Mesa Fillmore 25

    i bought the Filmore 50 combo last week and am very impressed with the amp overall,I would think the Filmore 25 to be excellant also,the only thing that matters is that you like it,don't let na-sayers influence you.
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    Blackface Super Reverb Appreciation

    One of the finest amps ever made,I will never part with my 66 Super.
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