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  1. Tito83

    We do not talk about Brainworx enough.

    I was searching for Dumble style plugins on the weekend and found out the Brainworx Fuchs ODS was now available outside UA. I even dismissed it for a minute because I rarely see anyone commenting on them, but decided to download the demo... OMG I'm using the torpedo cab plugin with Michael...
  2. Tito83

    Not really knowledgeable about wahs... Why do I like the Bonamassa wah so much?

    I've had quite a few over the years, including stuff like Fulltone Clyde, RMC3, but ended up seeling them eventually. I never really connected with any of them. I had no wah and decided to go to a store with a good selection and I tried about a duzen, most were boutique stuff... And I ended up...
  3. Tito83

    Has anyone tried the Michael Nielsen or the Joey Landreth Two Notes Cab Collection?

    What got me interested was the Michael Nielsen collection, but then I saw that Joey Landreth also has one. Has anyone tried them? Would love to get some opinions on those.
  4. Tito83

    I want my Eleven Rack on the floor... Is the Headrush really it?

    Has anyone compared them side by side?
  5. Tito83

    How to get rid of noise from dirty power? Using Apogee One+iPad. Noise sample included.

    Getting this noise when plugging the Apogee One power adaptor in my music room: I'm actually guessing it's from the power, I don't get it anywhere else in my house. What can I do to fix this? Does the Ebtech thing solve this? Trying to make this a reliable rig to play out, when plugging...
  6. Tito83

    Top-down vs Bottom-up approach to digitally replicating analog (sometimes digital) devices / "I thought I was a tweaker"

    Usually referred to as profiling vs modeling around here. Here's my experience with both... I was never fully happy with modelers. The tweaking never seems to end. I have more IR packs than I can't remember all of them. Cut highs, cut lows, etc. It never ended. Sometimes I felt it sounded good...
  7. Tito83

    Getting noise on my Apogee One, I'm pretty sure it's from dirty power. What do I need to get rid of it? Clip inside.

    Using my iPad to play guitar. Using Apogee One and THU Overloud. Sounds great, but I get this noise when I'm on my music room, but I don't when I plug it in the living room. How do I solve this? HELP! :drown:drown
  8. Tito83

    I have an audient ID4 and an ATH M40X. What would you recommend for improving music listening experience?

    I always read about headphones/speakers for mixing, which would be arguably what I have, and for music listening. First: is that a real thing? Where I live there's no where I can go to try this stuff, but I'm very curious about it and I'm willing to get some stuff to try it. Considering Grado...
  9. Tito83

    MPX g2 vs ?

    I'm happy with the amp sim on the eleven rack, but want to add more effects. The MPX g2 can do whammy, octafuzz and detune; which are missing on the 11r, plus I think I'd end up having better chorus, delay and reverbs. I read they are really hard to program, but apparently it will do everything...
  10. Tito83

    The single most objective way I found to judge how good a modeler (or any piece of gear) is...

    How long I can keep playing without thinking about tweaking. Personal? Sure. But I'd still argue it's a pretty objective way to look at it for an individual. Won't solve the question we usually try to tackle, but it does answer that in a way that I think it's the one that best serves the...
  11. Tito83

    My take on the mandatory high end cut on Helix

    It's seems well known and an accepted fact that high cuts are a must on Helix. But that never felt right to me, because for a good while I used real amps into load boxes and IR's and this was never an issue. For the last couple of years I've tried to narrow it down what was going on and I just...
  12. Tito83

    Did Apple just kill hardware modelers?

    Now with the new Macbooks using the same processors as the mobile stuff, developing for Mac now pretty much means you're app you'll work on iOS. Think of the implications. Companies like UA are pretty much forced to build stuff that works on the iOS. If Line 6 keeps going with Native, next...
  13. Tito83

    I got a Kemper!

    At least for a while. A friend went to his folks for the hollidays and let me borrow his. Just amazing. Here's a clip of me playing this Landau thing I've been working on the last couple of days:
  14. Tito83

    Audio comparisons today are pretty much useless...

    When it comes to the core amp sound. For effects in general I still think audio comparisons are good though. As long as the overall character of the amp model is the somewhat close, after match eq any difference becomes so small the discussion over which recording sounds "better" becomes just...
  15. Tito83

    Upgrading from a Taylor 114ce. What to get?

    I've had it for years and it served me well, but truth is I feel it uninspiring to play. Sound doesn't do it for me. Issues: - I'm very inexperienced when it comes to acoustics - Tight budget - I'm most likely buying online sight unseen. Close to impossible find anything remotely...
  16. Tito83

    Input impedance, fine... But what about input capacitance?

    Actually this question came from modelers. Some modelers have an analog circuitry before the sound going digital to emulate some stuff it can't digitally. Some have this "cap" with the input impedance, like the Eleven Rack and Axe-fx. Best explanation is that input of the amp has these two...
  17. Tito83

    I found (my) modeling nirvana

    Some might know I'm a Helix user, but I've posted a few times raving about the feel of the Eleven Rack. After I sold my stomp I got an 11R again to sit at home just for practice. Again, the thing feels amazing under the fingers, so damn responsive. I could make Helix sound better, but never FEEL...
  18. Tito83

    New L6 Variax leaked!!!! (clickbait)

    Yeah, not really. But if anyone knows of a Line6 employee entering emergency with an anxiety attack in the next few days, let me know and that will confirm a new Variax is coming soon :) But seriously, a new Variax is long overdue, isn't it? We got that survey how long ago? It's been a while...
  19. Tito83

    Are some guitar models really meant for certain styles? This happened to me recently...

    I was asked (edit) by a few friends/acquaintances/colleges, no money,(/edit) to record a solo from Master Of Puppets, one of those online covers. These days a little exposition is always good, much of my income comes from online sources (would never imagine that this would be the case 6 months...
  20. Tito83

    Lead wire broke clean off pickup bobbin. What can I do?

    Here's the situation: I saw this video, I think from Stewmac, that a tooth brush would help to get the wire out so I can solder it back, but I've spent actually a couple of days now trying that, but no luck. Anything else I can try? Thanks!
  21. Tito83

    Eleven Rack, Helix and feel

    Sold my HX Stomp and ended up with an Eleven Rack on trade. Past few weeks I've been using it at home exclusively, Helix Floor for gigs only, and I've been having fun playing like I haven't in a good while. Sunday morning I had some free time, so I set both up and started comparing. I get why...
  22. Tito83

    PRS Mira split sounds with different pickups?

    I tried a Mira from a student and was pretty impressed by how balanced the split coil sounds were vs the full humbucker. I saw the writing and it has some components apparently helping to shape the sound when the pickup is split. Could I have that same wiring with different set of pickups and...
  23. Tito83

    Need to go wireless but I love my FF... How can I convert low impedance signal to high impedance?

    https://www.radialeng.com/product/jcr This looks like it might help. I know Radial makes stuff that will load the signal before you go wireless, but that won't really help because I don't want the load there 100% of the time. Does anybody knows if it'll work? Any other suggestions?
  24. Tito83

    How to take IR's taking phase into consideration?

    I'm happy with my old Fishman Aura AST, but the prospect of just using my Stomp on acoustic gigs is pretty attractive. I tried making an IR of my favorite Fishman Image, and it sounds pretty much the same... But only when it's 100% wet. On my fishman preset I use the mix at about 50%, and when...
  25. Tito83

    My own personal Gibson x PRS dilemma

    Every time I compare both, the Gibson wins flat out. It sounds better, plays better, the feel of the neck is awesome... The issue is that it's not the PRS. I've always loved the idea of PRS, Paul seems like a gain truly in it for the love of guitars and he always seem to want to improve. Gibson...
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