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    Which version Boss reverb? (Leave out RV-2. Too hard to find.)

    I use an RV5 for light Hall reverb with my El Capistan. The Stymon Flints is a reverb/ vibrato that is great ... but a lot more money.
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    What amp are you using with your PRS?

    Boogie Mark V and a Fishman Loudbox Artist with the P22
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    PRS SAS Original vs Current (Narrowfield)

    There have been many configurations of the SAS and several pickups. I much prefer the middle model with a 5-way. With this setup you can change the humbuckers and middle pup if you want to and get the 2 and 4 positions. I bought one to replace my Strat. I put 5708s and an inverted Fralin 12...
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    Are Jazzmasters the most versatile guitars?

    No ... but they are cool.
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    Not bonding with a PRS neck

    Pattern is the new wide fat with softer shoulders. It is the same width, dept, and radius on either guitar, but the shoulders are slightly more V shaped. Pattern wide thin is the new wide thin. Dimentions are the same except softer shoulds on the pattern wide thin.
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    V shaped necks

    Try an American Deluxe V Neck Strat ...
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    PRS RW neck question

    I chose a Honduran rw neck for my PS. It is more dense than IRW.
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    What is the most coin you laid down for a single guitar?

    Everything is relative. The most expensive guitar I ever bought was $329 for a new 1962 Fender Jazzmaster ... in 1962. I was making $1.25 per hour at the time. It was a wonderful guitar and the only guitar I used for 11 years until I sold it ... I've paid MUCH more for other guitars since...
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    Paulino Bernabe ... Some help please ...

    A woman I used to work with spent the summer of 1980 in Madrid. While she was there a friend took her to the small shop of Paulino Bernabe and she bought a guitar from him. This was the father, not the son who still builds the guitars. She has slightly used the guitar through the years and now...
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    Help ID a PRS Maple Neck Bolton

    Make sure that it doesn't need new frets and that the neck is straight. Work the deal.
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    Trigger pulled on a PRS DGT Private Stock

    Congrats Pcad. I picked out all the pieces and specs for my PS at 2011 ExpPRS (Sept) and the guitar arrived in March 2012. Don't be dissappointed if it takes closer to 6 months than 3. You REALLY should go to Maryland and pick out your wood, fretboard, inlays, specs, etc. That is an...
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    NGD - PRS Private Stock

    Well done ... but give us the details. Chambered, neck carve, inlays, frets, pups split???? Enjoy ...
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    Guitar Refinishing in the DFW?

    I would call Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney and ask them for a recommendation ...
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    What am I missing with the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson)?

    Sacrilege ... but I'm 66 ... Most of you probably don't like The Ventures, Everly Brothers, or The Shadows either ... Maybe you just had to be there ...
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    Strat Plus Purchase Questions

    There are a lot of opinions but not much information. What year a serial number is it? Color? Condition? All original? There is a huge variance in prices, depending on this data. I sold this 88 about 4 years ago for $1,200. It was an E4 in perfect condition that I bought new.
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    Ugliest PRS Burst Color Ever...

    That is a custom color ... burnt maple leaf ... not a standard color. Not my thing ...
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    Looking for a HSH high end guitar

    PRS 513 ...
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    The most versatile electric guitar is?

    PRS P22. 5708 pickups that split and have a 5-way. There is a LR Baggs Piezo bridge that can be blended with the magnetic pups.
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    PRS SE... Yay or Nay?

    They are about as good as it gets in your price range. Go for one ...
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    Why do they never put tweeters in electic guitar amps or cabinets? Obviously they do in acoustic amps and monitors. With more and more piezo systems showing up with electric guitars, not everyone wants to run dual amp setups.
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    Why is Strymon so awesome?

    Why is Strymon so awesome? Because I bought a blueSky new a year ago and sold it last month for more than I paid for it ... I will buy a Flint to go with my El Capistan.
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    PRS P22...anyone play or own one?

    This is also great ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd8osRg0VKc&feature=player_embedded#! ... made me go out and buy a looper ...
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    The Mark V has spoiled me for other amps

    I've had my combo a year and a half and only use it in my basement. I like the tweed mode the best. I just sold the 1X12 ported cabinet I had for it. I just never play loud enough to benefit from it. It's a great amp, but way, way more than I need ...
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    Wow, those PRS DGT frets are big!

    If you like a McCarty with DGT frets, then try an MC58 or a Modern Eagle Quatro ... both of which have the DGT frets ... and the wider nut. All Modern Eagles have the DGT frets. I have grown to love the larger frets and just had my SAS refretted with 6100s (DGTs). Once you realize you...
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    Beat up PRS

    Mostly just fretwear ... ... and the strings get worn out ...
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