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    Pono - PureTone

    Why risk your own money?
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    Promising Tinnitus Trial

    After 6 weeks everyone gets the real treatment.
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    Promising Tinnitus Trial

    Tinnitus must suck mate, I hope you get some relief.
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    Anyone else have a "No loaning gear" policy?

    I've got a cheap strat copy that I only used to learn how to work on guitars currently out on indefinite loan to a friend of mine who's learning to play. I don't have high end gear, but what I do have I probably would loan out to a select group of people. That's only because I know that they...
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    New band name generator: won't see much variety on TGP

    Black Clementine I've heard worse.
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    focusrite 2i2 help

    The 2i2 comes with a software package that includes Ableton Live 9 Lite, which is a cut down version of their DAW. That's as good a program to use as any, and it has loads of easy to follow tutorials built in to get you up and running :)
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    Bummed out a friend but had a good piece of cake

    I learned this as the praise sandwich technique, it really works.
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    LEAST Favorite Guitarist

    EVH for me. Really not my cup of tea.
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    WARNING: Don't deal with Maverick-Music/Phil Winfield

    Also they're valves, not tubes! We gave you a language, kindly use it. :D
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    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 opinions?

    I've got a 2i2 and I can't fault it at all. There's nothing wrong with the pre amps, from what I've read they're the same as on some of their much higher end kit. EDIT: From the website 25 Years of experience For more than 25 years, Focusrite has designed some of the most popular microphone...
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    NGD! Cort MR710F 12NS

    I have to say that I'm very impressed with it, especially for the £290 ish I paid.
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    NGD! Cort MR710F 12NS

    It appears that there's no love for Cort on TGP lol
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    NGD! Cort MR710F 12NS

    Gotta love that name, it just rolls off the tongue :) I really like the way it looks, and it appears to be very well made. Sound wise it's good, but I've only had maybe 10 mins in the shop and another 15 or so at home playtime so far. It should open up over the coming weeks anyway with it...
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    What are your favorite Beatles' songs?

    Daytripper I Feel Fine Eleanor Rigby Penny Lane Strawberry Fields Forever
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    Peavey Classic 30 vs Mesa Express 5:25+ vs Fender Supersonic 22 vs Marshall DSL40C

    I've got a Peavey JD30-T, which is a Jack Daniels branded and revoiced C30, and I love it to bits. Discontinued, but they're out there second hand.
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    Dot matrix printer plays 'Eye of the Tiger'

    Lol, I love stuff like this
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    The Smiths - 30 years ago today

    Exactly this.
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    KISS S/T LP turns 40 today

    Deffo my favourite Kiss album, great pics too. I always thought Ace played a Lester on that, but wondered why it didn't sound like it "should". Now I know, cheers!
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    Great Metal Rhythm Players

    Page Hamilton. Helmet are right up there for riffs imo.
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    Jazzy 2-5-1

    Thanks pinner :) I'll be sure to take your advice on board too
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