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    NGD Feline 58 Korina Flying V

    58 korina V handmade by jonathan of feline guitars in the UK absolutely outstanding 6.18lbs of korina goodness and sounds as good as it looks - i love it right up there in quality on a level with thorns , Damien Probett guitars, Heatleys etc etc got it barely used and its a peach - fat neck ...
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    choosing a 15" speaker for a custom fender twin 85w reissue - advice pls

    i need your advice on choosing a 15" speaker to replace the standard fender eminence in my fender 65 twin custom reissue amp is heavily modded: rewired completely P2P ( all pcbs in the bin) based on an actual 64 twin my tech had in front of him+ mods to make normal channel a deluxe reverb...
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    Damien Probett talks about his new Rocket Guitars during my day out at his workshop

    I had a fabulous day out with Damien Probett in his UK workshop last week and spent several hours with 2 carve top Rocket 59's. The idea I think is to meld the playability of strat with real les pauls tones. I loved them - im very bored of the les paul / carve top telecaster cross over...
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    A day out at Probett Guitars

    I spent the best afternoon with Damien Probett of Probett Guitars checking out his new Probett Rocket guitar at his workshop. Apart from making a brilliant cup of tea , he is a lovely chap who makes incredible instruments. The attention to detail and finishing are absolutely top notch. It...
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    probett rocket coming soon....

    very excited about damien probetts new rocket which is debuting soon..... http://www.probettguitars.co.uk/ Im due to check out the prototype next week I recently acquired a probett LSM which is the best guitar ive ever played. Its not just the build quality and attention to detail but...
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    raw vintage tremelo springs.....

    well i tried them and you know what ........they did actually make a difference not huge but def more bottom end and the action seemed more fluid somehow and less stiff seen lots of blah about them good & bad but for $20/£16 they do make a subtle and perceivable difference so thumbs up
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    My THorn Family

    since there are several Thorn family threads, here's an updated pic of my Thorn family , now ive got madeleine back from repair Thanx Ron - you are a true genius and a gentleman we've been doing this 10 years now and ive loved every minute of it you tha man!
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    this will amuse you...

    not sure if this is the right place for this but anyway.... i have an WTB ad for a heatley tradition on the forum i get a contact from someone calling themselves 'stig olsen' from canada since thats where scott heatley is from seemed ok anyway i said - send me what you got so i...
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    anyone checked out the new moDel from scott heatley

    really cool vintage vibe i like! its called teh retromatic
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    anyone tried curtis novak pickups?

    i just got the minhumbucker sized lipstick humbucker v v interesting pickup indeed took a while to dial in and get the height right but gives fab single coil bluesy lipstick tones and a wonderfully useable woody bb king type humbucker in a semi hollow swampash T combining v well with a...
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    any one got shed pickups from the UK?

    paf daddies, supernaturals, shed zepellins or the single coils especially the EC blackie set any comments good or bad? please be detailed as im trying to decide which way to go....
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    Big up for scott heatley - lots of pics

    Scott Heatley : an extremeley talented, very nice and most importantly TONEFUL luthier who doesnt get enough exposure for really wonderful instruments post your thoughts and pix so the world can see how good his work is! heres some traditions i think are really yummy: heatley ltd ed...
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    Ordering a 59 LP.......

    had some really interesting conversations with a variety of really cool builders recently about ordering a 59 LP ( + answers to my other thread from everyone on GP) seems to split into roughly 3 camps - those who make period correct absolute replicas of original LPs down to the tiniest detail...
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    Heatley 59 or Yaron 59

    trying to decide which way to go ANYONE BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO PLAY BOTH.? Any thoughts either way would be great I want a really resonant shimmery open tone with no mud and the wood really alive PLS COMMENT
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    need a good guitar tech near brighton in the UK

    can anyone recommend someone as i cant find a good tech in brighton to look after my various thorns help anyone?
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    Anyone tried the curtis novak lipstick humbucker?

    very interested to see how it sounds any thought sor sound descriptions would be brilliant
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    who makes the best sounding boutique lipstick pickups?

    im after an SRV Charley kind of vibe any suggestions?
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    latest piece of ron thorn genius

    heres my new brazilian rosewood gt38 it dont get better than this! ron is a genius plain and simple
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    enjoy a family of thorns

    here they are thanx to ron thorn for his friendship, consumate skill, artistic flair, attention to detail and overall yetiness :facepalm
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    getting the have you ever loved a woman tone from the layla album - AX FX 2

    been trying to get close to this tone on the axe fx 2 without success i believe the original was recorded with an over driven champ any suggetsions on amp/cab combo in axe fx 2?
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    Where can i find some good free IRs for the AXE fx 2

    Ive looked at the redwirez and ownhammer ones for purchase and tried their free 1960 cab but they are too complicated with too many variations - i cant face trawling thru them all i just want sold good solid simple alternatives to the ones already in the axe fx 2 any suggestions?
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    is the MFC101 worth teh cost - its expensive

    is there anything else that works as well with teh axe fx 2?
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    best amp for led zep 1 tones

    any suggestions on which amp to get to nail led zep 1 tones using a tele? tried mesa marshall and vox and fender blues jr so far with no success
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    why so many widdly axe fx 2 demos

    we need more proper tones - blues classic rock jazz fusion we dont all have spandex in our wardrobes :)
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    anyone had problems with the AXE FX2?

    im on teh waiting list but wondering whether i should go for a cheaper and quicker to get ultra instead is there really that much difference? its so hard to tell as i havent got a chance to play either - comments appreciated either way please try for honest balanced comments - slavering...
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