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    Rock vs Jazz.

    Just cause it’s simple, don’t mean it’s easy.
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    Tedeschi Trucks Band last night.

    I want know too!
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    Meanwhile...The Rest of the Band Couldn't Give a **** About Gear

    I do find that another half hour of practice makes all my gear sound better than it did before.
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    Has anyone made the move from Mac back to Windows?

    Back amd forth and back again and going one more round. From an Mac 8600 to a Pentium 4 build machine, to a MacBook Pro, to a i9 desktop build, and probably back to an M2 macbook pro when it becomes available. I use Waves plug ins and Ableton as a DAW (used pro tools and Digital Performer...
  5. CFEBF54D-27BE-40A8-AF1B-EA9CF8E0E19A.jpeg


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    Sold Powertone 5e3 Tweed Deluxe w 2x10” Jensen Speakers ($600 + actual shipping)

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Powertone-Tweed-Deluxe-5e3-with-2-x-10-Jensen-speakers/333900154714 Like the title says. Built for me by the great Jeff Feola. The 2x10 speakers give a nice breadth to the sound. Full disclosure: input #2 on the Bright channel does not work. Input #1 is perfect and...
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    Sold Atomic CLR Neo Mk 1 w Studio Slips Cover $750 + actual shipping

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/333900134549 Good condition, used as PA for home studio (non smoking). Minor dings, excellent sound. I have 2 units for sale, price is $750 each + actual shipping. Assume 40 pounds shipping weight. Item is shipped from 08904. Payment by PayPal.
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    5e3 Tweed Deluxe
  9. C565CB69-1DC3-4F84-A8B1-3A0B1BDCA2BB.jpeg


    5e3 Tweed Deluxe
  10. 86736381-0812-434F-A005-3B93978AAA0E.jpeg


    5e3 Deluxe
  11. A0469DCB-48FC-43B9-BDD2-6E76ECEC6A6B.jpeg


    5e3 Deluxe
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    5e3 Deluxe
  13. 946CB6C1-1F77-4DA7-BCF4-6D957E58924C.jpeg


    5e3 Deluxe
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    New 'Tomo Fujita Guitar Wisdom' guitar learning site.

    the master breaks it down for you, up close and personal
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    New 'Tomo Fujita Guitar Wisdom' guitar learning site.

    Once you start moving those triads around substituting inversions and chords diatonic to your key, and utilize stabs on the 2 + syncopation, instead of steady quarter note strumming, rhythm guitar comes alive. Especially on string sets 234 - not too much bass (that’s someone else’s job), and no...
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    New 'Tomo Fujita Guitar Wisdom' guitar learning site.

    here is the thread. He gets to little wing lower down on the first page. Basically play little wing chords as a succession of 3 note triads on string set 1,2,3. then sets 234 then 345, etc. you can play the triads up the neck, in the same 4 fret area etc., inversions, lotsa games...
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    New 'Tomo Fujita Guitar Wisdom' guitar learning site.

    Tomo taught me triads on a thread here on TGP. Little Wing up & down the neck in 3 string groupings. Can‘t thank him enough. also that video of him bending notes on a duo sonic with no thumb leverage at all. That was a real eye opener.
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