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  1. ChickenLover


    I was watching the Rick Graham sig Charvel video and marveling at the technique. Seems like little wasted movement and independence of each finger to go straight to where it needs to. My fingers have always tended to follow their neighbor to varying degrees. The ability to keep them all calm...
  2. ChickenLover

    Need a humbucker route, easiest way?

    I bought a raw Sassafras SSS Strat body but I have enough SSS Strats and have decided to make this one HSS. I ordered a WD Music HSS pickguard so I'll have a template for placement. I want it to look pro even though it will be covered by the pickguard. But I have a Dremel! Is there equipment...
  3. ChickenLover

    Vintage MXR Flanger squealing, trimpot help

    When I use it on my pedalboard, before OD, it seems to work fine. When I use it with a cranked Plexi-type, it squeals. I haven't messed with the trimmers and from what I can tell, the Clock trimmer still has some 'Loctite' type stuff on it indicating it hasn't been adjusted. I have measured...
  4. ChickenLover

    Sold 2 each Celestion G12-65 8ohm from 1984, SOLD

    I mistakenly bought these thinking they were 15 ohms. Both work perfectly and are in great condition. 8 ohms each. $150 each plus shipping/fees. Shipped from Uranus.
  5. ChickenLover

    FS JHS AT+, Black Spiral Fuzz, VFE The Scream

    The Spiral is in pretty much perfect condition in original box. The JHS has velcro but otherwise excellent in original box. The Scream pedal is in excellent condition with velcro. Prices are shipped, lower 48 US only. JHS AT+ $170 Black Spiral Fuzz $190 VFE The Scream $125
  6. ChickenLover

    Bending the neck for vibrato

    I was watching this video and at 50:02 or so...the last few notes of the show...DeLeo bends the neck of his Les Paul to create vibrato, or actually its a pitch drop at first. I don't think it's technically vibrato until maybe the last few bends because there is no 'pulse' to it until the last...
  7. ChickenLover

    Stone Temple Pilots tour

    How is it? Saw them in the mid-90s and was a big fan. Haven't seen live music since I don't know when and they're coming to town. In an amphitheater.
  8. ChickenLover

    Brown Deluxe 6G3 build

    My most recent builds were a '68 Superbass and '69 Superlead so this time I decided to build something smaller. Many parts are from Mojotone but some I already had such as the blue Sprague filter caps. I also have 2 old stock blue Mallory 0.022uF caps, the rest will be Synergy Royal Blue. Lots...
  9. ChickenLover

    What other cool songs are in Zeppelin's The Rain Song tuning?

    The studio version is D-G-C-G-C-D but the live version is a step higher so E-A-D-A-D-E. It's always nice to have a few songs to play when you go to the trouble of tuning your guitar non standard.
  10. ChickenLover

    Need 12" Alnico suggestions for Tweed Bassman 2x10"+12"

    I recently picked up a Franklyn Tweed Bassman clone. It's in a Tweed Twin style cab but with a 10" and a 12". The 10" is a Celestion Alnico Gold (40W max) and the 12" is a Celestion G12H-75w Creamback. I'm not that familiar with tweeds and their alnico speakers. Is it worth the trouble to put...
  11. ChickenLover

    Dimarzio Cruiser vs Area 61?

    Anybody compared? Per Dimarzio site they have similar output and tone. This is for a HSS Strat with 9k/A2 Jalen '78 in bridge.
  12. ChickenLover

    BK Butler Tube Driver

    Are there any clones of the one Eric Johnson uses? I tried a bunch of different versions about 20 years ago and they were all over the place regarding sound. I liked an old rack version best but sold it. Or if not a Tube Driver, any other pedals that when used similarly (i.e. not how most...
  13. ChickenLover

    Let your stankface flow!

    Don't suppress those mouth twitches...exaggerate them!
  14. ChickenLover

    Aerosol Nitro finishing a neck

    I'm just now spraying the last couple coats of clear gloss on a my first body finish using the Stewmac Aerosol Black Lacquer kit. The learning curve was and still is very steep. I just received the maple/rosewood neck and intend to finish the headstock face in black and the rest of the maple in...
  15. ChickenLover

    Strat bridge question for luthiers

    I bought a finished Strat body from a reputable vendor with holes drilled for a 6-screw vintage style tremolo. When I install a Callaham vintage style bridge it is set too far back in the cavity and the sustain block hits the rear of the cavity. The trem bar goes about half way down before it...
  16. ChickenLover

    Teles r fer kuntry

    I'm sure I'm not the first. I always sort of dismissed Teles as country guitars and lower end than Strats. Then one day at a jam somebody wanted to try my Les Paul so we swapped guitars for a few songs. My first thought was; "This is how I've wanted a Strat bridge single coil to sound all...
  17. ChickenLover

    Strats with P90 in bridge?

    Recently have heard a lot of great comments about P90s, especially in the bridge position. So I thought I would build a Strat that is essentially a vintage style Strat but P90 in bridge. Seems like an obvious combo since some find the Strat bridge single coil too thin and as far as I know they...
  18. ChickenLover

    Sandy and not bend friendly

    I just built a fairly standard Tele with a straight 12" radius. It's not horrible but it plays a little sandy everywhere except near the nut. It also doesn't like bends, it does not fret out but it starts to 'touch' higher frets as it vibrates. This happens worst above the 10th fret or so. It...
  19. ChickenLover

    FS F/S - Mesa Halfback 2x12, stock 90W Shadow and EVM 12L, North GA

    For sale is a good condition Mesa Halfback 2x12 with original speakers; 90W Black Shadow in top and EVM 12L in bottom. 4 ohm impedance and 180W power handling. With casters. Local pickup in North Georgia but if you live in FL or AL we might be able to meet, I travel a ton for work and frequent...
  20. ChickenLover

    FS F/S - Rivera Hammer 120 Stereo TBR-3

    For sale is a Rivera Hammer 120 Stereo, model TBR-3. I call it good condition, typical scratches from rack use but front and back are fairly clean. Lettering on the back has faded but still readable. I had the tubes replaced/biased with EH 6CA7 and the amp was gone thru by a local tech about a...
  21. ChickenLover

    FS F/S - EVM 12L, 8 ohm

    For sale is an excellent condition EVM 12L. 8 ohm. As great as it sounds its just too heavy. $190 + shipping from GA. CONUS only.
  22. ChickenLover

    Been playing a long time and I have never written a song...

    ...at least not one that I can remember or still play. Whenever I try I either think it sounds dumb or boring or I can often think of another song that either uses a similar riff or chord progression and think I would be stealing and bail. I've tried changing tunings to get me out of the box...
  23. ChickenLover

    Touch sensitivity

    What is it to you? I'm not sure it means the same thing to everybody. Sometimes I see a post refer to an amp as having such great 'touch sensitivity' but to me it doesn't (it still might sound/feel exceptional...just not because of the 'touch sensitivity' imo). How does it relate to 'dynamics'...
  24. ChickenLover

    J. Myung's bass...two truss rod neck?

    Was watching a Dream Theater DVD last night and noticed John Myung's bass appeared to have two truss rods (there are two 'slots' at the heel-end of the neck). Is that true? How's that work? Is this only needed on 6-string+ basses? Oh...and the dude's a monster!
  25. ChickenLover

    Area 51 build complete

    I had an empty shell from an old Crybaby that died long ago and decided to get the Area 51 Vintage Italian Wah kit and install it. Everything went without a hitch...I added a DC power jack and protection diode. It sounds pretty good but it's still not as nice as my Teese Wheels of Fire wah...
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