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    ceiling panels for home studio

    Guys - any good ceiling panels out there that are easy to install? I've got several ATS acoustic panels on the walls but really need to deal with reflections from ceiling - something that looks decent and again easy to install.
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    Recs for sound panels

    I could do the research myself, but this board has never let me down! Need some sound dampening panels for a music room at home - anything good out there? A row of vertical panels would be preferred over tiles or blankets. Thanks!
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    EJ pickup replaement rec

    I've got an EJ strat - love the neck, clean tones, but can't get the sound out of the bridge pup that I like even though I know it is wired hot - esp when gigging - just not enough fullness, balls - to my ears anyway - should I route for a humbucker, or is there a single coil option?
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    tube screamer replacement switch

    I've got a Keeley modded ts9 that now has a faulty switch - I emailed Keeley a couple of days ago, but no response - I can have the repair done locally if I can get a replacement switch - any recs? Thanks in advance :aok
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    Music track separator

    Any recs for programs to split tracks?
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    Multieffects straight to PA - anyone?

    I'm really thinking of running a Tonelab LE or something like it straight to PA with a little combo on stage for a monitor - I know I'll sacrifice some tone but maybe it's worth it to make set up and load out easier in small bars and the like. If anyone is doing this, it would be great to hear...
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    TC 2290 - what's the deal?

    I'm seriously gassing for one of these. I've got a Diamond ML which I love, but everytime I a 2290 on ebay or the emporium I get tempted to pull the trigger. Anyone using one of these - how does it compare with your typical boutique analog or digital delay pedal?
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    TR CRS and G System - WTF!

    It seems that the G System won't work properly in the loop of my Two Rock CR Sig. Anyone else having this problem? It works just fine in front of the amp (guitar into inst input on the G sys, G sys power out into the amp's input).
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