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    A Whole New Thing

    So about a year ago I was without a band for the first time since I don't know when. An old musician friend of mine called and asked if I'd be interested in doing a little 3 piece thing using backing tracks. I've never done it before and didn't think I would like it...and at first I didn't. But...
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    Alex Hutchings

    Just got turned onto Alex Hutchings for the first time. Where the heck have I been? What an amazing player!
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    Roland Cube 80GX

    My Roland Cube 80GX came on Friday and I've been experimenting with it all weekend. My feelings so far are that I'm not real crazy with the onboard effects so I plugged in my pedalboard through the clean channel and OMG I can't believe how well this little baby takes my pedals. I've tried pedals...
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    New Amp

    I've been using tube amps all my life but I'm 67 years old now and don't want to lug them around anymore. Plus I don't play the big venues I used to. After doing a lot of research I ordered a Roland Cube 80GX. Anyone out there using one of these?
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    I'm back

    Hello everyone, I've been out of touch for a year or 2 due to the site being redone and I finally got in touch with Scott who set me back up. A big shout out to him! Anyway, a lot has changed since then and I'll update my info and look forward to talking to you all again.
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    Bandit 65

    The church where I play with the praise band just texted me and told me they found my old Peavy Bandit 65 from 1984. Really excited to get it back. They said it still sounds great and the footswitch is still with it. Couldn't remember what happened to it. Thought for sure I'd never see it again...
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    Finally Had To Do It

    I'm 65 years old and the arthritis in my hands has begun to have an affect on my playing. I started using 11's on my electrics about 2 years ago and I'm starting to struggle a little when the arthritis flares up. I wanted to drop down to 10's but also wanted to keep a good bottom end so I bought...
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    Pedal change

    I haven't been happy with my MXR M78 Custom Badass Distortion. I changed it out with a Boss Super Overdrive. What a bargain for $49. This thing sounds awesome. Of course it doesn't have the distortion the MXR has, but I didn't need it and that's one of the reasons I swapped it out. Anyway, I'm...
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    V Picks

    Well after hearing so many people here raving about V Picks I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I've been using Ultex .90's so I first ordered some Ultra Lites. and really liked them, but they always throw in another kind which was a Traditional Lite. I really liked that one too....so...
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    Line 6 G50

    For all of you who use the Line 6 G50, were you happy with the cable that comes with it and if you weren't, where did you get a replacement? I haven't had a problem since I just got it but it looks kind of cheesy.....
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    Hot Rod Deluxe

    I bought a Hot Rod Deluxe II last year and have been using it exclusively and really like it. I've read that it's one of the most popular working man's amp. My question is that I very seldom here anyone on this forum mention this amp. Am I one of a few who like this amp? If so, why?
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    MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion

    Has anyone ever used one of these? Tried one out at Guitar Center and thought it was pretty cool. Wanted some opinions.
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    Don't understand this.

    I was at a gig a couple of weeks ago and an odd thing happened which I can't explain. I have a Boss OD-3 with the drive turned off that I use for a clean boost. Been using it like that for a couple of years. At this gig I hit the OD-3 for a lead and my amp made an awful noise...kind of a...
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    Turbo Tuner

    I've heard a lot of guitar players on this forum talk about the Turbo Tuner and how good it is....and I don't doubt what you're saying because I know a lot of people on here really know their stuff. What I can't figure out is why places like Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, ZZ Sounds and other...
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    Quilter Amps

    Just saw a link on Facebook about Quilter guitar amps. It's a solid state amp that comes with either an 8" or 12" Celeston speaker. They're supposed to be pretty good. I checked them out on youtube and they sound good. Anyone ever play one or have one?
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    Pedalboard Mod

    I have a Boss BCB60 pedalboard and I've been thinking about making something that will raise the back to angle it up so the pedals will be easier to get to. Anyone else ever do anything like that to theirs and what did you do?
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    Wah Pedal

    Just bought a Dunlop Crybaby GCB95F with the Fasel inductor. It's the first wah I've ever had and I'm really liking it. Anyone else have one? The biggest problem was trying to decide what to take off of my board...... Maybe a bigger board is in the works...
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    Xotic EP Booster Dip Switches

    Just wondering how you guys that use the EP Booster have your dip switches set. I keep playing with it. Right now I have both switches on.
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    Pick holders

    Looking for feedback on how everyone keeps spare picks readily available if you drop one during a gig.
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    EP Booster

    To all who use the Xotic EP Booster, where do you put it in your effects train? I leave mine on all the time and have it after overdrives and before modulation. Just wondering how others do it and the reasons for it.
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    New Booster Pedal

    Just picked up an Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Booster pedal for 40 bucks. I leave my Xotic EP Booster on all the time because I love the way it fattens my Strat tone but I wanted something for a plain signal boost and this thing sounds pretty good. Has anyone else tried one?
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    Effects Booster

    Anyone ever used the Exotic EP volume booster? Been looking at it...
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    Attaching Wireless Transmitter to Strap

    I use a Line 6 wireless unit for my guitar. It works really well and I haven't had any issues with that. The receiver is small and fits right in my pedalboard. My issue is attaching the transmitter to my guitar strap. The clip that came with it didn't last very long so I've been using black...
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    Changing string gauges

    I've been wanting to go up from 10's to 11's for a while now. I wanted to see if anyone would notice a difference in tone so I didn't tell the rest of the band when I did it for the last show. After the show the bass player asked me what I did different because my guitar was really punching...
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    Fender locking tuners

    Just put a set of Fender locking tuners on my 2012 American Standard Strat. Exact replacement, not need to drill any holes. Changed stings and tuners in 30 minutes. Won't play a gig with it until Saturday but it sure feels like the sustain has improved. I'll report in after the weekend.
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