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    Sold Gibson custom shop tv model junior

    $1600 shipped! This is a smoking deal on a custom shop junior!
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    Sold Gibson custom shop tv model junior

    2007 Gibson custom shop Les Paul tv model junior. It has been played some but is in great shape. Porter a2 vintage wind p90 pickup. Original custom shop case with most case candy, no coa. This is an awesome sounding junior. Chunky 50’s neck, but not huge. Priced to sell at $1600 plus actual...
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    Any tips for painting headstock?

    CAR can be over a silver or gold base, depends on the year. I am going to recommend a pro. Trying to match a candy color is tricky.
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    Rolph Pickups Experience

    I have a set of his strat p/u's, and also a set of paf clones he wound for me in my r9. Awesome vintage style pickups.
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    Used Les Paul Jr. prices?

    Sounds about right. I picked up an R7 tv junior with a few upgrades for $1400 a few months ago. Smokin guitar.
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    Would you buy a stolen guitar?

    This. I don't think 330's had a serial # on the back of the headstock, did they? I don't think they even had a label inside. I think the serial # was just stamped in ink on the inside of the body next to the f hole.
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    Rich Robinson ES-335

    You guys have me gassing for a rr 335! Nice guitars everybody. Neoz, true 60's? Here is a pic of me checking out rich's.
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    5F4 Tweed Super, only bigger?

    Low powered twin.
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    Can I see your Marshall?

    1974x w/ extension cab.
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    Caught the Gretsch Bug.....

    I bought a 5120, put a set of TV jones filtertrons in it, a tru arc bridge (pinned), a 1" bigsby spring, and had RS do a wiring harness for it. I'm happy. (Not that it really needed all of that, but it did make a huge difference.)
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    Vintage Fender Amp Smell - Source?

    I have wondered when somebody will bottle and market that smell. Just imagine if your Murphy or fender custom shop relic actually smelled vintage too! It is actually one of my favorite smells. Nothing like cracking open that 50's or 60's guitar case, or firing up that old tweed amp. It's the...
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    Which color for Gretsch?

    I have an orange one, but I want that green one, so both.:huh
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    Marshall 1974x

    I love my 1974x. Picked up an extension cab and loaded a creamback in it, even more better.:love:
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    I say "Telecaster," you say...?

    Tweed deluxe.
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    my Epiphone G400 Les Paul Custom - makeover

    Maim / kill! Nice job. Very classy.
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    Gretsch Electromatic

    Yep, I put a tru-arc on mine and pinned it. Get a 1" spring for the bigsby too, makes it feel much better. Great guitar for the $!
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    1964 Strat!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice vid Mike. Gruhn appraised it a couple years ago for $25k, not sure what the current market value is. I do know that no matter how big a pile of money somebody gave me, it would be a sad day if it ever went away.
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