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    Tubes, how to know when they are near the end ?

    Hello to everybody ! Sorry for this question but my D13 sometimes has some wierd sounds in it and I was wondering if it was the tubes going microphonic? How to know when a tube is near it's end ? Do I nead a multimeter or can I tell just by looking at it ?
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    Thorn 113 : Luna Vibe

    After the THorn board and Bam, let me introduce Thorn 113 aka Luna Vibe ! :-D
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    Suhr appreciation contest continues !

    Mister UPS just brought it to me ! I'm so delighted ! Sound is conform to what I was waiting for (hey, it's a strat :P), it plays like butter, the neck is awesome, GREAT !! Thank you again Luca for making it so smooth and thank you John for making such wonderful guitars !!
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