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  1. bandintheclouds

    Best Delay for Running Dual Amp Rig

    So I've been fortunate enough to have put together a sweet dual amp rig mediated by a Fulltone TTE to handle signal splitting duty. This is ideal because there are several ways to run the stereo delay from the echo. I always opt for the setting that sends a strong delay mix to one amp and a...
  2. bandintheclouds

    Sold Rivera Rockcrusher Recording - $500 shipped

    Lower price! I bought this a while back from another TGP'er to get overdubs done at home. It's a great unit and is excellent to use alongside IRs or with its own analog speaker sim. I'm back to doing most of my work at the studio again, and don't need this right now. It's in great shape other...
  3. bandintheclouds

    Back to the Fulldrive 2

    My first really nice, "boutique" type overdrive was a Fulldrive 2 that I bought new circa 2006. At the time, I was playing it through a 77' SF Twin Reverb (totally clean) and using mostly strats and teles. It served me well for a long time, though in retrospect, I still had a lot to learn about...
  4. bandintheclouds

    Sold TV Jones PowerTron Bridge - Chrome

    I have a bridge position PowerTron in chrome up for sale. The lead had been trimmed a little short (measures 5" from pickup to end of wires) before I got it, but I had no problem installing in my Cabronita Tele. Works like a charm for Gretsch meets Gibson type tones. Thick but still defined and...
  5. bandintheclouds

    Guild Starfire III Bridge/Intonation Options -TOM?

    I recently scored a really nice 1997 Guild Starfire III. I think it's a keeper. Love the sound, feel, etc. My only hang up is that is has the floating metal compensated bridge and I can't achieve perfect intonation between the lower and upper frets. I'm close, but it seems the G is always sharp...
  6. bandintheclouds

    Sold GE JAN 12AX7 USA Military Grade Tubes - ANOS or Very Lightly Used

    I won't say NOS, because I don't think that's totally accurate, but these are all in pristine shape and testing strong. They come in period correct (or close) GE boxes, but those aren't original. $40/each shipped or I'll cut a deal for multiples. I'll cut a REALLY good deal if you'd like the...
  7. bandintheclouds

    Low - Mid Gain Plexi with G12T-75s

    This might be dead horse territory, but I feel like I have a slightly unique take on it. I've fallen back in love with bigger iron after a period of 12-22 watt combos. I like plexi tones but more on the lines of Angus/Malcolm, Allmans, Thin Lizzy, etc. That is to say, thick and crunchy, but not...
  8. bandintheclouds

    Wraparound to Trem Strategy

    Who has experience with this? I have a 2015 LP CM a recently bought and really enjoy, but the bar is just an integral part of how I play. I have Bigsby, Vibrola, Strat and Les Trem outfitted guitars, so I'm not super picky about the action. I don't dive bomb or anything like that. I'd like to...
  9. bandintheclouds

    Sold BG Pups S90 Set

    Awesome P90 voiced strat pickups by BG Pups (Brian Gunsher). These are excellent pickups if you are chasing a little more midrange and growl in a strat sized package. I loved them, but have switched back to traditional strat type pickups for my current projects. Only installed in 1 guitar...
  10. bandintheclouds

    Sold Tom Brantley Underwound Mini Humbuckers

    Custom hand wound mini humbuckers by Tom Brantley http://tombrantleyrewinds.com/. These are underwound and made for chasing the Robben Ford type hollow body tone. Would be suitable for any purpose demanding a mellow, chimey mini. $100 shipped for the set IMG_0020 by framfunkylan, on Flickr...
  11. bandintheclouds

    TTE Users, Help with Dirty Echo

    I just received a secondhand TTE, one of the newer version 7 models. It appears in mint condition and operates well, except that the echo is very overdriven sounding. Even with the record level trim way down, the repeats are far from clean. I changed the tape and this did not help. The heads...
  12. bandintheclouds

    Sold Duesenberg Starplayer TV No F-Hole Catalina Blue

    Here's a super clean, wonderfully crafted Duesenberg I picked up from another TGP member, and original owner, a few months ago. I'd always wanted to check one of these out and it was worth it, but alas, I feel like I am mostly bonding with 24.75 scale guitars these days. Even my Teles are...
  13. bandintheclouds

    Sold Paul Cochrane Tim (refurbished) $200 obo

    This is a Paul Cochrane Tim that once was the victim of a rowdy audience member and took a splash of a beverage that damaged a couple of pots. My tech Jeff Newell (a professional amp and pedal wiz here in Dayton, OH) fixed it and it is 100% functional. The pots used give the gain and tone...
  14. bandintheclouds

    Sold Bad Cat Cub III 15/R Combo

    *Traded* The latest version of the Cub. Full featured Bad Cat USA, not the player's series. Has the foot switchable front end and boost, K Master, effects loop, etc. In excellent condition with minimal signs of wear. Healthy tubes. Reverb sounds amazing. Great amp! $1600 shipped or make a...
  15. bandintheclouds

    Fast Guitars

    Has anyone purchased a kit or otherwise dealt with Fast Guitars, a Canadian neck and body manufacturer? I am curious because they make Gibson style parts/kits and I'm interested in doing a Flying V build. The price is right, the materials are what I'm looking for, and the little I've found on...
  16. bandintheclouds

    The Boxcar Suite: Room Full of Cowards (Official)

    Check it out! My band's new video for Room Full of Cowards.
  17. bandintheclouds

    Goodsell Champton Questions

    I'm interested in one of these Goodsell 5 watt "Champtons" to use as a grab and go amp for rehearsals and recording. I'd like to hear from anyone who's used one with a band. Could it keep up with a drummer in a small rehearsal room? I like slight breakup tones, so it doesn't need to stay 100%...
  18. bandintheclouds

    Running Parallel Signal Chains

    Okay, I thought it would be easy to find a product that made this...well, easy. Unfortunately I'm having some trouble, so insight would be appreciated. I am trying to run two effects chains to one amp, in parallel not series. I want to be able to use one signal chain to create ambient effects...
  19. bandintheclouds

    Sold Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 Combo Final Drop to $1100 shipped

    Sold at $1100 shipped. I picked this up locally on trade wanting to try out a Bad Cat. I think it's a stellar amp, but I'm more of a low to medium gain player and this one kind of shines in the high gain area. The gain channel is quite versatile and note clarity is superb even at roaring...
  20. bandintheclouds

    Cabronita Build Pickup Height Issues

    So, I'm working on a La Cabronita build starting with a USACG body that I stained and finished. I picked up a used TV Jones Power'tron for the bridge and a Fender Fideli'tron for the neck. Unfortunately, the Power'tron sits too low and the Fideli'tron to hi. I check and both are to spec in...
  21. bandintheclouds

    Dr Z Red Head Cabinet $140 OBO

    This one housed a Carmen Ghia, but will fit any of the smaller head style Zs such as the Z28 or M12. It's in really nice condition save for a couple small blemishes. You can see the blemish on the logo in the photo below. There are a couple other very slight spots where it rubbed up against...
  22. bandintheclouds

    FS/FT Goodsell Super 17 Blackline $950 shipped sold

    I have a Goodsell Super 17 Blackline up for sale. All stock, except the first owner had a tech install an external tap for running an extension cab inside the cabinet (see photo). It's in excellent condition with very minimal signs of wear. Comes with a studio slips padded clamshell cover...
  23. bandintheclouds

    Superlead Combo Options

    My tech built an amp I'm interested in buying in a Superlead chassis. It's a great machine, wired with one channel as a 1959 circuit and one as an 2203. I want this, but right now it's in a rather large head cab and I'm more about the efficiency of a combo. What's the best option for...
  24. bandintheclouds

    FS/Possible Trade 2011 Fender FSR Telecaster, Burst, Nitro

    This is the 2011 Fender Special Run Telecaster sold at Guitar Center exclusively for the 60th Anniversary. Note that it does not make it one of the official Fender commemorative 60th Anniversary Teles. That said, it's a seriously top notch Tele with a nitro finish on both the body and neck...
  25. bandintheclouds

    WTB: TV Jones or other Filtertron variants

    Looking for TV Jones Classic and Classic Plus pickups for a cabronita build I'm doing. If you have something similar that might work, I'm all ears as well. Thanks!
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