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  1. Mreilander

    Reilander and Blue Collar @ Vancouver International Guitar Festival

    Hey Guys, If you're local, come check us out at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival, June 24 and June 25 at the Chinese Cultural Center!! Info Here
  2. Mreilander

    Review of Reilander Muckbuckers

    Check out this review of our Reilander RH-1 Muckbuckers in the upcoming issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine!! Muckbucker Review pdf
  3. Mreilander

    Reilander Project 'X'

    Back in May 2013, Vancouver's Jay Leonard Juatco and Reilander Custom Guitar embarked on a mission to create a unique, yet familiar set of Tele pickups. The mission was to create a set that would bring out the very roots and the essence of the Telecaster, but maintain the clarity and...
  4. Mreilander

    Kinal Custom Tele Review

    With today's market flooded with guitars, it is getting harder and harder to walk into a store and find 'The One'. Once you find it, you realize the price tag on that particular instrument, the one you absolutely can't live without, is well over $1000. Sometimes even pushing three grand or more...
  5. Mreilander

    Reilander Sound Samples, Vintage Scoops

    Reilander Vintage Scoops loaded into a Squier Affinity Strat. All 5 positions starting from the bridge. Set is $99.00 CAD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhH0-QFyXHU Reilander Vintage Scoop Strat Pickups These mid-scooped pickups are slightly under wound with Alnico 2 pole pieces. The...
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