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  1. Guitar Stu

    Skeleton Drummer.

    Thats one way to disguise that you are playing to a backing track. And he has more personality than the drummer in my band. Love it. Great job Rob Berry.
  2. Guitar Stu

    Grammy Premier House Band Guitarist Tim Pierce footage

    These video's came up on my Youtube feed tonight and I thought they were an incredible insight into the work of a pro guitarist playing in these TV show type bands. There is so much content out there on youtube like this nowadays, rig rundowns behind the scenes etc. I love them all. I don't even...
  3. Guitar Stu

    When a building decides to take a dump on your pedalboard

    Wes Borland was playing a set with Limp Bizkit, It had been raining all day and mid song the building decides to dump a crapload of water directly on the poor blokes pedalboard. Enough to make you cry.
  4. Guitar Stu

    Lead Singer, No Instrument, Boom Mic Stand. Just say no.

    I was just Triggered when reading through the Jet song thread (although that may be because I clicked on a 2HBStrat thread) and I watched the video of a cover band playing Are You Gonna Be My Girl at a gig. Band sounded pretty good and I liked the singers voice but I can't take it. FFS. He is...
  5. Guitar Stu

    Songs inextricably tied to Movies.

    Hi all, looking for some suggestions for songs that you can identify with a movie. I am playing a school fundraiser trivia night with the theme Hollywood movies. I will have some questions where I will play a small snippet of a song and the participants will have to match up the movie to which...
  6. Guitar Stu

    My DIY Mic Stand / Integrated with Pedalboard (in progress)

    Edit: Here is the completed product. Read on for original post. Always wanted to make my own mic stand and was inspired recently to go at it. First point is I don't like boom mic stands. Used one for years when just backing vocals but always hated it. Converted it to a straight stand when...
  7. Guitar Stu

    Midi Maestro Foot Controller by Beatbuddy Team

    Saw this on the Beatbuddy forum. There was discussion going back about a midi foot controller to use with the Beatbuddy drum pedal as all it's functions can be controlled by midi commands. Looks like Singular Sound has released a 6 button midi foot pedal that could be used as a controller for...
  8. Guitar Stu

    Local bands live streaming on facebook - Good Marketing or Just Stupid

    Played a 40 minute set at a fundraiser gig last night and the bloke running the show setup a facebook live stream. Sent out a couple of texts to people who weren't at the gig to check it out. Wife and the kids checked it out and the kids got a kick out of seeing the old boy up there in real...
  9. Guitar Stu

    Axefx Rig Rundown - Jimmy Eat World

    This new Rig Rundown popped up on my feed. Pretty interesting talk about the AxeFx. Don't watch if you don't want gas for an Axe unit.
  10. Guitar Stu

    Samson Auro D1500 Sub Review. Seriously how hard is it for Manufacturers to add cooling.

    Recently Purchased a Samson Auro D1500 Active Subwoofer. When looking for information on this product there was basically no feedback to be found so I thought I would post impressions. TL/DR. Very Light and small 15 inch Active sub. Has overheating issues but can be worked around. Sorry for...
  11. Guitar Stu

    Powered Sub Yamaha DXS15 vs EV Ekx 15sp Opinions Advice

    Looking for anyone with experience with these subs to post some feedback. All opinions welcome. TL.DR Yamaha DXS15 vs EV Elx Price and Reliability vs Weight and performance. Looking to round out my PA setup with one powered sub and maybe a second one down the track. I am in a Trio with...
  12. Guitar Stu

    Good Idea or Potential Disaster? Gig song requests via phone.

    After reading through the thread about drawing the line on song requests I had an idea. Now most musicians (me included) are still using and buying guitars that are Replicars of 1950's design, using tube amps and getting song requests at gigs via some drunk in the crowd yelling out "freebird"...
  13. Guitar Stu

    Some Crazy Mods to Roland Street Cube

    Hi All. Here are a couple of mods I have done to my Roland street cube. A couple of performance mods and a couple of crazy mods. A little back story on my use of the Street Cube. I plan on using my Street Cube for a bit of busking but I have also set it up to play some small solo gigs. I am...
  14. Guitar Stu

    Constructive Feedback for Solo/Duo Gig.

    Hi All. I am looking for a bit of constructive criticism to help me out in my quest to get semi-regular gigs as a solo or duo performer. I've been in a hobby band for 15 years, play occasional party's and gigs etc. I was very average guitar player for most of that time but the last few years I...
  15. Guitar Stu

    Homemade Modular Pedal 4 in 1

    Hi All. I quickly searched for threads on a similar project but couldn't find anything. Anyhow here is my homemade 4 in 1 pedal project. Backstory: I have a larger pedal board for playing with the band but I have a set of pedals that I also like to use in a seperate capacity with a busker type...
  16. Guitar Stu

    NGD Budget tele for the Aussies

    Hi All. This post and review is for any Aussies looking for a Budget Telecaster. A little back story. I had previously purchased an SX vintage series thinline Tele copy secondhand as I had never had a tele style guitar. I upgraded pickups to fender custom shop nocasters and while it sounded...
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