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  1. Mreilander

    Reilander and Blue Collar @ Vancouver International Guitar Festival

    Hey Guys, If you're local, come check us out at the Vancouver International Guitar Festival, June 24 and June 25 at the Chinese Cultural Center!! Info Here
  2. Mreilander

    MJT/Warmoth build: which pickups?

    A close friend of mine has an Ilitch system on his Tele (equipped with traditional tele pickups), and he gigs world wide with the thing. I've never heard a peep of noise from it. You need to make sure that the Ilitch system matches the pickups. If you opt for P90's, you need to remember that...
  3. Mreilander

    tele w/ neck humbucker, single coil bridge wiring

    a 470K resistor in parallel with the 500k pot, will allow the pickup to "see" approximately 250K.
  4. Mreilander

    The Great Canadian Equipment Thread

    Thanks Justin :) We are located in Surrey BC.
  5. Mreilander

    p90 mounting questions

    You could, but it usually requires some soldering depending on how the manufacturer assembled it. Some solder the shield directly to the baseplate, and some use the eyelet that's shown in the pic. If it's the eyelet, you need to undo the 2 screws on the bottom, and un-crimp the eyelet from the...
  6. Mreilander

    p90 mounting questions

    I'm assuming by 'basket mount' you are referring to the dogear baseplate with tabs on the side similar to this.... The baseplates of P90's cannot be removed. It is what holds the magnets to the keeper / polepieces. If you want to put P90's in, you should get soapbars with a soapbar baseplate...
  7. Mreilander

    Source for mudbucker cover?

    These guys will have something. http://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/humbucker/
  8. Mreilander

    A humbucker with two Tele bridge pickups?

    While two modified strat single coils can be placed site by side to occupy a bucker slot, two side by side tele bridge pickups require too much real estate to fit in any standard slot. Also, placing single coils in close proximity of each other drastically changes their output characteristics...
  9. Mreilander

    Tele Pickup/Wiring Help with Problem?

    Not getting a reading from the coil removed from circuit is a dead give away. Sometimes you'll have a cold solder joint and re-flowing remedies that, but it sounds like yours has a break. The reason you were still getting a slight amount of output is, very often, the break happens in such a way...
  10. Mreilander

    Tele Pickup/Wiring Help with Problem?

    Don's a good guy who stands by his product. I'm sure he'll sort you out.
  11. Mreilander

    Tele Pickup/Wiring Help with Problem?

    I would check the resistance of the pup first... if it reads open, or in the Mohm, I would re-flow the solder on the eyelets. I would then move on to the other stuff.
  12. Mreilander

    Some feedback observations here...

    Many times, the feedback is caused by a loose cover resonating in relation to the polepieces. There are a few ways to remedy it. You can give it a quick wax dip.. just long enough to fill the void between the coil and the cover. This will leave the coil unsaturated so tone won't be affected...
  13. Mreilander

    Treble-cut switch

    Use you dpdt switch to add a 0.01 uf capacitor to your bridge pickup in parallel. That will cut off some of the top end. Conversely, you can put a .01 uf cap in series with the neck pickup to take off some bottom end.
  14. Mreilander

    5 way works as 1 way

    Give us a pick of your wiring.
  15. Mreilander

    5 way switch is stopping my new loaded PG from dropping into crappola MIJ strat copy

    before you tackle it with a dremel... check to make sure you have the narrower side of the switch facing out. Most switches are slightly wider on one side of the mounting screws than the other. If it is this style... Make sure the terminals wafer is facing inside the cavity It is this...
  16. Mreilander

    5 way switch is stopping my new loaded PG from dropping into crappola MIJ strat copy

    Is the switch too deep? or is it hitting the side of the cavity?
  17. Mreilander

    Best question EVER! Where does the hum go?

    When you ground yourself to the guitar, your body actually acts as a shield... Any noise from your body goes straight to ground and not through the signal. Until your body is connected to ground via touching the strings, your body behaves like an antenna. It's the same principle behind why you...
  18. Mreilander

    Wiring Help?

    That is correct. The combination of the cap and resistor (pot) determines which frequencies are passed to ground. The remains become your signal.
  19. Mreilander

    Wiring Help?

    looks like it should work to me
  20. Mreilander

    No sound from bridge pickup

    Is this a new guitar? or new to you guitar? If it's new, it should be under warranty. It sounds like a pickup issue, but faulty switches have been know to cause these symptoms as well. To check the pickup, remove it from circuit. Put your meter on the Ω (ohms) setting and put a probe on...
  21. Mreilander

    Remagnetizing pups

    Laying a guitar on an amp will kill the pickup if it happens to be sitting right over the transformer. The transformer has an alternating magnetic field that will degause a magnet faster than you can say 'What the hell?'
  22. Mreilander

    Stripped Polepiece

    If you are able to remove it, you can wrap some plumbers tape around it to build it up a bit.
  23. Mreilander

    Help understanding 5 way switches!

    The lay out is usually the same except... some switches have the common on the outer most lugs, and some have the common on the inner most lugs. The common lug usually has a 'C' stamped somewhere. If not, you can check with a meter for continuity. Which ever lug has continuity with the three...
  24. Mreilander

    Help understanding 5 way switches!

    position1 lug 1<=> lug 6 position2 lug 1+2<=> lug 6+7 position3 lug 2<=> lug 7 position4 lug 2+3 <=> lug 7+8 position5 lug 3<=> lug 8 Position 2 Neck achieves coil split by having the north finish to hot via lug one and ground via lug 7. The south coil is shunted, with one lead attached to...
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