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    Puerile Zappa

    Sttreck aus deinen heissen gelockten! pretty much all of Joes Garage.
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    NAD: Swart Stereo Master 20

    I am looking to pick up either a magnatone panoramic stereo or a swart stereo master 20. I haven’t been able to play through the swart. i was leaning toward the magnatone because of the vibrato/trem, however now that i see you report that the swart is darker, which I like. I’m torn.
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    What was the WORST CONCERT you attended??

    Yeah that was pretty bad. Following ministry at that time and with a replacement guitarist exposed their flaws
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    I restored this 1953 Les Paul

    Thank you for posting this.
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    Sold Origin RevivalDrive Compact, Gurus, Wren, EHX

    If that tiny little caprid is still available I’ll take it.
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    A while back the Chicago History Museum released a trove of images online, plenty of vintage porn to be found.

    Mrs; Wow Buddy Guy was young once! Me; Wow Buddy Guy is playing an SG!
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    Your top 3 songs by Pixies?

    I can’t even rank my favorite three albums by The Pixies.
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    Snuff this GAS

    Those “channel” Fretboards remind me of pez candy for some weird reason. But hey! Like what you like!|
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    Interesting POV on the current state of the vintage guitar market

    These are some pretty astute observations. I think your on the money. I Started looking on the web for an ok condition r8 to bang around in later March. I hesitated on a couple that were in my wheelhouse for a day or two and they were gone. Several that seemed to be priced pretty high moved as...
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    Saddest songs ever

    “To bring you my love” By the great PJ Harvey makes me so sad I get angry. It’s weird.
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    I dropped my new telecaster

    That’s cheating.
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    Whats your favorite tremolo right now?

    I have the stone deaf fx tremotron which lets you use two trems at once. It’s a lot of fun and has a ton of different waves. Learning curve was high for me but once I kinda figured it out it was worth it.
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    I dropped my new telecaster

    Greg Koch said it best. “In the future roaches and telecasters will be all that’s left. And the teles will be in tune!”
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    Your name. Inlaid.

    Well I think it looks........GROOVY! Sorry.
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    Just Got a Travis Bean...

    Nice nice nice! I always liked the stamped logo pickups. Congratulations!
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    This Top... A Stud or Dud ???

    I like it. Looks like there are some flecks going on along with the grain going both ways. Lot going on without overwhelming flame action. Most important question is do you like it?
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    What is your numero uno favorite song by Jethro Tull

    My wife hates it when aqualung comes on the radio. I sing aloud by repeating “snot is running down his nose” over and over. Been doing that since I was a child. I guess if I haven’t grown out of it by now....
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