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  1. racecar

    Sold Anderson Drop Top S Light Tiger Eye Burst HSH

    Traded with Omar ! No longer available. Only trades considered: T style guitars (25.5 in scale), especially Suhr T. No U or fat necks please. Weight: 7 1/2 lbs Lightweight Mahogany Body Maple Top Hard Rock Maple Neck 24.75 scale 1 11/16 Nut Width HC1 SC1 HC2 pickups light tiger eye burst...
  2. racecar

    Help Dating An R0 ?

    I am the lucky owner of an almost new, unplayed Les Paul. I will have it next week. The seller could not exactly tell me what year it is. He said its either an 2010 or 2011... How can you tell by the date? the s/n is : 0 201X X = another number. Can you tell the date from this serial...
  3. racecar

    Our New Lead Guitar Player

  4. racecar

    Shipping Guitars In Hot Weather

    I just purchased an R0 from another forum member and he is getting it ready for shipment. He offered Friday or Monday to ship. Its going from NJ to FL. I am thinking of having it held at the Fed Ex sort facility 20-25 minutes from me , so I can pick it up the morning it arrives vs. having...
  5. racecar

    Anderson Fret Options Help

    I just ordered a new Anderson via Jack at Northeast music. The only issue that I still have is what frets to choose. I had played only one Anderson and it had medium frets. Was told the Heavy frets are the same height just a bit wider, I was told the low rise is a bit lower than the Medium and...
  6. racecar

    Replacement PUPs for 65 ES335 ?

    I was at rehearsal on Thurs. night and had a couple of my guitars on hand. One of my favorite players is a 65 ES335 (not 100% original). When I compared it to some of the other guitars I had, the tone was dark and somewhat lifeless compared to the other two solid bodies with humbuckers in...
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