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    Why do guitarists write off a pedal without trying it through a range of amps?

    Good pedals=couple hundred bucks. Good amp...I dare you try to find a big bottle amp that's made in the U.S. for less than $1k. I expect pedals to work well with any amp, unless it specifically states it is designed for a specific amp. Boosts, I want them to boost what I have...
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    New Fralins and wiring harness sound way too dark

    Depends on the taper, but it should be gradual...mine are usable all the way down to 2 or 3. Seems really weird that it's following you from set to set with different wiring...unless I read that wrong. I'm just trying to picture all the things it could be. Tone knobs work, volume...
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    New Fralins and wiring harness sound way too dark

    Can you post a pic of the wiring. I had some warranty work done on a Les Paul recently and while they were in there, I had them replace the pots, I normally would do it, but they were doing it for free. When I got it back, the pots seemed a little "off". I pulled the cover and found the...
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    Fulltone OCD 1.7 Wow!

    I had v1.7, didn't like it, not like the v1 or v2 I had. I moved it along fairly quickly.
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    From 'Collector' to "Player"

    Refin is 40 to 50%, pickup routing might 30%. After a while, they don't get any cheaper, no matter how fubar they are.
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    Gibson USA (2015) prices slashed in the UK

    They are most definitely the result of the new nut. You'll notice the new size is exactly the width of the binding wider on each side..coincidentally the same size as the end caps of the new nut. The centre section of the brass nut is the same size as the old nut. They changed the...
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    Traynor tuck & roll, anybody ever see one before?

    Looks like a Traynor stuffed into a Kustom with a swapped grill cloth. Trainer would never have offered that from the factory, far to utilitarian to consider anything that fancy. It would have failed the roadworthiness test. Traynors were tanks.
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    Q on 2015 LP Pickup Replacement

    The wiring wouldn't cause any weirdness as long as you went hot to hot, ground to ground.
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    Q on 2015 LP Pickup Replacement

    Yes it is.
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    Very Bad Business Dealings From Rick Turner Guitars - Flaws In Craftsmanship -

    I don't see it that way, This guy has waited years...and gotten two beat guitars. He's gotten the run around, ignored, lied to...what else. I'm shocked he waited that long and is as calm as he is. There is zero excuse for Turner....this could be the most epic customer service fail I've...
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    Q on 2015 LP Pickup Replacement

    If you can find the right one, a molex connector and some pig tails is an easy thing to do. Gibson does this with a few of their guitars...pigtail to molex to board. Replacing all the pots is also super easy and cheap.
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    Very Bad Business Dealings From Rick Turner Guitars - Flaws In Craftsmanship -

    Have you bothered to look at the pics? He could be Vertex Mason for all it matters...pics don't lie. All the attacks and snide remarks directed at the OP are ridiculous and reeks of a personal agenda....ie, uh oh, no one is gonna buy my Turner in the emporium next week.
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    Very Bad Business Dealings From Rick Turner Guitars - Flaws In Craftsmanship -

    This is pure insanity. The outcome should be interesting. I really feel bad for the OP. good luck.
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    Gibson 60's slim taper neck is amazing.... Will i have to buy used?

    Are you sure? Mine is a bit fuller than a 60's, but not full like a LP Trad....kind of a fat C shape.
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    Vintage Gear -- Placebo or does it really sound better?

    Last thing I want is vintage pedals. Bad buffers, head room, switches. Give me a great sounding well built modern boutique type thing any day. Ever have an EP3 take a dump on stage? Vintage amps, sure...after a cap job and some maintenance. Vintage Guitars...I don't consider...
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    delay dilemma - the need for analog warmth, but with tap tempo and presets

    The Empress Super Delay VM would be my choice for this...super easy to use, lots of options, presets are easy to use...great delay. The El Cap does tape better than anything I know of, you can get it to do analog delay with the all the controls set to clean...basically remove all the ratty...
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    Got an H9 Max... Thinking of Selling all my Strymon

    I just recently got an H9..maxed it out. I can't seem to nail that sound I get from my El Capistan, so it's still on my board....for every other delay sound on the planet, I think the H9 wins. I think it's the tape wrinkle control on the El Cap that does it.
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    Dr. Z Maz 18 Combo and trem pedals???

    Really hard to beat a flint. I just traded mine off and miss it already.
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    Alder or ash strat?

    My strat is a Ash body, RW board....sounds great.
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    Making a humbucker more "single coil."

    What I meant was that a true single coil generally sounds better than a split humbucker. Depends on the pickups, but in a PAF style PU between 7 and 8k....I'd rather pull the poles than split it. I'd rather not do either of those things, but if I had to...
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    Pickup Question Firebird

    Try sticking a meter on it. The bridge in my 2013 model was 26k.
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    Gibson LP goldtop p90 only CS model?

    Thats what I did.
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    Prejudice against the name on a headstock... Anyone have any?

    I'm not prejudiced against certain brands. A good guitar is a good guitar. The one thing I do take pride in is buying stuff made by real people in north america. Makes me feel like I supported a craftsman or a person who took pride in making something...probably misguided and mostly...
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    Prejudice against the name on a headstock... Anyone have any?

    I'm gonna guess Ibanez or similar...new hagstrom maybe. It's hard to tell....playing is great, sounds like a good amp. Pro production. It's also mixed well, with the horns taking up a lot of space....some folks with good ears were involved. There were a couple notes on the low strings that...
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    Making a humbucker more "single coil."

    Right on...cheap and easy trick. I like that sound more than splitting a hb. Splitting a humbucker just sounds anemic and wrong to my ears....especially when you're dealing with PAF range hum buckers....a 3.5ohm humbucker coil just sounds bad by itself. It's kind of off in no mans...
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