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    I've always hated PRS... but I think it might be time for one?

    I think you're after a G&L Comanche. Dead-silent z-coil pickups, clear, hi-fi sound that cover a lot of sonic territory. Bass and treble controls to dial things in (not just a dodgy tone control like a strat that just makes everything duller). 7 different pickup combinations. Great tuning...
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    Fuzz pedal possessed by the TV

    I think my fuzz pedal is watching TV! When I turn it on, I can hear a station calling the olympics. What's going on!? Help!
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    New modulation pedals and their "extreme" settings - Are they actually usable in a musical context?

    It seems that many of the new modulation pedals have all sorts of extreme settings / detune settings, or other "random" modulations that to my ears is just rubbish. Does anyone actually use these crazy vibrato/chorus/detune/bitcrusher settings? Can anyone point to actual examples of this in...
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    When I posted that back in January, it was listed at $100K. It obviously didn't sell, so now it's $20K.
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    There is an original green one #226 up for sale for $100,000 on the Australian Ebay. !!!
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    Based on that link, it looks like only 250 will be made.
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    Here's a Gibson CC ES335 in bronze!
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    Favorite YouTube pedal reviewer

    Johnny DeMarco ;-)
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    Solo Boost Suggestions for The Dude

    I love my Koko boost running at 18v
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    Best "Marshall In A Box" Pedals

    My Marshall DriveMaster sounds pretty good I reckon. Oldie, but goodie.
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    Songs that use a rotary effect

    Wow. Thanks for so many responses... I have some watching and listening to do. I love Govt. Mule and SRV. Didn't know about many of the songs/bands mentioned here... A few years ago I saw Greg Koch doing a Fender roadshow and absolutely killing it with a Neo Ventilator. That's what has made...
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    Songs that use a rotary effect

    I'm looking for songs that use the rotary effect. What comes to mind?
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    looking for just the right boost

    I've only used the Suhr Koko Boost, and love it. It's almost always on in some capacity. It has a boost, as well as a mid-boost. The multi-stage boosting is very cool.
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    What pickups are in your 335 now ?

    LollarTrons. Sounds like a woody single-coil..
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    Wow. Just heard the news. So sad. I'm going to play black #245 tonight....:(
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    There's a Chris Cornell ES335 for sale on ebay Australia at the moment (April 15 2016) if anyone is interested... (Not mine!) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182092774431
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2016 Edition

    I use the A/B pedal to select between 2 guitars. I plug both into the *output* of the pedal, and then link the input to the tuner!
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    OK, so the CC ES 335 finish is starting to wear-off a bit. Underneath the matt finish is a shiny black guitar....only where human contact is made. How is everyone's CC ES335's going?
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    Ratajczyk Dream Reverb - Aussie tube goodness

    Hi all, Does anyone else here have an amp made by Ratajczyk? I have the "Dream Reverb" and love it. It has 3 channels - Clean, Overdrive and Boost. Terrific for blues, rock and good times. Great crunchy sound, and it takes pedals really well. I love that it has power scaling, reverb and...
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    Blue Jean Blues - Is the amp making this sound!?

    Cool replies. Makes sense. Pardon my ignorance, but why would anyone record guitar music without an amp? Isn't that the whole idea of electric guitar?...to plug it into an amp? Going DI, does that mean that he didn't hear the guitar when this was recorded, or was it going into a mixer, and...
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    Obsessed with descending basslines-- any song suggestions?

    For me it's Glory Box by Portishead
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    Blue Jean Blues - Is the amp making this sound!?

    Hi blues fans, I've always loved ZZ Top Blue Jean Blues. Most of the guitar work here is pretty clean sounding, but then at about 1:55 in this vid, for about half a second, there is a sublime crunch (or something) where it breaks up. You hear this artefact throughout the song. I love this...
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    Choosing the Right Isolated Power Supply

    I use and recommend the TRex Chameleon. Having the option to go 18v is great. Works terrific for the Suhr Koko boost! Also, you can daisy-chain them together. Versatile power.
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    What on earth happened to my Maz18NR head last night??

    Weird. This thread actually make me want to buy a Dr Z amp! Carmen Ghia for me!
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    Strat Tone Knob

    Yes. I want to like Strats, but just cannot get around the fact that they don't have a PTB system like my G&L Comanche. I use it so much to dial in tone all the time, and after using this system, a Strat tone knob that just make the tone worse for 2 pickups only seems so backward and wrong.
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