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    So, Listening To Clapton Today...

    was ec playing marshalls or soldanos at that time? seems like I remember a soldano period.
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    Heading to Vegas

    This place is a guitar ghost town....
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    Dead and Company w/ John Mayer

    Their are other dead bands out there who I enjoy listening to more. Just something missing for me. I keep trying ...But..
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    The Brothers ... Stay Tuned? (ABB Content)

    I'd be happy if some of the proceeds went to folks who were part of the brothers family who maybe could use a little help. Doubt it would happen but wishful thinking.
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    David Grissom Interview

    that was prob one of my fav interviews of all time. so relaxed and informative.Thanks again.
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    David Grissom Interview

    great watch. thanks
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    Great slide guitarists other than Derek, Jack and Sonny?

    he is a badass. I miss him from Sturg.
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    Marcus King - that's some FIRE right there!

    with Warren as his uncle.
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    I’m headed to Joe Bonamassa tomorrow in Wilkes Barre

    I'm with you about the trio days. They were smokin.
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    A Little Bit Gilmourish Tonight...

    Sounds like you nailed it.
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    Jeff Healey . . . What's the current thoughts on the late guitarist?

    his youtube vid of him sitting in with les paul is pretty amazing.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    thanks for this one.
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    NGD, PRS SE Zach Myers, satin black.

    That is a beauty..
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    What I got for Christmas

    Well the zach looks like a beautiful designed guitar, so good luck shenyou get it.. I got my gigboard yesterday. And the one thing that bug me was chNging patches they all seemed to have to much of a noise gate on. So I’m trying to figure out how to set it one time for everything..mike
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    What I got for Christmas

    thats funny, I bought a gigboard and want the zack!what do you think of both?
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    Herring, Landau, Krantz Tour

    Wait for Derek to sit in in georgia. In in???sounds right.
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    "No Doubt" on Leno last night: What kind of guitar?

    Where were the amps? Just saw the cabinets?
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    was EC Was Here...

    Great album. Also enjoy " just one night " with Albert Lee and Ec.
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    Drew Zingg's amazing cd on band camp.

    Understandable in this economy.
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    Drew Zingg's amazing cd on band camp.

    Well the good news is that you can listen to the whole thing for free here. And if you decide it's worthy to contribute you can. If you don't like it and don't want to, no gun to the head. But I think it's rather amazing and lives up to every bit of the high standards we have come to appreciate...
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