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    The Well - Pardoned

    Just released this guy yesterday. I'd love it if you guys would check it out and share it on social media: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1117...s=1&app=itunes I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
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    Sold 2003 Larrivee OMV-05 w/ B-band 22R Under Saddle Pickup

    I'm not really looking for anything but I'll listen to what you've got.
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    Sold 2003 Larrivee OMV-05 w/ B-band 22R Under Saddle Pickup

    No sir. Just a volume control right inside the sound hole (the volume control and battery box are velcroed in place for a clean removal if you decide to remove the pup). The only thing done to install the pickup was reaming out the strap button for the output jack and drilling a small hole under...
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    Sold 2003 Larrivee OMV-05 w/ B-band 22R Under Saddle Pickup

    This is my beloved 2003 (9/18/2003) Larrivee OMV-05. I bought it new and have been the one and only owner since 2003. It’s been kept in a smoke free home and used in the studio and at church. There are minimum signs of wear (minor dings and pick wear around the sound hole) for a 13 year old...
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    My Tele Partscaster

    Two years later and I'm still loving this beast.
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    Sold Eventide Time Factor

    The Space is SOLD! The TimeFactor remains.
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    Sold Cusack Tap-A-Whirl V2.2

    This guy is in great shape and works perfect. I'll take $150. No trades. Pictures added later.
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    Sold Eventide Time Factor

    This guy is in GREAT condition with no wear and tear to speak of and has only been used in the studio and at church and has been WELL taken care of. Comes with boxes and adapter. It has velcro that I can remove if you so choose. The ONLY trade I would be interested in is for an H9 in similar...
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    Who's pedals are completely over rated?

    I've yet to notice any change in performance when using these:
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    The one act you will positively see if given the chance.

    mewithoutYou... Every. Single. Time.
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    Teenagers of the 90s... favourite album?

    Boy Sets Fire - The Day the Sun Went Out
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    The Partscaster thing's getting nuts

    It's not cheap to build a good partscaster. I've built two (for personal use) and have spent $1200-$1500 a piece just for the parts. That's not including the time to assemble, wirer, finish, etc. Plus I didn't relic them so there is no artistic flare to account for. I get it though...I...
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    The Well

    Just uploaded our single to iTunes.
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    The Well

    http://itunes.apple.com/album/id972775734 This is the first of six original praise and worship songs that we are hoping to record. We're releasing this single to help fund the additional recordings. As a ministry we hope that you'll download this song and be blessed. If you would like...
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    The Well "Proclamation"

    This is the first of six original songs from our church band: https://soundcloud.com/thewakingprocess/sets/proclamation/s-u4yDL
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    P&W Poll: Church Policy on Effects

    Our musicians are at full liberty to use whatever they want and play whatever they want to play. But that's because we trust and know our musicians and they are sensitive to what our congregation would be able to worship to.
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    My Jazzmaster Build

    I really, REALLY like it. It looks and feels MUCH more well made than the Fender AVRI I put on it at first. There is NO slop in the arm bushing and the mechanics of the trem just feel so much tighter. It feels nearly identical to a Bigsby and makes the AVRI feel like a poorly made toy.
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    My Jazzmaster Build

    Honestly...I have no idea what you're talking about. :dunno
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    My Jazzmaster Build

    This Jazzer was put together using a Warmoth alder body. The neck is a standard thin, Warmoth Pro. Birdseye maple with a 10”-16”, compound radius, Indian rosewood fretboard. 1 11/16” at the nut. All of the screws, buttons, tuners, neck plate, and misc. hardware is SS from Callaham. The...
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    My Tele Partscaster

    Thanx! That was, ironically, one of the toughest commitments for me. I'm such a purest that it's hard for me to love non-traditional logos, shapes, etc.
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    My Tele Partscaster

    You'd have to talk to Marc Burton (SuperLead here on TGP). He did the finish.
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