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    3rd Power Citizen Gain - We have IGnition!

    This amp is not that widely known but it seriously rocks. Just got the 40w head and xd cab. Wow! It has lots of gain but stays very tight and punchy. Has a nice percussive element to it as well. Best of all it has an outstanding master that gets a great tone at fairly low levels. With a...
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    EVH 5150iii combo vs Friedman SmallBox combo

    looking for a good high gain Marshall tone in a small package with a good clean. Wondering if the Small Box combo is worth the extra cash. I've played the 5150iii and liked channels one and 3...maybe it was not marshally enough but still sounded pretty good especially for the price. Plan on...
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    NPD: Arcane Analog Death Dealer w. Customized Artwork

    To the right of the timmy is a jhs sweet tea
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    Hot-Rodded Marshall in an apartment: DSL1?

    Jvm and diezel einstein 50w combo sound good at low volumes...check em out
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    New Eventide H9 Harmonizer!!!

    This pedal does seem to have a lot to offer. Not sure why there is no more detailed info like price. I am fearing it will be more than $500...using the european pre order price of 519 lbs that would put it around $800USD which would be out of my price range. It's total speculation but you would...
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    Recommendations for boosting a vintage Marshall plexi 100 watt?

    koko for sure...maxon 808's are good too. The Keeley time machine is good as is the Clinch EP Pre (much better than xotic's EP). some like the DS-1 for solos (Gary Moore and Demartini used this with the gain low). I think the trick is to only use a small amount of boost or you will overdo it and...
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    Aracom PRX150 impedance selector broken

    Thanks guys...checked the set screw...think the knob is stripped. If I can get it set to 16 ohms I can let it ride as those are the only cabs I have anyway. Still will be best to send to Jeff without a doubt.
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    Aracom PRX150 impedance selector broken

    Has anyone replaced a PRX150 impedance selector. I bought one used and the selector is broken...just goes around 360 degrees. I am pretty good with repairs and wonder if this can be done or if it requires sending back to aracom?
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    Huge guitar tone - secret recipe ?

    Not familiar with the matamp..how are they? I agree a good marshall half stack willnot sound small by any means....the wet dry rigs just expand the sonic footprint...similar to surround sound vs stereo in a home stereo. It just creates a wider sound stage. Problem is it requires more equipment...
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    Huge guitar tone - secret recipe ?

    Yep thought the port city 1x12 with ev would be a good choice...think the reeves models are almost the same as the port city models. A pair of 1x12 cubes and a decent matrix power amp would be around $1500. Would also need a line out box if your amp does not have one. Wondering how to it...
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    Huge guitar tone - secret recipe ?

    I have been looking into wdw but am confused how to do it without spending a lot. What are some decent power amps and speakers good for wdw? I agree the few wdw rigs i heard sounded massive
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    Are there any Killer KPA Modded Marshall Clips

    stratotone's stuff really rocks...has me thinking about getting a KPA!
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    Good cheap tube combo for cleans

    Anyone have any ideas for a good 12" tube combo for sparkling cleans preferably with reverb. Needs to be able to keep up with a 2x12 marshall that is for gain tones. Would like fx loop too and of course i a, talking used about 500-600 price range?
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    Bogner Goldfinger 90 questions

    Just wondering if anyone can help me learn a bit more about the GF 90. 1. How much gain does it have? 2. Can it cop a decent EVH style tone? 3. How does it sound at lower volumes...not bedroom volume? 4. Has anyone used an attenuator with it? 5. Are greenbacks the preferred speaker for it...
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    My PRS SE 245 is "lacking"

    I have a sc245 as well and slapped some wcr darkburst bridge/neck and it just screams now....highly reccommeded
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    LPD Tone Clone - Van Halen You Really Got Me AxeFx II

    I think I like #2 slightly better...clearly it's very very close and an awesome job overall as usual. I can't thank you enough for doing this and hope you release this one soon! On second thought #1 is closer, Wow!
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    compared an AxeFX II vs Kemper last night

    I think stratotone has a point. In his opinion the KPA was easier to use and required less work than than the axe. As an axe std/ultra/2 owner i am not surprised to hear this. I ave struggled with all 3 variants of the axe. To say the KPA is easier and may sound better is a good observation...
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    Kemper-where are the Marshalls?

    No offense to anyone but the 800 mod and the you tube video of the golub are not that close to the VH sound. I have heard better clips from the axe2.
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    Is the Kemper really *that* much better than the Axe-Fx?

    Hey zent not sure if your comment is a poke at mine or not but there was a time late in 2011 where there were some quality problems reported with the Axe2. If you were not affected you wouldnt know or recall it happening would you? There were a number of units that had bad...
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    Is the Kemper really *that* much better than the Axe-Fx?

    Since i was not the original owner i had to pay for the repair. I will say FAS has great response to customers. Kemper's forum has a lot of users reporting problems and there appears to be few responses from Kemper unless they are directly contacting those users. That does not appear to be...
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    Is the Kemper really *that* much better than the Axe-Fx?

    In the day of hard to find axe2's i traded some stuff to get a brand new one. It blew the first time i used it and cost me plenty to have it fixed.....apparently FAS had a rash of this going on. So any unit can have defects or trouble.
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    Kemper-where are the Marshalls?

    Yeah i can only find ok strats clips which are very good. Seems like he is the leader of modded marshall clips/profiles. Need more vh style clips for those of us watching kemper. Current axe2 user considering making a change to kemper but i am a marshall freak and need to hear evh style tones...
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    Kemper-where are the Marshalls?

    I have been checking out the KPA clips and seem to see a lack of hot rodded Marshall tones. Okstrat on the kemper forum has a few that sound pretty good. Are there some cameron/ freidman type Marshalls out there or did i just miss them? This seems to be an area where the Axe2 has the upper...
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    Axe-Fx II Clips, Presets, and Musings

    Thanks doug...your wealth of info and real world experience with the actual products being modeled gives you a lot more innate ability to dial great tones than I do...thanks again....as long as you are working on 5.01 these should work fine..thanks again.
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