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    Advice needed from Zendrive & Kalamazoo owners

    Hey guys - hoping some friendly Lovepedal owners can help me out. I'm new enough to tube amps and looking for some advice about pairing overdrives to my amp. I'm playing through a Fender Special edition HRD3 that has a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker in it. I currently use the most recent...
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    Timeline and Exp Pedal Question

    Hi guys, Just a quick couple questions that some of the Strymon Timeline owners might be able to answer for me. I'm sure these are easy answers but unfortunately no stores in Ireland seem to be stocking Strymon at the moment. When using the Expression pedal can you save what value it...
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    Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe & Pedaltrain 2

    Just a little heads up to forumites who might be looking to pick up a Decibel 11 Hot Stone Deluxe. Got mine yesterday and while I'm super happy with it installation guidelines are incorrect. It simply does not fit on a pedaltrain 2 despite it saying it on the site and them fitting it in the...
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    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III - Advice please

    Hey guys, I'm sure this is a stupid question but I just got the Silver Bullet version of the HRD3 today and after getting home and unpacking it I noticed there was something attached to the bottom of the inside of the amp. It's a leather-type covering that seems to be screwed onto the base of...
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    Budget Chorus

    Hey guys, Been using an EHX Neo Clone for a while and it's starting to give problems. I'm looking at picking up a replacement chorus pedal and was looking for some advice. I'll be buying from musicstore.de so the pedal would have to be in stock there. I'm looking for something under the $100...
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