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    something raw...

    Just for fun...Going for early 80's sound. Rough mix, Lite18, double-tracked, 2x12 closed back w/greenbacks, close mic'd, wah cocked, strat w/ Duncan Hotrails. http://brownnote.net/shared/sounds/brownlite18/1deadbsolo1.mp3
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    Solid State amps?

    I was looking for a particular company that makes some really interesting SS amps...I found them here once but lost the link... Anybody know who I mean?
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    Favorite backing tracks of all time?

    Hey everybody, I'd love to hear what folks favs are...I'm getting my home studio set-up permanently for quick and dirty takes. I'm also looking for Journo's "Outside the Window" track anybody have it saved?
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    Rubber Monkey gets happy with Voxy Brown

    I humbly submit: The loaf head on the left playing the d'lite 4X6 rubber monkey, and the guy on the right rocking the voxy brown & geek screamer in a happy little tune. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jEh8q52xfXc
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    A few new D'Lite clips

    These clips were recorded using a Palmer speaker simulator, into a neve module (no eq), and a limiter (operating well under threshold) before going into pro tools. So no mic, no speaker, etc. love to hear some opinions...
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    brownnote on youtube: My slop is sloppier than your slop...

    I guess I'm a glutton for humiliation...actully I'm just a glutton period as evidenced by my collection of chins! Anyway here's a video clip of the 18watt amps in action...both guitar players working with the cranked 18 watt thang. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNiDLRurVlc
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    Brown Note BrownLite18 & VoxyBrown18

    Fresh hot clips...please let me know what you think. the first set is the 18 watt 2 knobber...the second set is the voxy ef86 18 watt strat>brownlite18>celestion greenback G12M20>sm57>mac/protools>slight reverb in one channel http://www.brownnote.net/shared/sounds/brownlite18/bnbl1801.mp3...
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    Brown Note's D-LITE clips

    Hey Everybody! Got some clips recorded of the Normster D-Lite. This is the amp I built using my own iron. Recorded using Mac Powerbook/Garageband, SM57 close mic'd med volume, Celestion G12H open back 1x12, Novax Bartolini bucker equipped strat using humbucking and split phase pickup...
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