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    I bought a used Tech21 Power Engine 60 to go with my kemper

    I have the older model. So I guess I am lucky !
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    I bought a used Tech21 Power Engine 60 to go with my kemper

    Well maybe this is why it sounds so good. I thought it was a FRFR. It sure feels like a real cab.
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    I bought a used Tech21 Power Engine 60 to go with my kemper

    I really enjoying the sound I am getting from this affordable FRFR cabinet. I get a pretty decent price for it and I am glad I did. I think it's an underrated as a FRFR solution
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    What's like a PRS but not too $$$

    I own a Carvin CT624 and a PRS McCarthy. Even though the Carvin is an amazing instrument, it still nowhere near the PRS.
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    Will Kemper be dethroned?

    Tweak EQ and gain, you mean like you do all the time on a tube amp ?
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    Will Kemper be dethroned?

    And someone can do the same about all the kemper profile. We got profiling inception.
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    Will Kemper be dethroned?

    The next modeler needs to be named Quantum to complete the trifecta of superlative marketing term.
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    Will Kemper be dethroned?

    since when TGP represent the whole use instrument market ?
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    Will Kemper be dethroned?

    there is no conspiracy. There is a worldwide pandemic affecting supply chains. geez.
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    What's your dream vintage guitar

    1954 LP Goldtop. (P90).
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    Gibson 335s in short supply?

    335's are probably the only guitar made by them that has a pretty good consistency in terms of quality control. Also it's the most amazing guitar to play if you don't put too much gain on them. Mine is a keeper.
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    Will Kemper be dethroned?

    It's more like way too much hype om the QC and user thinking that once it's out , all the kemper will stop working all together.
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    Why would you go for a Suhr ?

    Did someone pee in your cheerios this morning ? Ron Kirn makes amazing instrument. Mine still smell like pines when I take it out of the case. It's a piece of art.
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    Why would you go for a Suhr ?

    I would buy another Ron Kirn guitar before a Suhr
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    Do you need a Suhr to own a Kemper ?

    I have a ron kirn custom telecaster. You give me hope
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    Do you need a Suhr to own a Kemper ?

    Every video I watch about kemper, everyone is playing a Suhr guitar ? Did I miss something ?
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    Your greatest regret selling a piece of gear

    I once had an agile metal guitar. It was an amazing guitar. I sold it to a friend which he love everday. darn it
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    Why do you not like the Headrush Gigboard or PedalBoard ?

    I've seen a lot of fan praising the line 6 helix and bashing on any other modeler out there but I have yet to hear why the Headrush pedal board or gigboard is bad product. Is it all about tone or about the interface ? Please enlighten me.
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    So, is the Tone Master honeymoon phase over?

    I am always surprised by how very conservative and reluctant to change musician are. Marshall JMD series was snob my tube fanboy for the only reason it was not all analog. Even if professional musician like Doug Aldrich did a whole tour with and was praising its sounds and versatility. I still...
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    bye bye PRS CE 24...hello....

    yeah it looks eve better in person
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    bye bye PRS CE 24...hello....

    I decided today to let go of my PRS Ce 24. Since I got a McCarty already, it was being redundant so I traded it to day for a Gibson ES-335 Dot vintage burst. I feel in love instantly with it. It was the sound I was missing in my arsenal. It was manufactured on 08/21/2020 according to the...
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    If you could only own ONE guitar for the rest of your life...

    It would be either my Ron Kirn Telecaster or my PRS McCarthy
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    Took my LP out of the case after 1 year

    Alright boys and girl. The guitar is back in my possession. I had a good 30 minutes sessions practicing the Empty Room solo from Gary Moore. I wanted to make sure the string were stretched. So the first 2 times I had to adjust the high e string b string due to some heavy banding but once the...
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    (Semi-)Hollow Body Guitars $1k-$2k range

    I can't believe no one mention Hagstrom. I think they have been making semi-hollow guitars in the 1960s.
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