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    Effect of humidity on speakers

    Maybe a stupid question: Does the paper in a speaker get softer when it is stored in a high humid environment? What, if any, would be the change in sound? The reason I am asking: I've got a reissue Jensen P12R from the Nineties which was in a SFDR I bought at that time. I totally hated it and...
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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

    I find it amazing that among the apparently low total number of amps Simon built, there are so many different models that are all great sounding! I guess that many are custom build one-of-a-kind. Boutique indeed!
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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

    Same here ..:(
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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

    To keep this thread alive a little bit longer, here is a short clip of my Deluxe 50 with a lowly Squier CV Tele:
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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

    8nthatK, I was wondering the same thing, yet in the other direction. However, the chance for me to see another Kingsley amp to compare mine with is extremely small. I may be the only one to own one in Germany and I only know of one other Kingsley (also a Deluxe 50) in Europe (Italy). Judging...
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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

    My Deluxe 50 is a relatively simple amp, compared to the Tone Baron. I love to use the second channel, without the additional gain stage. The eq is extremely effectiv, and together with the global tone control, I can adapt the amp to every guitar in my stable. I did a small mod recently to have...
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    The Kingsley Amps Thread

    I have been playing a Deluxe 50 as my main amp since 2003. I took the risk and bought it based on the soundclips by Simon and was not disappointed. It is an incredibly versatile amp, as described above. Warm and articulate. I was also chasing the Dumble sound. I played an original Dumble in the...
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    Hollow Body Guitar Test - Gibson ES-335 vs Tokai ES-335 - Boss GT-1000

    Both sound good, but unfortunately the pseudo hi-hat ticking sound makes the video almost unlistenable to me.
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    P12Q on steroid?

    Thank you zwiefldraader, interesting comparison in the video! Except for the highest gain (which I don't use anyway), I preferred the Alnico. I know, I didn't break in the WGS properly, and yet I doubt it would achieve the almost acoustic presence the lowly P12R reissue brings to the table. I...
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    P12Q on steroid?

    Funny you mention the WGS G12A: I just pulled it out of my 5e3 clone and put the Reissue Jensen P12R back in! The WGS sounded much louder, firmer, with no flub in the bass, but unfortunately also without the crisp treble of the Jensen. I'm looking forward to reviews of the BB40.
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    When Gypsy Jazz evolves

    Have you heard of Sebastien Giniaux?
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    The Most Valuable Guitar Amp In the World - what is, or what would it be?

    The amp Alexander Dumble built for Jimi Hendrix to go along with his Gibson Moderne.
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    When Gypsy Jazz evolves

    I love Les doigts de l'homme! Such a badly needed breath of fresh air in this genre! Jim, their previous album "Mumbo Jumbo" was already in this direction, with an accordeonist as special guest. Some songs with "La pompe" others nore eastern-european influenced, or similar to the one posted...
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    DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1100 for Humbucker mount?

    Does anybody know if there is a pickup comparable to an adjustable Rhythm Chief that can be mounted in an ordinary Humbucker mount? I absolutely love the sound of this floating pickup (clear and warm at the same time) and would love to have it available for my archtop with a set humbucker. Thanks!
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    Favorite Live Album ?

    Donny Hathaway - Live
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    Ever used a real tortoise shell pick?

    +1 on the Ultex picks! I experimented a lot with different picks (including ivory made from an old Grand Piano key), and maybe my experience might be helpful for you. I "recycled" an old piece of jewelery made of tortoise and cut three picks out of it. I made a very thick one for my...
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    My favorite strings are no longer made.

    +1 John Pearse By the way, these are the strings Rudie Blazer uses for all his guitars.
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    Donald Fagen /Carlton Tone

    IIRC I read in an interview that it was some kind of Tweed Fender on "The Nitefly".
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    What are you looking for in your cleans?

    John, could you please elaborate what you mean by "BF Fender set wrong/normally"? What would you say is the best way to set a BF Fender?
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    EL34 Amp with reverb?

    The Kingsley Deluxe 30 is EL84 based. The Deluxe 50 would be what you are looking after, since it can take El34s and 6L6s.
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    Anyone else play a Blazer acoustic?

    Hi Homer, welcome to the Gear Page! Congratulations for your guitar. Actually you are such a lucky guy that I did not have enough cash when this guitar was at Rudie's and Willi's workshop, otherwise I would have bought it!! It was the best sounding small bodied guitar I've ever played (and I...
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