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    Turbo tuner - I’m a convert

    I love my Turbo Tuner. It tracks so fast that I find it useful to help memorize note locations, notes in chords and notes in scales.
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    80's and early 90's superstrats theory

    I used to buy every late 80s and early 90s RG 550, 560 or 570 I saw in a pawn shop for a few hundred bucks back in the early 2000s. Nobody wanted them, but I always loved them. I still have two.
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    Guitars you're fancying, but can't or won't get?.

    I've always wanted to try a Suhr Scott Henderson. I like the specs.
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    Playing a guitar with no inlays...

    I played a Parker Fly pretty much exclusively for years. It never bothered me.
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    Guitars you're fancying, but can't or won't get?.

    I owned a Supreme for a few years. I got it from a friend in a trade for my Fly Deluxe and another guitar. I ended up trading it back to him for two guitars that I didn't end up keeping. Stupid decision on my part.
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    How do you decide when to sell a guitar?

    It's usually on a whim and I later regret it. It's happened too many times. I like to try new things though and I can't keep them all, unfortunately.
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    Vintera RoadWorn....Mischief-Maker Strat....this looks amazing!!!

    I've always thought Strats with Tele headstocks were pretty cool. I'm still not down with the 7.25" radius even though they tried hard to convince me.
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    EVH Wolfgang Special or Ibanez RG Prestige

    I love Ibanez RGs. I have owned at least a dozen and I currently have an 1987 550 and a 1996 570. The Prestige guitars are definitely nice, but don't sleep on the older ones. They're made in Japan, too and they're great guitars. They're way cheaper, too.
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    Dripping wet eighties chorus. Where can I find it?

    I've got a DOD FX65. It's hideously ugly, but it sounds great.
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    Rocketfires - My Dream Strat Pickups?

    Love my Total 60s.
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    What current production amp is most like the AB165 , 60's fender Bassman head?

    I friend of mine wanted to sell me his about 10 years ago. I passed on it, but my amp tech at the time bought it for $450. I regret not buying it now.
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    NPD Maxon SD-9

    Can you guys share your settings and the amp you're using it on?
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    Sold Fractal FM3 with Headphone Jack

    I am the original owner. I just bought it in mid-December. It will ship in the original boxes/packing material. It has never left my desk and it's in flawless condition. I'm just not using it enough to hang onto it. SOLD shipped UPS Ground. I'll cover all of the shipping and PayPal fees. I'm...
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    Suggest a compressor for me, please

    The Diamond compressor is pretty great.
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    What Electric Has A 16" Radius and 25.5" Scale

    The Schecter Nick Johnston Sig has a 14" radius, which isn't too far off. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TradNJHSSAS--schecter-nick-johnston-traditional-hss-electric-guitar-atomic-snow
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    What Electric Has A 16" Radius and 25.5" Scale

    You're right. I guess I'm out of the loop on those. There are tons of 22 fret versions on the used market though. I had an S540 back in the early 2000s that was awesome. I don't think the OP would like the super thin Wizard neck though.
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    What Electric Has A 16" Radius and 25.5" Scale

    Ibanez S Series guitars are 22 fret with a 16" radius (400 mm). The neck thickness is going to vary by model. There's a number of pickup configurations and bridge options. There are tons of used ones out there for very good prices, too. https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/model/s/
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    Is my Strat American or just pretending?

    I think they started using that two point tremolo in 1984. I'm also pretty sure Fender didn't move to Corona, CA until 1985, so the neck plate doesn't fit with a 1983/1984 date.
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    What is the least desirable Strat Body Color and Neck Type for you ?

    I don't like really light colored maple necks. The big headstock is a no-go for me, too. I'm not too picky on colors.
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    Ibanez 2021 Models

    Looks like these new 6-string AZ models have a 9-12 compound radius.
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    Recommend Me Some Affordably Good Sounding Monitors

    I think the JBL LSR series is tough to beat right now. You can get the 305p for $99 each.
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