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    Fuzz pedal possessed by the TV

    I think my fuzz pedal is watching TV! When I turn it on, I can hear a station calling the olympics. What's going on!? Help!
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    New modulation pedals and their "extreme" settings - Are they actually usable in a musical context?

    It seems that many of the new modulation pedals have all sorts of extreme settings / detune settings, or other "random" modulations that to my ears is just rubbish. Does anyone actually use these crazy vibrato/chorus/detune/bitcrusher settings? Can anyone point to actual examples of this in...
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    Songs that use a rotary effect

    I'm looking for songs that use the rotary effect. What comes to mind?
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    Ratajczyk Dream Reverb - Aussie tube goodness

    Hi all, Does anyone else here have an amp made by Ratajczyk? I have the "Dream Reverb" and love it. It has 3 channels - Clean, Overdrive and Boost. Terrific for blues, rock and good times. Great crunchy sound, and it takes pedals really well. I love that it has power scaling, reverb and...
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    Blue Jean Blues - Is the amp making this sound!?

    Hi blues fans, I've always loved ZZ Top Blue Jean Blues. Most of the guitar work here is pretty clean sounding, but then at about 1:55 in this vid, for about half a second, there is a sublime crunch (or something) where it breaks up. You hear this artefact throughout the song. I love this...
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    Radial BIGSHOT ABY - Take it with you when you demo guitars in a shop

    I love this pedal. It's a basic ABY splitter pedal. It allows you to spit the signal into 2 amps. Great for creating thick tone if you have 2 amps. I use it a lot. However..... If you reverse the connections, you can also get an A/B comparison between 2 guitars. I thought this might be a...
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    Has anyone upgraded from Suhr KokoBoost to KokoBoost Reloaded?

    I love the original KokoBoost. Cannot think of any reason to upgrade.....none...zip..zero. I've seen the new model. Seems like the one-button to switch between boost and Mid is a step backward? Am I right!? I love the convenience of being able to switch to any channel, or off again with...
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    Tone is in the fingers....again. Joe Bonamassa

    Check out Joe Bonamassa's guitar tech playing through Joes rig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqB0fJLALd4 Same tone, different fingers? You be the judge.
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    Why do some amps have built-in tremolo...why not, say....flanger!

    Just wondering....out of all the guitar effects, why do some amps tend to have built-in tremolo!? Why not octavia, phaser, fuzz, uni-vibe etc etc. What's with tremolo? How did this one particular effect make it into amps?
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    Awesome tone from G&L Comanche last night

    I've had my G&L Comanche for many years. It's a beast that just has so many tones in it. Even though I've played this guitar for years, I still keep discovering new tones... Last night I got onto a tone that was just awesome, and had to share... It was a big, Texas style, SRV tone that just...
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    Don't buy a "boutique" amp until you see this...

    Big Bob's Marshall Amplifier shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGy0pPllHVQ
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    The many uses of gaffa tape!

    OK, "gaffa tape" might be an Aussie thing!??....however it's basically heavy-duty sticky tape....you know the stuff. IMO, it's an essential item in any musicians kit. You can use it is so many ways. Here's a few things that I've used it for.... Sticking down carpet edges Repairing...
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    Anyone else like Fender "Sonic Blue" as a colour for a Strat?

    For some reason, I like "Sonic Blue". Anyone else? What's your favourite Strat colour?
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    Playing bare-footed. The pros and cons

    Pros Comfort Style Freedom Livin' the dream Cons Unable to activate a pedal because the button goes through the gap between your toes! (Boss pedals exempt)
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    Guitar faces...?

    Guitar faces...do you make em? Well do ya? Why?
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    Fender roadshow

    Went to the annual Fender roadshow the other day here in Australia. These are great events. Greg Koch and band demonstrating all the new guitars, amps and basses. Some great technical notes, humour and of course playing....for free! Thanks Fender!
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    Replacing Z coils in a G&L Comanche / ASAT

    Has anyone ever replaced the Z-Coils of a G&L Comache with a standard strat style pickup? I would love to try doing this. I guess one of the things about buying a G&L Comanche is that you are stuck with the pickups. Does anyone else make a Z-coil? I figure you need to buy/make a new pick...
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    Joe Bonamassa!

    How the dickens do you do the fast pentatonic run that Joe does on Sloe Gin!!??? It's crazy fast and I can't figure it out!
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    Oops...Just walked into my guitar room after 2 days and...

    ..noticed that I had left my tube amp on! At least it was on standby. Has anyone else done this? Does it hurt the amp? What is standby anyway? I remember reading somewhere that SRV used to leave his amps on for days so that they warm up and give the best tone? Is this true, or an urban...
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    Need a strong password? Use your guitar make/model/serial number

    Hi rockers, Struggling to find a strong password? It's in your hands! Guitar make, model, serial number, edition # etc all make great password combinations that (should) be easy to remember for guitar lovers... Plenty of upper-case, lower case, non-alpha characters + numbers in a typical...
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