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    British high gain distortion for SS amp

    I have a little solid state practice amp that I use for general bedroom noodling. It has a decent clean channel that I would like to hit with a distortion pedal to get a high gain British flavored sound. I like things to be a little on the thick midrange, maybe a little wooly side, but I'm...
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    buying speakers from craigslist

    Is there a reliable way to test speakers when meeting someone from Craigslist? I know some people mention a battery test, and seen a video on how to test phase with a battery, but how does this show that the speaker is working and sounding the way it should?
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    small combo to replace tiny terror

    I have been using a Tiny Terror and 2x12 as a bedroom and demo recording amp for years. It sounds great with my teles and doesn't need pedals, which is great because many overrdrives are lackluster with it. But, I want to replace it with a 1x12 or maybe even a 1x10 combo that is a clean...
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    I'm looking for a Muff with a dirty amp.

    I recently sold a Hoof and a Pharaoh because they didn't do the trick. The Pharaoh was too dark and the Hoof wasn't tweakabke enough. It didn't fit my amp, a Rockerverb MKII. I'm looking for a Muff style pedal to stack on a crunchy signal to get those Dinosaur Jr style sounds at certain times...
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    mismatched speaker ohm in a 4x12

    I bought a 4x12 from Craigslist about a year ago. The guy was honest about one speaker being replaced, same as the original, a Vintage 30. I never opened it up, sounded great and like I expected. Today I opened it up to do some other work and noticed that indeed one speaker was replaced, but...
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    What's better than Hercules racks?

    I need a stand to hold about five guitars at a time. I have Hercules wall hangers in the past and the 5-guitar rack used to be popular here. But, it looks like they are being discontinued. Online retailers have dropped the price and have been showing out of stock for weeks. Other retailers...
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    Hotcake owners -- what amp do you play?

    I've been listening to Hotcake with AC15/30 clips and I adore the sound. The Hotcake with an AC30 and JCM800 was the foundation for one of my favorite 90s bands too. It seems like the only people using this pedal play Vox. Who her is using it with Blues Jrs, Marshalls, or whatever else...
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    How are lowend Yamaha Pacificas?

    Just curious how people like Yamahas affordable Pacificas. I'm liking the looks of the 311H.
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    Can someone find a MIC LP Jr DC in white?

    http://www.ivormairants.co.uk/vintage-v130vw-double-cut-electric-guitar-vintage-white.html This one looks okay and there are a couple good comments on the LP forums about the brand. I've been wanting a white LP Jr DC for a few years but can't spend too much dough. I've had a handful of...
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    What is this sound/effect?

    Some weird tremolo thing going on after 50 seconds. Maybe something like a drum stick bouncing on the strings? cJImgr0o9Ls
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    cheap mxr-ish sized tremolo?

    love my tr2 but the dang thing is too tall and I accidentally switch it on when I go for the Carbon copy next door. Whats a cheap price and kind of close to mxr size? I'm not trying to spend a lot on a tremolo, just need some decently fast chop. my rate and depth are 3:00 and shape at noon...
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    Who's building a Colorsound Tonebender?

    I don't know much about them but they sound great. Who's building something based on it?
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    Any retailers doing discounts on Fender?

    I'm dying for a recent year RW tele
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    Why do volume pedals sound different than guitar volume?

    I am getting into the habit of using a Dunlop Volume X to control my input signal into the amp instead of my volume knob. Just curious why the pedal seems to retain more high end as it's rolled down than the guitar knob? Does it have something to do with the pot? They are both passive 250k pots.
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    will rewiring make my tele bridge sound beefier?

    I have a Baja tele and a Hot Rod 52 tele. I play the Hot Rod the most, and the bridge pickup seems to have more output or mids than the Fender 'Custom Shop Designed' Broadcaster-style bridge on the Baja. By all accounts, the Baja has great pickups. They are very sweet sounding, but when...
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    How are these sort of sounds achieved?

    6LSvfD-3v9I Especially in the chorus (0:46) there's this stuttering, airy guitar sound around the driving bass. I can't recreate it and wondering how these sort of sounds are made?
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    Shoegaze fans on TGP?

    I want to talk about shoegaze and get some recommendations on bands to check out. I'm relatively new to this genre. I've always known of it's existence and have been a longtime fan of Loveless and Mezcal Head, they would be in my top 10 greatest modern rock albums, if I ever were to make such...
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    suggest a good phaser

    budget - $150 size - regular pedal size I want a phaser, not really looking for a particular tone, but the Siamese Dream/MXR Phase 100 sound is my launching point. I want something fairly tweakable, maybe options for more than 4-stage. But nothing that is going to be extremely complicated...
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    What are some clean boosts with flavor/color?

    Something that isn't a transparent clean boost. It doesn't really have to be clean but I'm not looking for clipping overdrive at all. Just something that boosts signal and imparts some kind character. Obviously there's EP, SHO, but what else is out there that's even more experimental and...
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    SansAmp into computer without interface?

    I have a line level input for a microphone on my laptop. Could I use a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter to play a SansAmp into my computer? I can create an aggregate device in Pro Tools to receive that input. It will not sound as good as a interface/preamp, but for writing/demoing songs for my band to...
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    Why aren't BYOC and other kits more prevalent here?

    I rarely see kit pedals on boards around here. I can understand that these kits are tonally subpar to boutique companies that have deeper knowledge to tweak the circuits than the average player. But, MXR and other run of the mill companies are still common, and from demos some kits sounds...
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    Any coupons working?

    Looking for a coupon to work on a couple Black Arts pedals. Thanks.
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    Tiny Terror with 2x10?

    Has anybody been playing their TT with a 2x10 as opposed to a 1x12? I'm finding the idea of a vertical 2x10 with maybe Eminence Ramrods appealing, but I have only minor experience with 10" speakers.
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    pedals slamming my amp make it momentarily go quiet

    I have an Orange Rockerverb 50 Mk2. If I take a pedal and crank the output too much, on a rare occasion the amp suddenly goes to whisper volumes and this lasts about ten seconds, then the volume returns. It has absolutely no troubles other than this. It happens with a handful of pedals that...
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    Dunlop Hendrix 70th Anni Fuzz Face -- opinions/prices?

    How much do these run used? The YouTube videos sound great, what's the TGP consensus on them?
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