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    Black Metal

    I really like Quartermaster Maelstrom.
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    Help me understand Ryan Adams

    This will help http://www.metrolyrics.com/bryan-adams-lyrics.html
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    The Evolution of Technical Guitar Soloing

    When discussing different styles of music - 80's Shred or Midwestern Blues-Rock - Jazz or Jazz fusion seems to always be the "better" alternative to what is being discussed.
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    Clarence Gatemouth Brown

    Key Largo in Portland, OR, in the late 80's. One of the most memorable shows I have seen.
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    EVH Wolfgang USA Custom Relic

    Yes, ironic.
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    EVH Wolfgang USA Custom Relic

    So, you are seriously worried about the fretboard drying out and - I guess - cracking? Or, were you being ironic?
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    If you can't dig this? The only pocket you got is in yo britches.

    Liked it. Reminded me a lot of Soul Jazz that someone posted here a few months back.
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    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    Fair enough, if your intent is primarily skill acquisition instead of timely completion or a perfect finish on the early 3-4 tru oil projects. My experience - taken with a huge grain of salt - is to go slow with very light coats. And, look back over each coat each time for any runs or...
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    My band hates the sound guy

    Stop being the sound guy. Easy.
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    When blues benders become music offenders,,

    People do know when they are being condescended to. And, they react. Perhaps your cause and effect is backwards?
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    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    Unless you just specifically want the challenge of using the tru oil to get a gloss finish or you want to learn it to do it professionally - I'd highly recommend simply taking it to a finisher and have them shoot clear. Just for the one or 2 off - I found it very difficult to get a good gloss...
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    Modern metal is so depressing... where's the fun?

    Also, the cookie monster sings a lot of these songs. Who isn't cheered up by the cookie monster?
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    Are we really sure that Jescar is the best fretwire available?

    Most scalloping I have is 1/8" or 3 mm from top of fret to bottom of scallop. So I'd like to see frets that tall and could live with just slightly less. Any shorter and they don't reproduce a scalloped feel - you'd get some fretboard when fretting. Allparts makes a giant fret in nickel and -...
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    Modern metal is so depressing... where's the fun?

    Depressing modern metal. I like the up beat classics like Paranoid.
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    What are some ridiculously awesome TV themes?

    NCIS: Los Angeles. How could a theme written by Jay Ferguson not be great?
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    Gibson Johnny A.....with P90s ?!?!?

    I have been wanting to try a Johnny A. With P90's - all the more reason.
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    why no talk about the new exotic relic strats?

    Just looked at their page. To their credit, they publish actual neck measurements. Many, many do not. However, it's hard to believe how narrow their neck choices are for a custom. One shape. only a 1.68 nut. No stainless frets. I don't get the lack of choices on the most important (IMO) portion...
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    Fret wear/dings like this common?

    Not on stainless steel frets.
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    Reached out to three builders - Rejected by all....GAS cured.

    So, they simpy said "no" without giving you specific reasons they couldn't do it? Did you ask them what specifically was infeasible about your design?
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    Your favorite less expensive guitars...

    G&L Tributes.
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    Tinted headstock or natural wood which do you prefer?

    If you can match the body exactly - I'd tint the headstock. Otherwise - natural.
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    Condition: excellent (Craigslist content)

    This must violate of a law of some kind, somewhere.
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    When blues benders become music offenders,,

    I think The London Souls is a great example of how the blues is still very viable.
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    The perfect stand exists K&m FTW

    I wouldn't recommend it to the less coordinated - but if you are careful about putting away and taking out and keep some clearance in front of the rack, it works great. I would like to upgrade my dividers with some stiff, 1" or 3/4" foam, but using heavy cardboard and Styrofoam has worked fine...
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    When blues benders become music offenders,,

    Sounds like some people like to avoid handling arguments with sound logic and avoid it by not quoting the post to which they are replying.
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