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  1. wpawley

    Do you record your band rehearsals?

    We do record multi track at rehearsals. Not that anyone really cares, but it gives me opportunity to improve on how I set the mix up. Sometimes, the band leader ask for a mix down of something we did at rehearsal so he can try and fix his mistakes (and, yes, we all screw up sometimes). Every...
  2. wpawley

    Best solution for mixer tapeout to 3 recorders?

    Splitting the signal from the Tape Out could degrade the sound quality. Maybe a better solution would be to record to a computer (lap top or desk top), then make copies of that. You can get a DAW dirt cheap (or even free) and work it that way to keep all your original sound quality while...
  3. wpawley

    IEM unit in the rack

    At the frequency range used by wireless gear, everything is "LINE OF SIGHT". If anything is placed between the Transmitter and Receiver, there could be enough interference to block the signal. Placing the receiving antenna system where it has a mostly clear view of transmitter will help a lot...
  4. wpawley

    Headrush Pedalboard.....first gig impressions

    Says Video Not Available......
  5. wpawley

    Audix I5 Test

    That too....
  6. wpawley

    Headrush Pedalboard.....first gig impressions

    I would, if I knew where y'all were gigging and I was close enough......How about some recordings then of a gig? I run my 11Rack still for my Bass.
  7. wpawley

    Audix I5 Test

    Sounds like it recorded okay....Bout like a SM57 sounds, just a bit crisper.
  8. wpawley

    Suggestion needed for practice rig

    Have you thought about getting an Eleven Rack? Cheap, good tones, can be used as an interface, has effects loop to add in anything else you could want......
  9. wpawley

    Playing live without amp(with RP 360XP)

    I have found that running a "pedal board" through a DI box to the mixer usually works a little bit better than running straight to the board. It is JMHO though and there are others that go just the opposite. Try it both ways and see what your results are. It also depends on the gig. Be...
  10. wpawley

    Biggest Headache in doing live sound?

    I, too, am the Bass player in my band. I'll run DI every chance I get. I do use my 11R for effects (we have a couple songs we do that is Heavy on the Chorus for the Bass and a couple I use Overdrive on). Most of the time, I don't even have an amp on stage, just my 11R and foot controller. I...
  11. wpawley

    Headrush Pedalboard.....first gig impressions

    Got any video of that gig? Really would like to see this stuff being bragged on in a "live" situation.
  12. wpawley

    300w stereo power amp at 2 x 16ohms?

    You can gig an arena with 30 watts if you have proper sound reinforcement.
  13. wpawley

    Newfangled Digital Mixer Recommendations? What are you guys using?

    Maybe you can check out a Presonus StidioLive 16.4.2 AI. It's what I use and I mix from stage also (most of the time). Has built in WiFi (if you have the Dongle) but can plug in a Router. 16 channels, 6 Aux Returns, has provisions for computer hookup for recording. It is just a suggestion...
  14. wpawley

    Confused about mixers

    "I'm Not Defending The Powered Mixer" but, A lot of garage bands start(ed) off using either a Powered Mixer Board or Powered Mixer In A Box. It was good enough to get them gigs for a bit and they usually upgraded to a more capable system as soon as the money started looking a bit better (if...
  15. wpawley

    Playing over Stevie ray Vaughan's Texas Flood

    Who says you have to play it note for note? As long as you have the feel and it sounds something like you want to cover, why not do your on thing?
  16. wpawley

    Confused about mixers

    AND, you can build on it as you go along....You have something for FOH use in a small area, you can upgrade it as time passes and the needs arise. I don't think it will take long before something comes your way on the up-grade opportunity.
  17. wpawley

    Confused about mixers

    AUX Sends: Monitor Mix......Most DIGITAL boards now have a minimum of 6. You can send an INDIVIDUAL monitor mix to each member wanting his/her on mix. Of course, this means 6 monitors, each with it's on amp (powered or passive speaker, your choice). The larger channel count DIGITAL boards...
  18. wpawley

    Confused about mixers

    USED Digital Mixers are popping up all over the place for sale as the technology improves. Some of them have almost anything you could want for vocal effects built right into them (and instrument effects also). If you know someone with a digital board, if it interest you, get them to Demo it...
  19. wpawley

    Confused about mixers

    I know someone will tell me I'm doing it all wrong, but, I prefer Unpowered Mixer/Passive Speakers. Why? Well, all my amps are in one rolling rack, I do not have to carry extra extension cables or hunt down places to plug them in to power the speakers. If I have an amp go down, I got others I...
  20. wpawley

    Using mixer & headphones in rehearsals for a quieter, clearer sound?

    IF you want to bring the noise level down, don't use the amps at all, just plug the pedalboards (or rack mounted effect units) to the PA (may need to use a DI box). As far as how to get the Drummer to lower his volume.....Good Luck with that! Balance of the total sound will always be a...
  21. wpawley

    To EQ at the amp or desk?

    I have heard some players/bands that sound like poo on stage and I have seen a few sound engineers take that poo sound and polish it somewhat to a usable level. Most players on stage have no idea what the FOH sounds like out there to the audience unless they actually go walk-about with a...
  22. wpawley

    Bass tone differences between indoor gig and outdoor gig

    Both. I was able to wonder around in the crowd (long cable) and it sounded much louder. I even noticed it in the monitors back on stage. As soon as I could, I turned the Bass down on the Mixer main's and in the monitors. As far as I know, no one turned the Bass channels up when the doors opened.
  23. wpawley

    Bass tone differences between indoor gig and outdoor gig

    Here's the setup: Presonus 16AI, Yamaha 15" and Peavey 15" speaker cab's run in Parallel, Bass running DI through an 11 Rack, Crown XLS1500 amps. No Sub's used this time. Transitioned from an indoor gig to an outdoor gig (big sliding doors opened-think Hanger Doors). Bass was sounding choice...
  24. wpawley

    Your Mixing Preference?

    One thing I have found true is that if your BASS sounds a bit loud on the monitor, it will sound even louder on almost anything else you try to listen on. Some songs I can see (hear) it in like the BASS is supposed to be the loudest, other types of songs, not so much. Kick, Snare, well, drums...
  25. wpawley

    Your Mixing Preference?

    I start off on Sony Headphones (they are out in the studio so don't remember the model), then go to my Roland DS8 monitors, then to 3-way stereo speakers. I try to mix everything at low volume first (hey, if it sounds good low volume, it'll sound good at high volume). To get it where it sounds...
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