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  1. Macentropist

    You can post your stuff here, but we already have a winner

    Dale, aka maplebaby, has shown us what we can be if we keep our nose to the grindstone. No other entity has shown the musical talent, nor the editing talent these folks at Lexington Labs hath brought forth. I am standing on top of the tables with all my musical brethren, and giving a huge...
  2. Macentropist

    If you had a choice between a Vintage or Boutique

    You have a limited budget for a great amp. Lets call it 2 Grand. Do you go with a boutique amp, or a vintage amp. Let's say a Fender (real clean) '66 Princeton Reverb vs a used Redplate original 12 combo. Which would you choose and why... One for sound and investment, or one for investment and...
  3. Macentropist


    Here is a bit of a blues dity with two guitars, and a little soul, hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/macentropist it is daBlues track.
  4. Macentropist

    a bit of Mr. Lee

    Here is a quick and rough requiem for Alvin It is the third iteration of the track, we hope you nJoy. RIP Alvin https://soundcloud.com/macentropist/id-love-to-change-the-world
  5. Macentropist

    You have to love some good Blackface goodness

    a Tweed Fender Vibrolux on rhythm, and a '64 Deluxe on Lead. Both players on American Deluxe Strats. Ted Alliota on Vocals. Gotta love them Fenders. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=8000473
  6. Macentropist

    Poking my toes into the water

    Just a shout out from the Windy city, from a fellow gear head. Isn't Gas a wonderful thing this time of year! I will be 56 in 2012, and the spousal unit is setting up an intervention, wish me luck ;-)
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