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    Jingle Bell Song

    I've this Jingle Bell Song. But some notes are missing, So please help me out to complete this song C Major Scale EEE EEE EGCDE FFF FEE EDDEDG EEE EEE EGCDE FFF FEE GGEDC G'EDCG G'EDCA' A'FEDB' GGEDC G'EDCG' G'EDCA' A'FED G'GG ????? X=Notes in middle Octave X'=Notes in...
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    Understanding types of Minor Scales

    I know the relationship between Major Scales and Minor Scales(Natural Minor Scales), A Minor Scale is built starting from the sixth note of the relative Major Scale .i.e. A minor Scale is relative to C Major Scale B minor Scale is relative to D Major Scale .... (W-H-W-W-H-W-W - >...
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    Understanding C Major Scale Patterns

    I read some articles about 3 notes per string pattern for constructing Major Scale. With this construction we will have 7 different Patterns in C Major Scale (Say), As we select 7 different roots (C,D,E,F,G,A,B). I'm having a little doubt, Why in Pattern 3,4,5,6 roots are choosen more farther...
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    Understanding C Major

    Why C Major Scale is called C Major. Please explain in depth.
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    Fret Board Note Chart

    Hello friends, I've started learning guitar couple of months ago. I'm trying to understand the basic concepts. Below is the "Fret Board Note Chart" that I made, after what my music teacher told me. What I wanna know is that, does all the major/minor scales and chords are based on this chart...
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    Songs for practicing Major and Minor chords ?

    Hello Guys, I want to practice Major and Minor chords(C, G, D, A, E, Dm, Am, Em). As I'm beginner first I want to practice open position chords. So please don't share songs having barre chord and also capo. Right now I don't have a capo. If possible then post the chords related to a song here...
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    C Minor, G Minor, B Minor, F Minor Chords ?

    Hello friends, These are the basic C minor, G minor, B minor and F minor chords. That I found on http://www.jamplay.com/ As they are not open position chords. I'm having some problem in barring the fret. I have some doubts regarding these chords. C Minor Chord: Do we have to...
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    My Guitar String Broke while tuning the Guitar ?

    Hello friends, My acoustic guitar's 4th String broke while tuning. Should I change the 4th string or should I replace all of them with new ones. I don't know why It got broke. I always keep my guitar tuned in 'c#'(c#(6th string), F#, B, E, G#, c#(1st string)), If I've to play a song then I tune...
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    Songs for practicing Major chords (C, G, D, A, E) ?

    Hello friends, I just learned playing Major chords, I want to practice them. Please suggest me songs that I can play using only Major chords and also tell the sequence of chords to play the particular song.
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    Major Chords ?

    Hello Friends these are the major chords that I found to be correct. But When I was watching lecture on www.coursera.com i.e Berklee College of Music Introduction to Guitar I got confused they showed some other way of playing the major chords. Please help does above are the correct...
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    Different Versions of Sa Re Ga Ma ... (Indian Classical Music)

    Hello friends, My guitar teacher told me some different versions of Sa Re Ga Ma ... I got confused with so many different versions. Here are they Here are the list of my doubts 1) As there are only Seven Swaras, then why there are two "Sa" in Higher ocatve at...
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    Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Vs. Yamaha F310 Acoustic

    Hello friends I want to buy an Acoustic guitar in the range of 8000 INR (130$). I searched internet and found to good guitars Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar and Yamaha F310. Has anyone played it and please share your views regarding these companies. Fender Pluto Do they make good...
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