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  1. FXPedal.com

    Original 1960 Les Paul Standard $7250

    With all the time in the world on my hands thought I'd finally post this little gem. If you've ever wondered what vintage guitars cost when mere mortals could (maybe) afford them, here's a pretty comprehensive list. Sample highlights: 1960 LP Standard $7250 (item #15416A) 1957 LP Goldtop...
  2. FXPedal.com

    Advice needed: best keyboard for a non-keyboardist?

    Looking for a nice, weighted controller to learn on. Budget is open if function and features justify the price. I have a little keyboard experience from years ago although most of that has gone to ground. Any advice on beginner learning tools (app's, books, etc.) and soft synth software would...
  3. FXPedal.com

    Did Joe Bonamossa play at anybody else's local bar tonight?

    '][/URL] Cool, small (~100 capacity) local bar, a mixed crowd of regulars and Bonamossa fans on a rainy Sunday night. He sounded great.
  4. FXPedal.com

    Klein Epic 1969 pup Questions

    Anybody know how the Kleins sound overdriven? I've listened to a number of demos, including some excellent comparisons between the Kleins and Fender CS 1969's, but most were clean and the driven examples were inconclusive. The reverse wound variant (i.e. lefty for a righty guitar) is...
  5. FXPedal.com

    Just heard a 100 year old song on the radio

    KCEA just played It's A Long Way To Tipperary, recorded September 15, 1914. The band was the American Quartet with Billy Murray and Chorus. I'm pretty sure that's the oldest music recording I've ever heard. It's certainly the oldest song I've heard on a radio station, albeit streamed. The...
  6. FXPedal.com

    John Mayer Big Dipper pups questions

    What's the good word on these? They make all the right noises on paper but I haven't played them myself. I generally like lower output pups that are preferably not too noisy. Looking for the perfect Gilmour / Trower / Blunt hybrid that won't muddy up with higher gain when I get an Yngwie itch...
  7. FXPedal.com

    New song featuring Robbie Blunt.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Robbie, he played on Robert Plant's first three solo records. He's also done a great deal of studio work and played in a number of bands in the 70's. Robbie has been one of my personal favorites for years and I'm always on the lookout for new and old music that...
  8. FXPedal.com

    Dumble Overdrive Special and JAM Pedals

    Back in May I had the opportunity to record my friend Randy Volin's 1977 Dumble Overdrive Special demoing a variety of JAM Pedals. He brought along 3 vintage Strats, a 1963 ES 335 and a 1965 Deluxe as well. After much ado the first WaterFall Chorus video is done. Randy is playing a 1957...
  9. FXPedal.com

    JAM Pedals and Heil mic giveaway

    FXPedal.com has partnered with Heil Sound and Elite Core to offer a chance to win 3 JAM Pedals, a Heil mic and an Elite Core pedalboard with cables. Click here to enter Here's the lot: - JAM Pedals WaterFall analog chorus - JAM Pedals Delay Llama+ analog delay - JAM Pedals Red...
  10. FXPedal.com

    Taking an acoustic to Mammoth Mtn, advice needed

    I'm going to Mammoth Mountain for a few days on Sunday and want to bring an acoustic with me. Is there anything I should be aware of vis a vis temperature and humidity changes? I'm coming from Burbank, so the guitar is acclimated to fairly dry and warm weather. Does elevation have any affect?
  11. FXPedal.com

    ToneConcept's The Distillery Giveaway

    ToneConcepts teamed with us to giveaway one of their new pedals, The Distillery. They started their R&D by asking touring pros what they most needed and were missing on their pedalboards. With extensive input from Steve Lukather, Nels Cline, Billy Gibbons and many others, they developed a...
  12. FXPedal.com

    Pigtronix Infinity Looper Giveaway

    I've got an Infinity Looper giveaway going on through my company Facebook page that ends this week. The winner will be announced on Thanksgiving. The Remote Switch is also included, together they're worth $499. The Infinity Looper is a high quality phrase looper with two separate loops with...
  13. FXPedal.com

    JAM Pedals Rattler+ giveaway

    The Rattler+ is JAM Pedal's take on the ProCo Rat. It's hand built in Greece with an LM308 can op-amp and then hand painted. Although it's considered a distortion it can get a nice fuzz tone when when cranked. You can see the demo video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4z7bK5inEw...
  14. FXPedal.com

    Pigtronix Infinity Looper

    In stock now at FXPedal.com. Free shipping in the Continental US.
  15. FXPedal.com

    Phil X Evil Robot EVR-C30 shipment coming in

    I have a shipment of the C30's coming in a few weeks with a pre-order price of $799 US + shipping. There's a limited number and the price will increase once they are here. You can email me at Info@FXPedal.com or order directly from the website www.FXPedal.com
  16. FXPedal.com

    The Cars "Let's Go" video 1979

    IMHO one of the greatest rock songs ever made even better with a BC Rich Bich 10 string, a Dean ML (lefty no less) and a Flying V Bass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtgmNudoHgg GtgmNudoHgghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtgmNudoHgg
  17. FXPedal.com

    Analog multi FX pedals, any interest?

    Just wondering if there's much interest in these and if so, what people would like to see in one. An example is the Captain Coconut 2 which features a fuzz, Octavia and vibe. It's basically Band Of Gypsies in a box, wah and expression pedal sold separately. BOG and Bridge Of Sighs are...
  18. FXPedal.com

    Nash guitar resale values

    A friend of mine is looking at a '67 S Type and we got to discussing residual value. Does anybody know if used S Types hold their value well? How about Nash guitars as a whole? Appreciate any insights, thanks.
  19. FXPedal.com

    Identifying a Uni-vibe

    Is there a way to identify what year an original Uni-vibe was made, whether by serial number or difference in external appearance? Any basic visual tells? Thanks
  20. FXPedal.com

    Price check: '91 Firebird I

    What's the price range on these? Which colors or finishes command more?
  21. FXPedal.com

    Central Coast Guitar Show, Santa Maria, Ca

    Anybody going? Just found out about it today, thinking of taking the drive from LA. Here's the info: Santa Maria Fair Park 937 S. Thornburg Santa Maria, Ca
  22. FXPedal.com

    Marshall Artist 2068 - any good?

    Any info and experience with these heads?
  23. FXPedal.com

    Lyre & Maestro vibrolas - anybody know how to keep them in tune?

    Any tips and tricks to keep these in tune with use? Already done the Big Bends and proper stringing, what's next? Does anybody make retrofits that stay in tune better? Appreciate any advice.
  24. FXPedal.com

    New Evil Robot EVR-C30

    Taking pre-orders now at www.FXPedal.com This is the new combo debuted at NAMM in January. Here are some features unique to it: -Master volume -FX loop -Foot-switchable channel changing -Much lower price For the next week (Feb 12 - Feb 19) free ground shipping to TGPer's in the...
  25. FXPedal.com

    1968 Crybaby value

    A friend of mine offered to sell me his 1968 Crybaby. He bought it new and it's all original. It works well and sounds great. I took the back off (and forgot to take pix...) and saw that it has the Japanese TDK inductor. We tried to research its value but the closest we could find was a 70's...
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