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  1. talpa

    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    cortez. what a killer.
  2. talpa

    Aluminum Necks? Aluminum Guitars? What Are Your Thoughts?

    fav. ecg tone ca. 2012 - steve brooks did it right (and bassist was also Al at the time). think that's just a jcm800, but rig has it's own thing going. think brooks uses LP customs now. opening for meshuggah's '22 worldwide tour btw -
  3. talpa

    RIP Dusty Hill

    remember a handbill for a show at the san angelo natn'l guard armory winter '71..still in the low cotton then. in w. tx they were our heroes & mentors. gutted
  4. talpa

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    today it was my Meshuggah head any other day it's any of 5 Germinos or my early jmj30 =|
  5. talpa

    Korina returns to Gibson

    the 19 explorers must be gone already..can't even find an epi faulkner v these days wtf ? guess the gibson faulkner v is next up.
  6. talpa

    Gibson J-45 recommendations?

    if u go new, consider a torrified (baked) woods model. or a Sheryl Crow SJ (every one played was consistently great). my '18 J-45 Vintage model sounds like it's aged decades, out of the box - bought from Dave's, right when they were released:
  7. talpa

    Any Sunn Coliseum PA Fans out There?

    saw the sunn studio p.a. in a couple reverb sales & online schematic - circuit topology looks basically the same. mv, less two KT88s. thx anibas.
  8. talpa

    Any Sunn Coliseum PA Fans out There?

    knowing the difference four valves makes vs. two, in gain, volume, etc. - did Sunn make a 2 x KT-88 head (PA or otherwise)? ideally that would tame the volume a couple dB (thru the same cab). would the gain drop lose the Leslie factor ? (just talking the KT88/Mountain/LW tone, nothing else)...
  9. talpa

    What are the most prized/higher quality models to look for in old Harmony/Silvertone/Kay etc types?

    Kay K6533 (value leader) into the old silvertone amp rig - tone. that sliding chorus riff is jimmy page level phrasing
  10. talpa

    Your favorite ”rock n’ roll” guitar solo?

    jim dewar of robin trower guesting on backing vocals (chrysalis labelmates)
  11. talpa

    Mesa Dual Rectifier Modern Multi-Watt vs Badlander 100

    picked one up 4/2019 for $1.2k - seller emailed me this past march asking to buy it back for $4k..nfs =|
  12. talpa

    Artists like Bill Frisell and Julian Lage

    ginger baker trio ('94-'96 2 releases) is my fav frisell project. think gbt was right after bakers' masters of reality thing. not much video out there, but this is the best one imo. must be outdoors, haden looks cold. klein guitar btw
  13. talpa

    Music you like that no one else does

    think the itunes artist pg. called them 'perhaps the only truly alternative' alt. band of the 90s. dry, stripped approach, lo-fi, & completely orig. instrumental approach: 2-string slide bass, dry funk drums, baritone sax & Mark (rip) who has that sad lower voice thing. yeah it smells jazz, but...
  14. talpa

    What song were you just playing - on your guitar?

    pulling this old thread, wondered if anyone here gets this song. spent last night working up the middle ('reverend') section. it's played in std., the begining D part is pretty easy to suss out. then the work begins - rutherford stays on the EAD (12-string) strings with some simple/clever stuff...
  15. talpa

    Favourite Outros?

    nasty dogs & funky kings - just to hear bill's '59 (left ch.)..maracas. one of the better pearly songs w/ cans on - best bridge paf to roll outta kalamazoo imo
  16. talpa

    USA Anthem played by guitarist before AFC Championship game

    yeah many times, got 8 versions on boots. also had a CD import of The Forum '69 (pre Lifelines) many decades ago (can't find it in my stash) - it's a short, introspective version. "here's a song we were all brainwashed with".. no pedals just amp, and just focused on his message. after "land of...
  17. talpa

    AC30 (JMJ) - Carb, Varidrive or Zendrive 2 ?

    my JMJ rig is NCM head cab w/ a NCM 2x12 on a vintage trolley loaded w/ '67 Vox silverbacks. bought the trolley/cab/silverbacks (as a set) many yrs. ago here on TGP - right when i placed my order w/ Matt. the cones are stock. no EF86 noise since the cab is isolated by the trolley..vintage glass...
  18. talpa

    AC30 (JMJ) - Carb, Varidrive or Zendrive 2 ?

    knew u were a JMJ owner (me too) - and am sure we agree on how fierce an AC30 Matt's design is. just trying to put into that next zone. thought Carb and POT were the go-to AC30 pumps. got to find something for leads but still in classic rock vein.
  19. talpa

    AC30 (JMJ) - Carb, Varidrive or Zendrive 2 ?

    heard Paisley uses/used a ZD2 into Vox type circuits, amongst others. would u prefer a Carb, Varidrive or a Zendrive 2 (12AT7 loaded) into Vox type circuits? classic rock/alt-country stuff. TA!
  20. talpa

    WTF is Math Rock? why do we need 7 million "genres" of music?

    not particularly into Battles (DonCab's Ian Williams btw) stuff, just like this new video. sounds are funky. and the prehistoric Ibanez.
  21. talpa

    WTF is Math Rock? why do we need 7 million "genres" of music?

    because Damon Che commands respect - even in boxers
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