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    Can the Line 6 Helix...

    This would also do the trick (probably better) since the XY combined with scenes would turn off the other 'normal' fx while turning on the ambient settings
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    Can the Line 6 Helix...

    Cool that's what I needed to know, thanks Pietro!
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    Can the Line 6 Helix...

    Thanks all for checking I appreciate it! The idea is a wet-dry rig with my normal wet fx (3 delays and mod verb) then remaining verb / delay setup to a single switch for instant super ambient swells. I can make it work with less but Im curious what can it actually do. I suppose the better...
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    Can the Line 6 Helix...

    Does the Line 6 Helix have enough power to support the following signal chain in a single patch? In LA Studio Comp Throaty Wah Simple Pitch Minotaur Teemah! Vermin split 1 split 1A WhoWatt 100 Amp only 1024 IR (4x12 cab) split 1B Matchstick Jumped Amp only 1024 IR (2x12 cab) merge...
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    Ableton Live - Midi Clock to HD500X - Whats wrong?

    We had tried the midi track with a few taps and got the same problem, but i wonder if we didnt shut off the midi clock send. I'll try that and report back, thanks for the tip!
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    The official "Just bought an AC15. Need pedal recs and/or want to show off my rig" thread

    Totally agree with the bright cap mod. The AC15 top boost amp I used to own had a bright switch and Id always keep the bright off when using with pedals. Speaking of pedals, I had good luck with Timmy, TS (set for boost), and Fulltone OCD @ 18v.
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    Ableton Live - Midi Clock to HD500X - Whats wrong?

    Im using an HD500X and want to sync the tempo from Ableton Live to the HD500X via MIDI. We run AL off my drummer's laptop with click tracks and sometimes backing tracks. He and I tried to follow this video but we cant get AL to stop sending the tempo to the HD, which in turn makes it freak out...
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    Helix clips and samples thread

    Would love to hear a good clip of the Elephant Man delay into a Vox...curious how well they did on the DMM ciruit
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    Challenge to TC: Standalone Digital Deluxe Memory Man

    Well this is interesting, Tore's line in here seems pretty clear about the digital circuit modeling...however as topo morto pointed out the inclusion of the toneprint option makes it a bit confusing. Hopefully someone from TC can chime in if a stand alone unit like the Viscous could focus more...
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    Challenge to TC: Standalone Digital Deluxe Memory Man

    Bummer, I thought they were doing component digital circuit modeling like the L6 Helix claims to do with amp circuits
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    Challenge to TC: Standalone Digital Deluxe Memory Man

    Along the same vein as the viscous vibe and hypergravity vintage....a standalone digital recreation of the DMM circuit. Alter Ego is good, but I have to imagine a unit fully devoted to digitally recreating the circuit could get even closer to the classic sound which no copy has yet been able to...
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    Line 6 and Yamaha at NAMM 2015

    So when do audio samples of the new HD amp models come out?
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    Advice on Deluxe Memory Man TT1100

    DMM's use either an MN3005 or MN3008 chip. MN3005's have 2x delay time of MN3008's. DMM 550TT uses (4) MN3008 chips for ~550ms DMMTT 1100 uses (4) MN3005 chips for ~1100ms Big Box DMM's use either (2) MN3005 or (4) MN3008 for ~550ms DMMXO uses (4) MN3008 chips for ~550ms
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    DMM 550TT, Nova Repeater, Leeds, HOF Mini, M-66

    Well Ive gone to the dark side of digital-all-in-one and my beloved analog pedals are in need of a good home. All include boxes and paperwork. All prices shipped and payapl'ed CONUS. EHX Deluxe Memory Man 550 Tap Tempo - $250 SOLD! TC Electronics Nova Repeater - $100 (includes power supply)...
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    Hall/Ambient Reverbs under $100

    Have you tried making your own Toneprint for the HOF with the TC Editor? Might be able to dial in the right balance for your tastes against the stock tone prints
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    Smooth high gain pedal WITH cab sim?

    EHXtortion has a cab sim. Maybe something from AMT single pedal line would fit the bill for you? The S2 is Soldano inspired if that is what you are going for... http://youtu.be/U1wvaCdVOZw
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    A question for those passionate about analog delay...

    When you say analog are you limiting it to BBD analog technology or do you include other non-digital delays like tape, magnetic, etc...? Assuming you mean BBD only, I'd go: DMM, Aqua Puss, and Moog MF 104 DMM - modulated wash and rhythmic delays AP - slap back Moog - everything else
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    FS / FT: Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo (DMMTT 1100)

    Added pedals and final price drop
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