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  1. Melt In The Sun

    What is this guitar!?

    Anyone recognize it? Not sure if I love or hate it, but I'm awfully curious...
  2. Melt In The Sun

    Expectations vs. reality - neck twist

    Knowing that an absolutely straight neck is wishful thinking, I'm hoping y'all can help me ground my expectations for this. I have a guitar I bought new from a small builder with a "lifetime warranty" to the original owner. The neck has a twist in the "wrong" way - the treble side shows more...
  3. Melt In The Sun

    What's this beat-up Charvel?

    Anyone recognize it? Up on CL for what appears to be a decent price. Late 80s?
  4. Melt In The Sun

    Smashing Pumpkins - good covers of their material?

    Growing up in the 90s I never got into SP, for the same reason as more than a few others: Corgan just can't sing. He writes good songs, but that delivery always killed it for me. I just ran across this track in a Spotify playlist: It's a pretty faithful cover of 1979 by a prog-metal band The...
  5. Melt In The Sun

    Colorful P90 covers - anyone know of a source?

    I'm thinking about adding some obnoxious color accents to a mostly black guitar (pickup covers, switch tip, knobs, tuner buttons, truss cover). While you can find strat covers in any color and bobbin stickers for any humbucker, I'm striking out on P90s. Most places have white, cream, black...
  6. Melt In The Sun

    Wiring a baritone w/ 2 P90s - what would you do?

    This will be my first wiring project, so please excuse the (hopefully) simple question! I bought a PRS SE 277 baritone on Reverb, which came to me with soapbar-sized quick-connect EMGs. I have a pair of Gibson P90s on the way and I understand I have to replace the pots and all wiring to work...
  7. Melt In The Sun

    Besides a P90, what to try in a baritone soapbar spot?

    So, last night I opened up a PRS SE277 semi-hollow baritone from Reverb, that came equipped with soapbar-sized EMGs. I've never owned EMGs before so swore I'd give them a try, and I did...but it didn't last very long. I think those are coming out, and I want something fun and versatile in...
  8. Melt In The Sun

    Talk me out of a baritone...or not

    So I just crossed the 10-year threshold at my current job. Instead of buying us some generic gift, they tell us to buy ourselves something and then expense it. The 10-year amount is $1200, roughly half of which I've set aside for a guitar...I'm trying to convince my cheapskate wife to buy...
  9. Melt In The Sun


    Anyone outside of Tucson ever heard of these guys? They've played tons of shows here, a bunch elsewhere, but never seem to have really caught on...great guitar work, vocals, songwriting, it's all there. Just need the lucky break! watch?v=npvO-8RJU9w watch?v=bNBAE4eGjEA
  10. Melt In The Sun

    new to fuzz - looking for a specific sound

    Hi gang, newbie here. I own no fuzzes, having just recently started playing electric. Here's the sound I'm after (starting at about 0:10). Or, is that not a fuzz? IrbCrwtDIUA
  11. Melt In The Sun

    Thinking about new electronics in a Carvin

    Hi gang, I've had a Carvin B4 (bolt-on) w/ passive electronics (neck vol, bridge vol, tone) for about 15 years now. Never really loved the sound, but always thought it felt great. It has the J99 jazz-style single coils, which have always had too much spanky high-mids for my taste. I try to...
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