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    A Whole New Thing

    So about a year ago I was without a band for the first time since I don't know when. An old musician friend of mine called and asked if I'd be interested in doing a little 3 piece thing using backing tracks. I've never done it before and didn't think I would like it...and at first I didn't. But...
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    BEWARE of the Always On syndrome

    I've had an EP Booster "always on" on my pedalboard for about 2 years now and it's staying. I like it.
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    It's finally here. I picked up my new Blues Cube Artist

    I'm getting older and was tired of lugging my tube amps around. I sold them all and bought a Cube 80GX. OMG! I never found a SS amp that could take pedals well until I bought this amp. I just plug my pedalboard into the clean channel and I'm good to go. No regrets here!
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    Tips For Dealing With Slippery Picks?

    There's a product called Monster Grips. Little silicone type things you put on the pick. They stay on, don't get dirty and last a long time. Google them.
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    Another vote for Shubb. Can't go wrong..
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    Anything you like better than the MXR Badass Distortion?

    Always go back to my old reliable Boss Blues Driver.
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    Alex Hutchings

    Just got turned onto Alex Hutchings for the first time. Where the heck have I been? What an amazing player!
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    Roland Cube 80GX

    My Roland Cube 80GX came on Friday and I've been experimenting with it all weekend. My feelings so far are that I'm not real crazy with the onboard effects so I plugged in my pedalboard through the clean channel and OMG I can't believe how well this little baby takes my pedals. I've tried pedals...
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    Teaching my Son Guitar

    My dad played guitar and taught me some chords on a uke when I was 7. Got a baritone uke when I was 8 and started guitar lessons when I was 9 and took off from there. Now I teach 2 of my nieces. One's 13 and one's 15. The 13 year old one is picking it up faster than the 15 year old. I have a son...
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    New Amp

    I've been using tube amps all my life but I'm 67 years old now and don't want to lug them around anymore. Plus I don't play the big venues I used to. After doing a lot of research I ordered a Roland Cube 80GX. Anyone out there using one of these?
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    I'm back

    Hello everyone, I've been out of touch for a year or 2 due to the site being redone and I finally got in touch with Scott who set me back up. A big shout out to him! Anyway, a lot has changed since then and I'll update my info and look forward to talking to you all again.
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    Best guitar for $1,500

    Ernie Ball Musicman Axis
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    Plugged entire band into one extension cord; pedalboard didn't work

    The longer the cord the greater the voltage drop. Standard cords are usually 16 or 14 gauge. I would ask them to try to get a 12 gauge at least.
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    For those who have played 30+ years

    Don't get married to someone that doesn't support you. How stupid was that! Divorced her 3 years later. My 2nd wife is way cool about it.
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    What's the big deal about delay?

    I don't see the big deal about delay either. I don't use it. But that's what makes the world go round. Some people did it. To each his own.
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    If you could have written ONE song.

    Zac Brown's "Martin and Me".
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    TU-2 , loses its bearings?

    The TU-3 seems to be much better.
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    Ultex or Tortex Picks with Grip?

    Another vote for Monster Grips. I use Ultex picks and just stick some Monster Grips on them. They stay on and last as long as the pick. I even take them off if the pick wears out or breaks and stick them on another pick. Amazing things they are....
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    Velcro or 3M: Clean up

    Yeah I just switched to Duel Lock about a year ago. So glad I did. It's definitely the way to go.
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    What is the worst torture test you've put any of your guitars through?

    I borrowed my dad's '55 Les Paul Jr. when I was a teenager.( I'm 66 now) I was putting a bunch of stuff in the car and had the guitar leaning against the side and forgot about it. When I moved the car, the guitar fell over and I ran over it with the back wheel. Believe it or not the guitar was...
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    So does anyone else just not like playing with delay?

    I don't have a delay on my board. Just don't care to use it. I'm with you bro.
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    I need your help to decide buying a Les Paul or Strat

    You could by a strat and just play blues....LOL
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    New Tuner Day... Peterson Strobe Clipon.

    I just recently bought a Peterson clip-on and I use it specifically for setting the intonation on my guitars. It's a really good investment. I use to have to drag the pedalboard out to use my Peterson stomp tuner but the clip-on is what I use now.
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