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  1. Tube Guy

    WTB Tomatillo strat pickups and Josefina Nocaster Bridge

    Playing around with some swaps and wondered if anyone had these that they weren't using? I have a handwound twisted bridge that I could trade for the Nocaster too.
  2. Tube Guy

    Quick question about Wildwood Twisted Tele Spec

    Hi, anyone know the DC resistance or inductance of the underwound Wildwood twisted tele bridge? I have a standard one, a replacement via the custom shop, that measures 10.9KOhms 4.5H, which seems hot (I've yet to give it a good audition). Thanks
  3. Tube Guy

    The best ever, never seen before product?

    Well, this one is a bit of a washing basket sanitiser, you never knew you needed one, or even that such a thing existed, until you tried it. I've just spent a glorious evening with Dan from TheGigRig listening to his new LazyJ amp and putting his next new product to the test. It's called a Z...
  4. Tube Guy

    Can someone in Japan help me please?

    I have 3 Hiwatt Tape Echoes that originated from Fernandes in Japan and were made in Japan by another company (unknown). One of my Tape Echoes has an electronic fault with one of its modes so I need to get hold of a schematic to fix/ adjust it. Does anybody know which company made the Tape...
  5. Tube Guy

    Help needed: Baker B1 owners

    I've just removed the volume pots from my B1 as they were crackling. It has two volumes and one tone control. I'm just about to wire the replacements and vaguely recall the red pickup wire being on the center lug rather than the normal outer lug. Can anyone check their 2 volume, 1 tone...
  6. Tube Guy

    Vintage ES335 vs ES336 vs ES339 vs I35

    Hi guys, I'm in need of advice from those of you who have owned several semis. My question is: Will I be able to find one that gets me what I want or should I give up the search? The background: having never owned a semi hollow guitar previously I played a 345 about 4 years in a store and...
  7. Tube Guy

    Anyone power a Boss CE-1 with a 24V supply?

    I looked at the schematic and saw that the AC is rectified down to 23V DC. I can't imagine the current draw is high so I was thinking of fitting a GigRig 24V adaptor inside connected to a standard Boss power jack. Then I could get rid of the mains cable. Of course, I could go to the next...
  8. Tube Guy

    Vintage style knobs for a Triangle Big Muff

    Anyone know where I can get some replacements/ lookalikes (new or otherwise)? My early 70's BM has knobs from an old radio so I thought I might give it a makeover.
  9. Tube Guy

    So which single pedal replaced 15 of the best boutique ODs for me. . .

    Quick Answer: The Kingsley Jester (or I should perhaps say 2 of them) The situation: A revolving Smorgasbord of pedals, each chosen to match my amps and guitars, the final selection had reached: Tim Keeley BD2 Throbak OD/Boost Durham Zia Landgraff M’OD Voodoo Blues Stage Hog Menatone...
  10. Tube Guy

    Keeping a Boss pedal 'always on'

    I'm thinking of compiling '10Things I'd never have guessed' but here's one from this week: I run a Keeley BD2 in a loop and would like to have it under a shelf of other pedals. The challenge is that the pedal always powers on in an off state and would be tedious to reach under and switch on...
  11. Tube Guy

    Upsizing - Tallest Pedalboard!

    So, when you've run out of space on your pedalboard the only way to go is up! Pedals: 2 GigRigs Strobostomp Orion C-Wah Emma Discombobulator 70's Dyna Comp 70's Big Muff Pi AnalogMan SunFace NKT275 Skreddy Top Fuel 70's MXR Phase 90 Klon Tim Landgraff LDO Landgraff...
  12. Tube Guy

    Just curious - EL34/84s

    Is there a simple reason why you don't get single ended, Class A amps using EL34/84s (or maybe I just haven't spotted them)? Presumably the sound would be quite a bit different due to the lack of crossover distortion etc.
  13. Tube Guy

    UK Transformer Source + Champ questions

    Can anyone recommend a UK source for a Champ power supply (370V, 6.3V, 5V), 240V primary? I'd also read that the old Fenders used undersized power filter caps that were only just able to suppress mains hum (the Champ 5C1 has 3 x8uF). Should I use larger ones, if so how big and which ones do I...
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