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  1. tchwiss

    The "Things I will never buy even though people continue to suggest them" thread.

    It's "their" feelings, not there. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings
  2. tchwiss

    Sold Suhr Bella NR Head

    head or combo?
  3. tchwiss

    Sold Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

    Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive guitar pedal. A few dings and chips but overall in very good condition. Works great. No issues. Velcro on bottom. No power supply or box. Classic guitar overdrive at a bargain price $35 SOLD shipped and Pp'd
  4. tchwiss

    Sold $80 12" Scumback M75 25w 8ohm

    Links to Your photos deny permissions to view
  5. tchwiss

    Sold G&L Legacy Tribute Legacy Strat copy w/mods

    2011 G&L Legacy Tribute in very good condition. Color is blueburst and the neck is maple with a rosewood board. A few small dents in the finish and the slightest fret wear. I'm the third owner and it really is still in very nice condition. Please note this is an imported Tribute model made in...
  6. tchwiss

    Sold FusionBear Naylor SuperDrive 60 Clone

    edit your title to indicate sold
  7. tchwiss

    Sold Allen Encore 2x10

    Go to top of the page of your ad. Hover over "Thread Tools" tab, then drop down to "edit title" and click. New box will pop up. Hover on FS in green and drop down to SOLD in red. Click. That's it.
  8. tchwiss

    Sold Allen Encore 2x10

    Edit your title to indicate SOLD
  9. tchwiss

    Sold Bad Cat Alley Cat 7.5 watt amp USA made BadCat

    Rare, discontinued Bad Cat Alley Cat in excellent condition. Neat studio/practice/bedroom amp with 2 switchable channels. Comes with footswitch. Uses 2 El84 power tubes and 2 12AX7 preamp tubes. Cathode bias push-pull. If you're looking for moderate to high gain sounds that won't damage your...
  10. tchwiss

    Sold Wampler Thirty Something Vox style overdrive pedal

    Wampler Thirty Something overdrive pedal in excellent condition. Hook your guitar and amp to this and you'll swear you're plugged into an AC15 or AC30. Vox chime for days. "Top" Boost and High cut just like the amps they simulate. This pedal uncannily reproduces your favorite Vox Sounds both...
  11. tchwiss

    Sold CMATMODS Super Signa Drive

    CMATMODS Super Signa Drive in nearly new condition. Superb overdrive pedal with Bass, Middle, Treble EQ, boost function that you can use independently and 3 way toggle for 3 different clipping structures from TS type compression to more open and dynamic. Owners manual and original box included...
  12. tchwiss

    Sold Celestion G12H-30 8 ohm guitar amp speaker G12H30

    Celestion G12H-30. 70th anniversary edition. 8 ohm. 30 watt. Nearly new. I bought and never used it because I need a speaker with 8 mounting holes. This one has 4. http://celestion.com/product/17/g12h_anniversary/ $85 shipped and PP'd SOLD
  13. tchwiss

    Sold Quilter-12-micro-pro-200-priced-2-sell

    Why don't you edit the title to indicate SOLD
  14. tchwiss

    Sold THD Yellow Jackets YJS pair with new Groove Tubes EL84s

    Yellow Jackets in perfect working condition. Groove Tubes EL84s have about 2 hrs use on them. These are the older models made by THD. They will reduce the output of your Class AB amp by 50% - 70% and turn it to Class A operation. This allows breakup and compression at a lower volume The link...
  15. tchwiss

    Sold Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro neck humbucker APH-1N PRICE LOWERED

    Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro neck APH-1N guitar pickup in good condition. Plenty of wire lead left. A popular, versatile and great sounding humbucker. 4 conductor. DCR is 7.5. More Info and specs below: http://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/alnico-ii-pro-hb-neck $50 $45 SOLD shipped and PPd
  16. tchwiss

    Sold Edwards E-LP-100 SD/QM 2014 Black Cherry lots of upgrades

    $900 shipped and PP'd. Only trade I'd be interested in would be Ibanez MC200 or MC300. Thanks
  17. tchwiss

    Sold Edwards E-LP-100 SD/QM 2014 Black Cherry lots of upgrades

    Left out the price. $900 shipped and PP'd. Sorry about that
  18. tchwiss

    Sold Edwards E-LP-100 SD/QM 2014 Black Cherry lots of upgrades

    Get your Slash on! 2014 Edwards E-LP-100 SD/QM Limited Quilt Top. Long-tenon construction, 59 neck carve, medium weight. Upgrades include Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF / Super Distortion double-creme pickups, Premium wiring harness with CTS pots, Russion PIO caps, Switchcraft switches and jack...
  19. tchwiss

    Some arpeggio exercises that helped me...

    In the first tab, is the 8th fret notation on the high E or low E string?
  20. tchwiss

    Sold Reason Bambino

    The Reason Bambino is a great "grab-n-go" 1X12 combo with a switch that allows you to choose 8 watts or 2 watts. It also has a "master-type" (StackMode) volume. This Bambino is in outstanding shape. I've replaced the 12" Eminence Red Coat speaker with a Weber C1230 which is a G12H30 copy. I...
  21. tchwiss

    Sold Reason Bambino

    I have a green combo. It is the 2 watt/8 watt. It is this amp: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/reason-bambino-1x12-combo.1666789/ I replaced the Private jack speaker wit a Weber 1230, copy of a G13H30. I think it sounds better than the Eminence
  22. tchwiss

    Sold Edwards Quilt Top LP "Rosa Corsa" Get Your Slash On!

    What is the extent of fret wear?
  23. CS6 Black 2

    CS6 Black 2

  24. CS6 Black

    CS6 Black

  25. tchwiss

    Sold Carl's Custom Amps 5C2 Octal Tweed Princeton

    Unique replica of the Fender 5C2 from Carl's Custom amps that has some added features the original didn't have. Practically new, 5 months old, never gigged, never left my house. Top notch hand wiring and workmanship. Alessandro GA-SC64 speaker by Eminence for true vintage tone without worrying...
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