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    Sunn model T50C

    I have a chance to purchase a Sunn T50C combo amp with matching extension cabinet from a small shop near were live. The crazy thing is its brand new, was never sold and is mint in every respect. I had thought of making the combo into a head since the deal comes with the matching 1-12 cabinet...
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    Thoughts on new Fender Player Series Guitars

    Was contemplating buying on of these to fool around on and just something to look forward to ,alleviating some of the boredom being confined at home. They seem pretty nice and are reasonable in price. Has anyone played any of these guitars or own one that can shed some light,Thanks.
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    Ibanez AZ Premium Series Guitars

    Anyone own or have experience with the Ibanez AZ Premium 220AF ? I think I have the model correct, it is the HSS model made in Indonesia. I had a chance to play one at a local shop and was quite impressed. It had a lot of sounds in it and played really nice, felt solid, and seemed like a lot for...
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    new speaker for Fender Super Sonic 22

    Yesterday I ordered an Eminence Josh Smith 50 speaker to try in my Super Sonic 22 combo, I hope this speaker sounds good and performs well in this amp. I wasn't too keen on the stock Fender Lightning Bolt and currently using a Celestion V type in it now. The V type has something going on in the...
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    Questions about older Hamer made in Korea

    I came across a Hamer guitar that is made in Korea, sort of a red subtle flame color with 2 hum buckers. The pickups are Semour Duncan,its neck thru and a double cut away body. I don't know the model or what year it was made but it played very well with excellent balance across the pickup...
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    NAD Fender Super Sonic 22

    The Fedex guy just rang the doorbell about 1 hour ago and low and behold,suprise my new amp is here already!Its a Fender Super Sonic 22 combo in blond tolex and brown grill cloth. I just ordered it yesterday from Sweetwater ! Thats what I call fast shipping, anyway got it unboxed and all and...
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    Friedman Runt 20 comes with 2 different speakers?

    I have been jonesing for one of the Friedman Runt 20 combos so I start looking online at Sweetwater ,on Reverb.com and some other stores. All these stores show the Runt 20 combo with the Celestion Creamback 65 speaker. Then I checked Musician's Friend and Guitar center and they show the Runt 20...
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    Beam Blockers

    Anyone still using "Beam Blockers" on speakers to minimize the ice pick or beam as they say? I have a 1-12 combo that seems to have this condition and I was thinking about using one of those "Beam Blockers" in front of the speaker to control it. Was wondering if it will affect the the amp in a...
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    Avatar/Fane 65 & 75 speakers

    Anyone know anything about the Avatar/Fane speakers on the Avatar sight? They look good to me just wondering if anyone has tried them and what you think of Fane speakers in general.I was thing of getting one to put in a Marshall JVM 215C combo. Also can anyone recommend a Neo type speaker that...
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    fried my T-Rex reptile II delay

    I am asking for some advice or help from TGP members here about my T-Rex Reptile II delay pedal. Yesterday I accidentally plugged the send-return cables into speaker out jacks instead of the send-return jacks on my amp. The amp was a Fender Bassbreaker 15 combo, which after doing this had no...
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    Fender Custom Shop NOS 1967 Telecaster

    I came across a Custom Shop Tele for sale,brand new in every respect. Color is fiesta red w/ maple neck,it is an NOS 1967 model,with documentation,case,the whole works. It has a blemish on the back of the guitar were the owner put the guitar in the case on top of a rag that must have had some...
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    NAD -Mesa Royal Atlantic ra100 head

    Yesterday I had to take my JVM205H in for repairs at one of the best local music stores in Pittsburgh,Pa.. When ever I go there I enjoy looking around for a while because they have so much nice stuff. In fact they are 'N" Stuff Music,so while I,m checking out a couple guitars i come across a...
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    New Tom Anderson Drop Tops Scarce ?

    I have been looking for a new Tom Anderson Drop Top for days online, not much available anywhere. Does anyone here on the Forum have experience with ordering one from the company,and what is the expected wait time for delivery? Any info would be much appreciated, Thanks,TELE.
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    NAD - Marshall JVM 205H

    I returned the Marshall DSL40C Ibought about 3 weeks ago and was looking to buy a JVM215 1-12 combo,then I came across a great deal on a new JVM 205H. Once I played the head I just had to have it. I tried it thru my Egnater 2-12 cabinet but it was just missing that Marshall vibe, so today I went...
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    Mesa Tremoverb head

    Just scored a mint condition Mesa Tremoverb head,got it for $900.00 at GC. They were askiing $999.00 for it about a month ago. I would have bought it then but someone beat me to it and put it on layaway. I told the manager if the deal falls thru to call me, which he did,thats when I said I'd...
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    Gigged my Albert Lee HH last night!

    Gigged my Albert Lee HH last night , Super Reverb and an OCD pedal. Man this guitar is just a dream to play, I only used my Strat for 3 songs and went right back to the AL. Good single coil sounds as well as killer humbucking tone. I have never been this satisfied with a guitar before in my...
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    Music Man Albert Lee HH w/trem &coil tap

    I just bought a new Albert Lee HH in Hot Rod Candy Red w/trem and coil tap. Man this is one sweet guitar! The neck is all rosewood and has a gunstock oil rubbed finish.Im really impressed with quality workmanship on this guitar,it is well thought out and the attention to detail is spot on. The...
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    Just bought a Gibson ES 339

    I just bought a mint Gibson ES339 in antique vintage sunburst with hard case ,guitar is mint cond. I was looking for a Gibson and happened to be at GC trying out the new Les Paul Standard when my eye caught this 339 hanging on the wall way up high. I ask the salesman if it was new and he says he...
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    Egnater Tourmaster 4100 head

    I just started to take notice of these heads after buying a Tourmaster 2-12 cabinet to run my new rack setup thru. I see quite a few used ones at very reasonable prices and I'm thinking of possibly picking one up just for the he<>"l of it.I've been trying to do some research on them as to...
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    Egnater Tourmaster 2-12 cabinet

    I just picked up a Egnater Tourmaster 2-12 stereo cabinet to use for my new Rack setup and I'm very impressed with this cab. Has Celestion CL80's in it, can use open or closed back,very big sounding cab for the money. Anyone else use one of these or care to chime in?
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    Joe Bonamassa tickets for Xmas

    Got a Xmas gift early today from my Wife, tickets to the Joe Bonamassa show at the Benedem Theater in Pittsburgh,Pa. on May 12 , 2012. We have really good seats 1st. row center, second tier. I was really suprised, as I think I casually mentioned he was coming to town. Made my Holiday for sure.
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    advice on super reverb project

    I just aquired a SRRI and want to swap the chassie out with the chassie from my 69 Bandmaster Reverb. I'll be using the SRRI cab ,speakers, reverb tank and "Blackface" faceplate. Is there anything other than the output transformer changed from 4 ohm to 2 ohm that would need to be done? The only...
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    Gibson pickups questions

    I just recently bought a Gibson SG Standard with coil taps, the pickups are Burstbucker 1 in the neck and No.3 in the bridge. Neck pickup is good sounding, the bridge not so much, kind of high ended spikey sounding. I have tried adjusting the height and pole pieces, but no luck. I wondering if...
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    anyone else find playing Gibsons uncomfortable after playing Fenders for so long?

    I just bought a Gibson SG Standard with coil taps at GC on Sunday,its a fine looking guitar, White Ivory with ebony neck and black pickguard,chrome hard ware. This is a GC exclusive with Burstbucker 1 in the neck and a no. 3 in the bridge. You can coil tap both pickups. I had it set up and new...
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    Anyone like the new Mesa Mark V ?

    I tried a head out at GC on Sunday and I thought it sounded pretty good. Ran it thru a Mesa 4-12 Lonestar open back cab with Black Shadow C-90's in it. It sure has alot of options to explore. Anyway I'm sort of getting some GAS about this amp and thinking of buying one. Had a few Mesa's in the...
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