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  1. Motorhed

    New Well-Hung Strap Day! Behold The Plum Crazy Python!

    I've got a thing for Plum Crazy Mopars and came up with the crazy idea of mixing it with python lol. It took some doing to figure out how to make it work but TVvoodoo came through! I thought it would be more straight forward than it was. Dying the leather purple just didn't work. Possibly...
  2. Motorhed

    Yet another pickguard opinion poll.

    I got to looking around Greasy Groove and it got me thinking about my Mustang's pickguard. I've thought about changing it but not very seriously. I found two that have me really tempted but can't decide. Here's the guitar, not the best pic but you get the idea. My thoughts are, it's white...
  3. Motorhed

    Heaven and Hell rehersal from '79

    I just found this and had to share. I love the raw energy and Tony absolutely tears it up on the solo! I think the way the finished track goes into the climax of the song works better(along with upping the tempo) but I think this solo is better than what ended up on the album. The world is a...
  4. Motorhed

    What a Heep of Uriah!

    I was looking around the music store the other day and found Uriah Heep's Demons and Wizards in the used section. I had heard about them but never gave them a try. I got it and threw it in when I got in my car....I am hooked! I think it's one of those that's great from beginning to end! I can...
  5. Motorhed

    Down tuning truss rod question.

    I decided to tune my SG Firebrand to c#. It needed restrung anyway and I thought it might be more stable starting with fresh strings. I had been using 11s and overwrapping, this time I stayed with 11s but skipped the overwrapping to keep a little more tension on the strings. I did this a few...
  6. Motorhed

    What voodoo is this shrunken head? It's Terror-iffic!

    I got me an Orange Micro Terror and absolutely love it! I was going to get the 1x8 cab but Sam Ash was out of stock. They did, however, have a 1x12 used for not a whole lot more. I decided to go for it and although I couldn't A/B the cabs(in fact, I didn't try anything out. I didn't want to take...
  7. Motorhed

    Should I "Iommi" my acrylic Warlock?

    I've been thinking about giving my red acrylic Warlock the Iommi treatment with inlay stickers. I keep it tuned C# and play a lot of Sabbath on it, so I got to thinking this could look cool. Some may say it's cheesy but it's already a cheesy guitar, so why not take it a bit further? lol. I'm...
  8. Motorhed

    Orange Micro Terror through 4x12 Crate Blue Voodoo cab

    I posted a while back about trying to sell my 120 watt Blue Voodoo half stack and it's just not happening so I'm keeping it for now. Will an Orange Micro Terror work through the cab alright? I use combos and I fully admit to being pretty clueless about this stuff. I may go for a 1x12 cab later...
  9. Motorhed

    Question about wiring mini switches.

    I've got a '77 Les Paul that the previous owner had added two mini switches to. They used to split the pickups but I changed them out and currently, the switches do absolutely nothing but I keep them because they look better than holes. I've got a Gibson '57 Classic in the bridge and a GFS Mean...
  10. Motorhed

    Value of Crate Blue Voodoo 120w half stack

    I'm wanting to sell my Blue Voodoo but I've tried searching and am having a hard time finding what a fair price would be. It's an earlier one, I know they changed the logo on them not long after I got mine. I have no idea if that makes any difference whatsoever. Ideally, I'd like to get 500 and...
  11. Motorhed

    Anyone buy a Warmoth body in shell pink? Got any pics?

    I've got an idea for a Strat and am thinking of going with Warmoth for the neck and body. I'm not too sure about Warmoth's shell pink from the pic on the site and am wondering if anyone has some pics of one to get a better idea what it looks like. For the body, I'm thinking mahogany with a...
  12. Motorhed

    What David Bowie albums should I check out?

    Like a lot of great musicians, I didn't start to appreciate his talent until he was gone. I've had Ziggy Stardust for a long time but never really appreciated it until recently. Then, I picked up a copy of The Man Who Sold the World a few weeks ago and have been listening to it in my car a lot...
  13. Motorhed

    Do you have any songs you only get in the mood for once and a while?

    Every few years or so, I get in an In-a-gadda-da-vida mood. I'll listen to it a bunch for a few days, then I won't listen to it again at all until the next mood strikes haha. And no, there is no chemical help involved, my mind just naturally goes out there lol.
  14. Motorhed

    Do you have any totally insane ideas for guitars?

    We had a "Post your signature guitar" thread a while back, that one would be ones you'd seriously have made if you could. I'm talking about the totally off the wall stuff here that you might get made if money was no object. Go as crazy as you want! The craziest thing I can come up with is...
  15. Motorhed

    Ever grab a rarely played guitar and feel inspired.

    I had a weird one today. I just wanted something different so I picked up my old Martin Backpacker the other day and the strings were dead so I put it back down. Today, I got a new set and restrung it and I'm loving the sound! Yeah, it still sounds like a strung up tin can but I'm really...
  16. Motorhed

    Question about refreting

    I have a '77 Les Paul Deluxe that needs refreted. What I am wondering about is there are divots worn into the fretboard from playing it so long with really low frets, does the fretboard have to be sanded flat to refret? I'm afraid of losing too much wood if that'd have to be done and it just...
  17. Motorhed

    Anyone know what these pickups are and/or what kind of pot this is?

    A while back, I bought a FrenkenTele someone put together and while restringing it, I thought I'd take it a part some to see what the pickups were. There aren't labels or numbers on em so I thought I'd check here. I have no plans on changing them as they sound great and doubt they're anything...
  18. Motorhed

    Anyone like some cheese with their metal?

    I've grown more fond of cheesy metal over the past few years. Not too long ago, I bought Venom's Black Metal and that certainly fits the bill! It's funny, I would have hated them when I was younger because of the cheese factor, yet that's exactly what's drawn me to them now lol. There's a sense...
  19. Motorhed

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Any fans here? I've recently started to really like them myself. I tried to give them more of a shot a while back but got turned off because Godzilla and Don't Fear the Reaper don't seem to be good representations of what they do. Great songs, just not the kind of thing they seem to normally do...
  20. Motorhed

    Underrated Maiden tunes

    What Iron Maiden songs do you think are underrated? One that comes to my mind is Run Silent, Run Deep. Apparently, even the band doesn't like it since they've never played it live. I have no idea why, I think it's great! Maybe they like aerial combat songs better, Tailgunner is also on that...
  21. Motorhed

    Gittler guitars

    Anyone ever played one before? I think it's just wild to think so much can be taken away from what makes a guitar a guitar and still have a guitar. I'd imagine I'd be pushing the strings sharp like crazy with my heavy handedness but I'd love to try one out just because it's so unique...
  22. Motorhed

    Firebird pickguard help

    I don't know if anyone makes it but what I am after is a black pickguard(ideally single ply matte if at all possible) for my Firebird V with the Firebird emblem. I've found places where I can get the guard but no emblem, I've also tried going the decal route for the emblem but was not satisfied...
  23. Motorhed

    NBD, New 'Bird Day!

    Its my first new Gibson, I was looking for a used one but this just felt like it was meant to be. Damn I love it!!!!
  24. Motorhed

    Been wanting a tele and this one really caught my eye

    http://www.drumcityguitarland.com/drumcitygl/stores/1/Fender-2009-USA-Spec-Edit-American-Standard-Telecaster-Rosewood-Daphne-Blue-6-String-Electric-Guitar-P2736C17.aspx Anyone have any experience with this model? If I'm understanding it right, it looks to be just a regular American standard in...
  25. Motorhed

    Colored strings. Post Em if you've got em.

    Curiousity got the best of me and I bought a set of DR Red Devils for my BC Rich Acrylic Warlock. I definetly still prefer uncoated uncolored strings but I can see possibly keeping Red Devils on this guitar, I'll have to see how they hold up to playing first though since I just put them on...
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