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  1. orangekick

    What album were you disappointed with the most when you purchased it?

    This will be another vote for Metallica - The Black Album. My expectations were entirely too high. Over the years, I've come to not mind it so much. It'll never be a favorite, but it was more interesting to me than a lot of what was on the radio at the time.
  2. orangekick

    Those of us who learn solos note for note......and those of us who purposely do not ?

    I'm totally in the "it depends on the song" camp. There are a lot of tunes where the lead part feels like it's part of the song as much as any riff might be.
  3. orangekick

    A New Straight Up Rock n' Roll Song

    That would be Neil Fallon from Clutch.
  4. orangekick

    FS SOLD - Mesa Boogie DC-10 head w/flight case

    This is one of my all-time favorite amps, it's just way more amp than I need at this point in my life. It ships in a fitted flight case. It was recently retubed with all Svetlana tubes. I replaced the foot switch with a new one direct from Mesa. SOLD. No trades...
  5. orangekick

    Visiting Pittsburgh - what guitar shops should i visit?

    A friend of mine is the tech there. Cool shop.
  6. orangekick

    Best *sounding* concert you’ve attended

    Porcupine Tree - House of Blues in Cleveland, 2009 Everything was crystal clear. If not for the changes in arrangement, I would have thought that they were just playing the albums over the PA.
  7. orangekick

    What was the most diverse album ever made?

    I clicked on this thread to make the same statement. Every album from them is a wild ride.
  8. orangekick

    List your CD here

    I hadn't played with these guys since the 90s. We started talking last year sometime. Some songs started to form, so we got together over a week to hammer them out and track the majority of it. If you like 90's rock, you might dig this.
  9. orangekick

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    For me and what I do, the Mesa Royal Atlantic 100 is the best amp that I have ever played.
  10. orangekick

    If only tonight we could sleep

    The Head on the Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, and Disintegration are my favorites. I always strive to weave some Cure-like bits into my music when I'm writing it. I love the atmospheres that they created.
  11. orangekick

    HUM have a new album – “Inlet”

    Multiple listens reveal so much going on in the mix. Sure, it's a little different from their older work. I love it and will continue to listen to it in regular rotation. It's a beautiful album.
  12. orangekick

    I'm calling it: Clutch are the best band of the last 20 years

    The lyrics have always been one of my favorite parts. Clutch has been one of my favorite bands since the 90s. I've seen them live at least 20 times and they have never let me down.
  13. orangekick

    Need clips for Pittbull Cl 50 and D60

    If you can get by the vocals, all of these songs are double-tracked Pittbull 100CL through a VHT 4x12. No other amps were used on this recording. https://negativetheory.bandcamp.com/releases
  14. orangekick

    Ever feel you are putting hard work and effort into learning material not many will want to hear ?

    I just learn and play what I want. Sometimes that means that I have an easier time learning other songs, sometimes that means that I can write more interesting pieces.
  15. orangekick

    What are your essential Mesa amps?

    Over the years, I've owned quite a few Mesas. DC-10 two channel Dual Rec Mark IV three channel Dual Rec DC-5 Nomad 100 .50 Caliber Lonestar Classic two channel Triple Rec F-30 Royal Atlantic After all of those, the best one for me is the Royal Atlantic. The two channel Triple Rec is a close...
  16. orangekick

    Clutch - Fortunate Son

    I like that they picked up the tempo.
  17. orangekick

    List your CD here

    Another instrumental, solo release. It's hard rock/metal/post-metal/a little of this and that. https://nothingbutstarsinside.bandcamp.com/album/null
  18. orangekick


    Good stuff!
  19. orangekick

    2019 guitar rock

    2019 guitar rock... This album really gets me moving.
  20. orangekick

    The poster who's gear sucks. Mine sorta does too.

    My best guitar is this Schecter that I paid $350 for. I swapped the pickups out, but that was it. They were maybe another $150. I still ended up using it to record more stuff than my Les Paul because it sounded better. It was also the guitar that I kept when I had to sell the majority of my...
  21. orangekick

    Rick Beato Wmtsg Ep 64 - Failure

    I've been really digging their new stuff too. It's just as good as the older stuff.
  22. orangekick

    Rick Beato Wmtsg Ep 64 - Failure

    Fantastic Planet is one of my favorite records to this day.
  23. orangekick

    Lately all I want to listen to is Rush

    I have a playlist setup with all of their albums in chronological order. That's a fun listen.
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