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    Free IRs. Three eras of the "same" speaker. Which one do you like?

    Thanks for doing this. Interesting to hear the difference between 3 eras of the same speaker. I tried these last night on my hx stomp. I hadn't seen this post before I tried them but the other IRs I had loaded were a couple free ones from Redwirez which is a 1960 loaded with greenbacks. I...
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    AC15HW1X Mods; Lower Filter Cap Value from Factory?

    @WillLane - I just pulled the back off of my AC15HW1 and it has the exact same cap in that position. 33uF JACKON. The caps on the right are Nover as well.
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    Sold Bad Cat Paw

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    Bad Cat Paw at NAMM 2020

    I purchased one off of Reverb a few weeks ago and I agree 100% with what @El Caballo posted earlier. The stock speakers are horrible with any amount of gain and with the IRs off. With the IRs on, you can get some pretty awesome tones through both the headphones out and even the stock speakers...
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    Sold Bad Cat Paw

    SOLD ON REVERB Like new condition Bad Cat Paw I purchased this a few weeks ago off a seller on Reverb. It works perfect and is pretty cool but I think I'm going to get a Helix so I'm letting this go. I have 100% positive feedback on Reverb but the fees are getting ridiculous so wanted to...
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    USA Custom Guitar Necks

    Read a couple negative threads about the quality/customer service of USA Custom that were posted towards the end of 2019. Have things got better since they've relocated and merged with MJT? Looking into getting a new custom neck made and debating between USA customs and Best Guitar Parts.
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    Rectifier tube problem

    No standby switch and while I can't exactly tell if the copper cap isn't arcing, I'm assuming it isn't because the amp works perfectly with it in place (not blowing fuses on power up, etc.).
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    Rectifier tube problem

    I've got an AC15Hw1 that recently blew the mains and HT fuse. I replaced the power tubes, fuses and rectifier with a Weber copper cap and the amp fired up and worked fine. I ordered a JJ EZ81 and when I put that in, fuses blew again. I replaced fuses and watched when I powered the amp up and...
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    Chase Bliss Blooper

    From the manual on Chase Bliss Website: Play / Dub Adjusts the default behavior when recording your initial loop. In the standard position (Play), the loop will automatically go into playback once you tap Record the second time (to set your end point). By putting the dipswitch in the Dub...
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    Bridge Humbucker suggestions

    Would either the Pearly gates or Alnico ii pro get close to the Imperial high wind?
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    Bridge Humbucker suggestions

    I'm thinking of trying either a Pearly Gates or Alnico II pro in the bridge. Any opinions on how those 2 pickups compare?
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    Bridge Humbucker suggestions

    Where you using a stock tele pickup in the neck? Only info I can find regarding the neck pickup is it's an Alnico V, 7.8k. I'm wondering how a Alnico II in the bridge would pair with a V in the neck.
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    Chase Bliss Mood

    Thanks for that video. I guess I had been doing it that way but I noticed a drop in the loop volume when I did that so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. In regards to the muting when engaging the OBNE effects, I have noticed that as well. Slip mode is the one that I struggle with...
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    Bridge Humbucker suggestions

    I'm going to pull the pickguard this weekend and see if I can get a DC resistance for sure. I just found a factory part on eBay that shows it as an 13k Alnico V.
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    Bridge Humbucker suggestions

    I recently got a Blacktop Jazzmaster. Humbucker bridge pickup and jazzmaster style single coil neck pickup. I like the neck pickup but the bridge is a little honky and muddy. I've messed with the height quite a bit and can never get it to where I'm 100% happy. Any recommendations for a...
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    Chase Bliss Mood

    Yeah, there definitely is a point at the lower clock settings where its just noise. Can be cool but definitely not clean. As far as the loop function, that's right and I think that's just the way it works. I still haven't quite figured out how to "re-record" a loop. I've seen it mentioned...
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    Chase Bliss Mood

    No problem, took me a little bit to remember where I had read it.
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    Chase Bliss Mood

    From the manual under the CLOCK section: In addition, this knob controls the recorded loop time on the 0 channel. 64k = .5s, 48k = .75s, 32k = 1s, 24k = 1.5s, 16k = 2s, 12k = 3s, 8k = 4s, 6k = 6s, 4k= 8s, 3k = 12s, 2k = 16s. T
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    Cooper Outward V2 vs Chase Bliss MOOD

    I've got the MOOD and love it but I sometimes wish it had a tone control. The Outward seems to have a lot of the same functionality but has the tone control. Anyone have experience with both? Also haven't seen too many reviews for the Outward, any TGPers got one?
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    Applying effects to pedal loop only

    Is there a pedal or splitter or something that would allow me to create a loop with my looper pedal and then apply effects ONLY to the loop. I have a Chase Bliss MOOD and I'm looking to apply some EQ to the looped audio after I record it in the MOOD. So I need the ability to send audio to the...
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