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  1. jrigg

    Best Current Nickel ABR-1 Replacement

    Another vote for Faber.
  2. jrigg

    Custom Tones (aka Ethos) TWE-1... TrainWreck

    I’m still digging it, I think it’s an awesome overdrive pedal.
  3. jrigg

    FS * * * * * Kingsley Harlot * * * * *

    I haven’t been using it.
  4. jrigg

    FS * * * * * Kingsley Harlot * * * * *

    Kinglsey Harlot v1, works perfectly, sounds excellent. $385 shipping and PP included. SOLD
  5. jrigg

    Late '64, early '65 Strats

    I'll add mine too! Here my refin '65 and one of the best amps ever, '62 Deluxe.
  6. jrigg

    Late '64, early '65 Strats

    You’re gonna love it.
  7. jrigg

    Komet Kwestions

    I have a K 29. My main guitar these days is also a 52 LP. All the sounds I need can be dialed in my with guitar volume control. I like it set up pretty loud, fortunately works great with my Power Station. Also takes pedals great.
  8. jrigg

    Custom Tones (aka Ethos) TWE-1... TrainWreck

    I use it as an always on pedal into a Marshall Plexi turned up to about six. Just ride my guitar volume control for any sound I need.
  9. jrigg

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Don't know what to say, I'm stunned by the news. RIP Eddie, may you and your family find peace.
  10. jrigg

    Why you can’t always gauge amps at less than stage volume

    Yes that’s all you need to do. Works every time.
  11. jrigg

    RIP Little Richard

    RIP Richard, you are indeed one of the founders of Rock ' Roll, and one of its greatest performers. I was blessed to have seen him play 3 or 4 times and always loved seeing him. I have a cool story about him to share. I was around 20 years old, living in Detroit, and went to see Bobby Blue...
  12. jrigg

    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    62 Brown Deluxe
  13. jrigg

    is MF closed?

    I ordered drumheads and they went out the next day.
  14. jrigg

    This COVID 19 Downtime has made me realize something....

    The AD-80 is a great at sounding delay.
  15. jrigg

    Thegearpage member since Nov 6, 2003

    I've been here a while.
  16. jrigg

    Forbes article on Sweetwater

    Have had great experiences with my sales engineer that I have been purchasing from for 6-7 years. I get a random "do you need anything call" maybe once a year. Have gotten great deals/price on expensive items after an inquiry.
  17. jrigg

    The best all around amp ever

    My vote goes to the JTM 45.
  18. jrigg

    StudioSlips/Tuki padded amp covers

    Another fan of Le cover here. Well-made, I have some over 10 years old.
  19. jrigg

    Mayer Playing Jerry's Wolf 6/23/2019 NY

    Man I'm not a Dead fan but John is killin' it on that guitar.
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