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  1. FXPedal.com

    Choice between 2 guitars

    My PRS is a very nice guitar that rarely gets played because it just lacks something. Whatever that something is my Strats all have it. Offsets have never done it for me visually, add tuning gremlins, the sound (highly subjective like the looks) and that you’ve got the Big 2 Fenders already...
  2. FXPedal.com

    Original 1960 Les Paul Standard $7250

    The catalog is from 1982, that’s equivalent to $19,262.76 today.
  3. FXPedal.com

    Is this an authentic Klon or no?

    If you paid with a credit card, AmEx in particular, they CC company will likely side with you.
  4. FXPedal.com

    Original 1960 Les Paul Standard $7250

    My college buddy, Chris Thompson, worked at Leo’s in the late 90’s. I visited him there once and got to see the wall of vintage Martins in the office.
  5. FXPedal.com

    Original 1960 Les Paul Standard $7250

    I grew up in Binghamton but was too young to drive at the time.
  6. FXPedal.com

    Let's Be Careful Out There

    That scares the hell out of me. I noticed a spike in phishing emails starting in March, so much so that I called my 70-something folks to warn them. Your experience is another level altogether. Do you have a VPN?
  7. FXPedal.com

    Original 1960 Les Paul Standard $7250

    With all the time in the world on my hands thought I'd finally post this little gem. If you've ever wondered what vintage guitars cost when mere mortals could (maybe) afford them, here's a pretty comprehensive list. Sample highlights: 1960 LP Standard $7250 (item #15416A) 1957 LP Goldtop...
  8. FXPedal.com

    Saddest songs ever

    The original And the melody repurposed
  9. FXPedal.com

    Your best drummer joke

    I once played with a drummer who was so dumb the singer noticed.
  10. FXPedal.com

    What s your DAW ?

    It’s been quite awhile but I used Reason as a soft-sampler in ProTools for the scene in High School Musical where the basketball team breaks into song and dance to layer ball bounces, shoe squeaks and net swishes. Using a keyboard to play “chords” with effects samples enables you to create...
  11. FXPedal.com

    What s your DAW ?

    I’ve been a post production pro since ‘92, Pro Tools (MAC based) has been the de facto standard for post since ‘97. I was a beta-tester for Avid from ‘93-‘94 on their Audiovision, before Avid bought Digidesign. While I have many issues with Pro Tools it is the tool one must use in my side of...
  12. FXPedal.com

    anyone know of a VERY good repair tech in L.A. ?

    Tina Wood at The Amp Shop / Bass Exchange. She’s a trained luthier and absolute master at her craft. The only knock is it may take 6 weeks to get your guitar back.
  13. FXPedal.com

    Your "Always Off" pedal

    Flanger, although it’s not on my board insomuch as I can’t commit to a board. I bought a Fulltone ChoralFlange when they came out hoping to cop the subtle chorusing in Robbie Blunt’s work on Robert Plant’s first two solo albums only to realize (further solidify) that I absolutely do not like...
  14. FXPedal.com

    Albums that may not been as good if it wasn't for the Producer

    I’ll second a contrarian opinion - I think I’d really love Audioslave were it not for Rubin’s production. Rage and Soundgarden were very dynamic and punchy bands with production that accentuated those qualities, Audioslave however was over compressed even to the point of distorting Chris...
  15. FXPedal.com

    Johnny Winter and his phaser, why???

    I feel the same way when Page hits the phaser in Ten Years Gone. It almost ruins the song for me.
  16. FXPedal.com

    What's your favorite shredding guitar solo?

    Great song with great pedigree, Yngwie borrowed a little from this piece
  17. FXPedal.com

    Guitars with Stainless Steel Frets Stock

    Fender YJM models come stock with them and a side of scallops
  18. FXPedal.com

    Have You Seen This "rare" Marshall Cabinet?

    I’m always on the hunt for white Marshalls, will let you know if I see it
  19. FXPedal.com

    Guaranteed the Majority of an Audience Do Not Hear Guitar Tones As We Do

    Part of the reason I started playing is that I heard the difference. What others noticed never really figured into it. Most, probably none, will notice which pick I’m using but if it’s too thin they’re hear all my mistakes.
  20. FXPedal.com

    Gear Goals for 2020?

    Pull the trigger on an OX or Reload, keep whichever I prefer, and finally get to fire up the Plexis at night. Practice, practice, practice to get my chops back
  21. FXPedal.com

    Fender CS Hendrix Voodo Child Strats Heavy?

    I’ve played a few, definitely on the heavy side, but the most pronounced quality was the neck profiles. They were wide U shaped with very little taper from the nut to the body. Big necks usually feel better to me but these were uncomfortable. I have a CS ‘69 RI reversed headstock (RI seems to be...
  22. FXPedal.com

    Jimmy Page's Marshall amps live set up question

    You left out the rest which both qualifies and defines the statement: Those amps, guitars, pedals and multitrack machines were all handmade, with the exception of his Les Paul, by boutique manufacturers with considerable direct input from the musicians. [Italics added to note the omission]...
  23. FXPedal.com

    Will a 1993 PRS increase in value as time goes on?

    FWIW I’ve always heard 25 years qualifies as “vintage.” It should be noted that vintage is not synonymous with valuable, rare nor desirable. A specific period of manufacture is often more important and the conflation of those terms begin. Some examples: Fenders built before CBS took over and...
  24. FXPedal.com

    Guitarcentric songs that stopped you in your tracks

    Ditto! The first time I heard Welcome To The Jungle was Dec 18, 1987 on MTV. I had gotten back from my first semester in college earlier that day, after the family went to bed I grabbed a bottle of scotch and watched TV with my dog who wouldn’t leave my side. The first time I heard Satch...
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