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    CL Seller Just bumped this guitar $200

    Was $449 yesterday. $649 today. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/msg/6098970947.html Perhaps they further relic'ed over night with some additional nicotine stains.
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    Brand New Lover; Key, Bridge Key Change, 1st Chord

    Hello Everyone - I'll anticipate the first question - why is someone messing with Brand New Lover on guitar? I know. Not immediately intuitive. Basically, I like the song from way back when, once I started to look at it I thought it would be fun to turn it in to a country arrangement - just...
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    Insane Price for a Neck

    Anyone actually willing to pay $3,950 for a guitar neck? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1969-Fender-Stratocaster-Neck-100-orig-Killer-Hendrix-Tone-Project-/281241890460?_trkparms=%26rpp_cid%3D582a02d2e4b01f297fe83a0b%26rpp_icid%3D58352a84e4b065c469830290 Vintage or not - I'd just go to...
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    PSA: Everyone familiar with a "Mechanic's", buckle less belt?

    Thought I would pass this along, as up until a couple weeks ago, I was ignorant of the Mechanic's or Buckless Belt. Basically, a belt with no buckle to relic the back of your guitar or instrument. I bought one semi-customized a couple weeks back and it seems to be a great option for protecting...
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    The London Souls: Why did no one here tell me?

    They opened for Sturgill Simpson. I can't believe the sounds coming out of just drums and a guitar. The drummer is just incredible. Don't know why you guys didn't tell me about them earlier.
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    Thick Asym/SRV Type Necks; Guitar Mill vs BGP

    Having found that a couple producers will create a 1" thick (or nearly 1" thick) Asymmetrical profile neck - I am intrigued and am thinking of trying an asym aftermarket neck in as thick a size as I can get it. I know that the best answer is to go try one first - but I can't even seem to locate...
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    Sweep Picking Uses beyond Arps and Shred?

    Mainly because I thought it was something I should learn - I spent some time over the last couple months learning to sweep pick and building some speed while picking clean. So, to some extent, I have the physical skill down. The problem - how does one translate this to actual music? I get the...
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    What's the deal with this guys glove?

    Ran across this guy the other day: What's the deal with the glove on his fretting hand? I can't find any explanation for it anywhere. In interviews, he isn't wearing it, so it doesn't appear to be for some sort of disability. He appears to wear it specifically to play bass.
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    Intonating 11's on Mustang 24" Scale

    Question: Can I intonate 11's on 24" scale Mustang? Would I need to move the bridge and/or modify the saddles? How much additional scale length is required to intonate 11's vs 10's on a 24" inch scale guitar? Problem: I bought a used fender Mustang Pawnshop series guitar - with the "70's...
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    Line starts behind me

    http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/msg/5376592650.html $10! A steal.
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    For $20.5k, I'd get in focus pictures

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    Guitar Parts Retailers: Answer your emails

    Hello Small Guitar Retailers - if you don't plan on answering your emails, please do not post email addresses on your websites for the purposes of inquiries. If you have posted an email address on your website, why do you not answer them? I have emails out to several guitar parts suppliers for...
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    Mustang Pawn Shop Series Hardtail String spacing?

    Can someone that owns a Mustang Pawn Shop Series Hardtail measure the E to e string spacing at the bridge and post back here? Would be very much appreciated. I can't find that measure posted anywhere. The descriptions of the bridge vary from "70's style Strat Hardtail bridge" to "Vintage Style"...
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    24" Short Scale Guitars: Mustang and Jaguar

    Hello everyone - I know the real answer to this question is "go play a dozen", and I will. But, was interested in getting some feedback on 24" scale guitars primarily the mustang and jag. A couple Mustang Pawn Shop Series have popped up on CL lately and I am intrigued by a compact short scale...
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    $2,500, but at least it's "Pristine"

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jackson-Kelly-unique-toured-Guitar-Redesigned-by-famed-artist-Tony-Cochran-/231631946483?hash=item35ee5702f3:g:d-gAAOSwu4BVsoB~ "Pristine". How would someone tell if this guitar wasn't pristine?
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    Mid Single Coil Lace Sensor: Emerald, Hot Gold, or ?

    Question: What lace sensor - Emerald, Hot Gold, or ? - would you recommend in the middle of an HSH that has an Emerald/Purple Dually in the neck and a Silver/Red Dually in the Bridge? Background: I have an HSH Semi Hollow - looks like this: I have Lace Sensors in another HSH and want to get...
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    1 or 2 Atomic CLR Wedges with Bass VI

    Hello Everyone - I have been looking to move my guitar and Bass VI rig to using Atomic CLR NEO Wedge(s). My question is whether I need one or 2 Wedges to get the low end of the bass. Does 1 wedge push enough air for Bass? or are 2 needed? Appreciate any opinions.
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    Atomic CLR Active "Neo" Wedge Amp: w Fly Rig?, w Bass?

    Hello Everyone - I am considering a pared down rig based on the Atomic CLR Active Wedge. But, I have a few questions that I don't see any prior posts on: How Well does the Tech 21 Fly Rig5/RK5 work with the Atomic CLR Active Wedge Amp? Anyone use this combination? How's the sound? Anyone run...
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    Tech/Sound issues with Extreme Cut Away for High Frets?

    Other than for aesthetic purposes (important caveat) - is there any reason to limit the cut away on the lower horn of a solid body electric guitar? The more I think about this, I can't really think of a good reason NOT to have the cut away come to or past the neck pickup, so that you could use...
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    How playable are frets 24-30 on a 30 fret guitar?

    I am interested in having a 30 fret guitar built. But, I can't get my hands on any 30 fret guitars in my area - like the Ibanez RG550xh. So, on a 30 fret guitar with a 25.5" scale, how playable are those 25-30 frets? Appreciate any feedback.
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    Fun to Play Along with the Beat Buddy

    Not a review of the gear per se, so put this in the general section. Just a comment that these things are an absolute blast to play along with. Fun. Unexpectedly, the Latin selection of beats is what I am having the most fun with right now. Trying to just pick a Santana-ish tone, play Phrygian...
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    Lace Aluma P90 & Riffian; Split Coil Sound?

    I may be interested in some Lace Aluma P90's and Aluma P90 Riffians in a future build. Not a lot of samples around for their sound. Confirmed with Lace that these are "splittable". Anyone have a Lace Aluma P90/Riffian wired to split? If so, how is the sound? Happen to have any links to...
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    Lowering Neck Pocket on Finished guitar

    Hello Everyone - I am considering lowering the neck pocket on one of my guitars by 1/8". This is to accommodate a thicker neck AND because the bridge will not adjust up another 1/8" to set the action appropriately. The finish in this case is a painted Fender MIM Robert Cray strat. My question...
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    Easiest FB Wood to Refret?

    What is the easiest fretboard wood to refret? Also, how difficult/easy is purpleheart to refret when used for a Fretboard? I wear out frets pretty quickly, so I have used stainless steel on all my recent builds. However, I am thinking about using nickel frets on a new build - and want to...
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    Cheap Thick Picks

    I've recently been trying out different Thick Flat Picks - V-Pick, Wegen, etc. Nice picks - but can be expensive. I found a cheap alternative - the Dunlop Primetone pick in 5mm thickness. Stock - it has a horrible picking edge. But, with some sandpaper, file, etc - you can put your own...
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