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  1. J

    Show your Tele's ~ its a love thread ~

    Never thought a double-cut tele would look that hot. :eek: ------- Jimbo
  2. J

    Can I change my userid?

    Well I don't see anything wrong with RiseofRock's reply either (or any other for that matter), as he is merely pointing you to the right section of the forums. Anyway, to solve your problem, try changing the e-mail address on the current user, I'm sure one can do that. Then try creating a new...
  3. J

    Got my Edwards LP

    Just a little laugh... I was exploring Ishibashi and found this cool description: Nothing negative to say though, their descriptions just spice up the visit and make choosing a guitar fun. :) [EDIT] Ahh it's so cute how some things are translated. Laquer is spelled Raccar. :D ------- Jimbo
  4. J


    I'd say it's a new term for tiling a roof. :P ------- Jimbo
  5. J

    Got my Edwards LP

    Thanks for that review, for me that's another little push towards the Edwards-cliff. I'm over the edge pretty soon. ;) ------- Jimbo
  6. J


    What is this thing? Looks like an expensive fret polisher... ------- Jimbo
  7. J

    It is Not a Tele..

    It has a strat neck and Townshend tinkering with it... it must be an SG. :D ------- Jimbo
  8. J

    Edwards guitar questions

    Not to hijack the thread... What about Edwards strats? Does the quality match the LP's? I'm drooling over this: Ooh, it has a push-pull pot for b+n and b+m+n. Sweet! ------- Jimbo
  9. J

    Some new material for review

    Looking For An Angel - great song, Los Lonely Boys'ish at places. I Try To Hold On -> that's just plain cool. Luv it. Especially the guitar progression. And the vocals, of course. Work nice together. :BOUNCE ------- Jimbo
  10. J

    Know show the V's.......Flying that is!

    :eek:Holy V! Where'd you get those puppies? ------- Jimbo
  11. J

    I just dropped my 52 reissue tele!

    Ugh... "Start a relic project" sounds awful. If there is any cosmetic damage on the guitar, it has appeared by accident and should not be neither fixed nor intentionally taken any further. This event is to start off a very long trail of kicks, nicks, scrapes and whatnot that is considered...
  12. J

    tonerider pickups? am i on crack?

    Ooh, finally some pups to rival GFS... :) ------- Jimbo
  13. J

    I just dropped my 52 reissue tele!

    I'll take the flexibility of a bolt-on joint over a little extra sustain of a set-neck anytime. A tight neck pocket plus some pressure on the neck can produce sounds quite like crackling, even a minute movement. ------- Jimbo
  14. J

    I must be getting old or nostalgic or something

    Ahh, not necessarily. Let's not forget the fellow Australian rockers who prove that nobody is too young and no music is too heavy for a gretch. --------- Jimbo
  15. J

    Alt-country/Americana guitars..pics please.

    "SCHWING!!!", as Garth Algar would say. :drool ------- Jimbo
  16. J

    New Guitar sweet pics

    But the high end just screams, doesn't it? :rotflmao Seriously, that Gibby of yours made me want one again in a while. Looks sweet! ------- Jimbo
  17. J

    Determining guitar finish...

    Ain't no stranger to work, that's no obstacle. I wasn't aware that a Taiwanese Strat copy from 80's was considered a relic. Perhaps it is too selfish of me to modify a guitar for my own needs, even if I'm the kind of guy who rarely sells any. Stock, these things are cheap as hell. I believe I...
  18. J

    Determining guitar finish...

    Although I'm quite happy with the tone, I know it could be improved. First of all, I've never been too much into black strats with white pickguards. Secondly, a thinner coat of paint lets the wood resonation sound out. Thirdly comes the mere nitro mojo. The fact that it ages more quickly than...
  19. J

    Determining guitar finish...

    Thanks for the tip. Just did it and darn - it's poly. The acetone removed nothing but the 20-year-old scum. This baby's goin' for a refinish... as soon as I get time. Does anyone know any European sources for nitro-finishes. If not, do ReRanch, for example, ship overseas? ------- Jimbo
  20. J

    Determining guitar finish...

    It's a "Chevy", a 20-year old Strat copy. Considering the era, it should be poly, right? The finish is near perfect, so I'm thinking it's either the original indestructible poly or it had had a relatively recent refinish, in the case of latter it might also be nitro. I'm hoping it to be the...
  21. J

    Determining guitar finish...

    I've got a new little guitar here and I'd like to find out if it's nitro or poly... how to? Any tips? Sorry if the question is too basic and not worth its own thread. -------- Jimbo
  22. J

    Take a look at a schematic for me, please.

    http://ftp.taaviaudio.com/homes/JimRayden/babybear2.gif OK, here are the voltages. What puzzles me is the -15.5V on the input of the power tube... Supposed to be like that? I don't know much but... The triode plate voltages seem to be WAY too low... Mmkay, I'm looking for a decent...
  23. J

    What do you use: Amps overdrive or a pedal

    That's me. :) I like to turn my tube amp to the sweet spot, use it carefully with guitar volume and then blast it into distortion with a boost pedal. ----------- Jimbo
  24. J

    Amps costing no more than $200, suggestions?

    If you like portability, Roland Microcube is just great. Pretty loud for 2 watts. But I think you'll be better with a 10-30W solid-stater if you need it for jamming. ------------ Jimbo
  25. J

    Blues in C video

    Extremely good playing. I enjoyed that but can't understand one thing... I've seen lots of this kind of videos in forums. Why is there only two hands and a guitar on it? Afraid of getting your face known and recognised on the street? ----------- Jimbo
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